Im figure skating for the first time in a year. I use to be pro and compete but it felt nearly impossible to improve so i quit out of the pressure of perfection. The girls at my rink all came from rich families and they would shun me every step of the way. I think at one point i even bought a juicy couture jacket so they’d leave me alone. I’m scared but also so damn excited. Iv been stretching and warming up all morning. Music is a big part of my life but figure skating has played a big role in my journey and has helped mold the person i am today. I just hope i can atleast still do my doubles or i’ll cry ugh.

But yeah i wanted to just thank all of you for helping me regain my confidence. When i quit i was incredibly insecure and stayed to myself. I still have my moments but without you guys i don’t think id even have the will power to dye my hair pink.

thank you, followers for helping me regain who i once was. Your encouragement is what lead me here.

Im leaving now. Wish me luck! >.