Opening this Saturday at the amazing Corey Helford Gallery is the group exhibition, “Sensory Overload”! I am so excited to be a part of this fantastic show. The line-up is breath-taking!

Below is a teaser section of my piece, “Sweet Damnation”, which was made specifically for this exhibition. I cannot wait to post the whole piece for you all on Saturday.

Show information:

“Sensory Overload”
Jan. 21st - Feb. 18th
Gallery 2

For more information and purchase inquiries, please contact

I have been absent from here while busy completing works to show! Be prepared for the insane amount of teasers I will have for the ten pieces that have been created so far!

Detail of one of my newly completed pieces, “Fall Apart Like Me”, for my solo show at Corey Helford Gallery in November! Enjoy!

For more wip images, please check out my instagram under LaurenMarxArt