Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson; Here nor there 2
8x4 Unique toned selenium, hand coated albumen print.

This print is part of Jennifer’s newest project Here nor there 2011-present. Her inspiration comes from her young daughter’s craving for imagination. With this project all of Jennifer’s photographs are printed with the albumen printing process in the unique size of 8 x 3.5" (roughly). I encourage you to view her website and see all of Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson wonderful projects!

-Lauren Wilkins


Lauren Wilkins, of shootpolaroid, is a vintage camera connoisseur, boasting a collection of more than 60 cameras, none of which are digital. Most of Lauren’s work consists of instant film and photographic collage. To prove it to you, this is her fridge full of film.

Today I am featuring three of Lauren’s photographic collages. 

Lauren also has an exciting showcase coming up at the semi-Finals for RAWards 2012 in Chicago: November 15th, 8PM, at the Double Door. She is competing against four other Chicagraphers at this exhibition for Chicago Photographer of the Year. Purchase tickets here!