okay so someone just fan mailed me this:

It is up to you to find beauty, even in the ugliest people, the ugliest things, and the ugliest days. 

— laurenlegary

and yeah like I definitely agree with this-even people who are less than attractive can have aesthetically pleasing qualities, and there will ALWAYS be people who think you are beautiful, as I said it is in the eye of the beholder, but saying everyone is beautiful takes away the meaning of it.. if everyone is beautiful, then essentially no one is. and calling obese people beautiful does not make you a good person, it means you’re saying it’s okay to follow an unhealthy lifestyle and be overweight. look people are taking me way too seriously, I’m not saying I don’t think you can’t be ‘beautiful’ on the inside, or have an amazing personality, I’m saying that beauty is supposed to be defined by your APPEARANCE, not your personality.