Courtney — Most likely to rip out your soul with a well written paragraph

Sarah Most likely to be touching Lauren Lopez’s butt

Shannon — Most likely to secretly be Meredith Stepien

Beckah Most likely to be best friends with A.J. Holmes

Deja — Most likely to make Shannon cry

CheyenneMost likely to… oh i forgot i had this tab up lol

Bo — Most likely to set an entire city on fire because of a Clark tweet

AislynnActually Ron Swanson.

Becky — Worst child

MaddieBest babe sandwhich

tag game tag game tag game! I was tagged by the lovely Kara

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer all the questions asked.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people (I’ll tag as many as I can) and create 11 questions of your own.

Rule 4: Let the people you tagged know.


1) Favorite Starkid Production? MAMD or AVPS

2) Cheese or Yogurt? Frozen Yogurt, but cheese>regular yogurt

3) Ice Cream or Cake? Ice Cream Cake

4) Where’s the place you want to most travel to? Europe or Asia

5) Who do you most want to see in concert? STARKIDS

6) Socks or Barefoot? Barefoot

7) Favorite minor Harry Potter Character? CHO CHANG (ASIANS UNITE)

8) 3 Sentences About Anything You Wanna Talk About. Go: I ship Kara and chocolate milk so hard. What kind of chocolate milk, you ask? It may be Nesquik, but as delicious as it is, I’m sure Kara drinks some other chocolate milk

9) Dream URL? joeyrichter/eventhough i dont know you cant put me on the spot like this

10) What’s Your Favorite Thing About Kara? Well shit Kara. Probably that she’s the person I tweet the most, and that she’s hilarious, and that she lives in Canada~.

And there was no 11th question…


1) Fandoms you’re a part of?

2) Favorite Starkid? (Or Person from your Favorite Fandom?)

3) How’s Life? (I gotta ask)

4) MAC or PC?

5) iPhone or any other Phone?

6) Skype or iChat?

7) Favorite Starkid Song? (Or episode of one of Your Favorite TV Shows?)

8) Can You Solve a Rubik’s Cube?

9) SpaceTour or Apocalyptour? (Comicon or Any other Convention?)

10) Spaghetti or Linguini?

11) Cookies: Chocolate Chip or Other?

Okay I tag Caitlin, Sarah, Madison and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.