The Quirks of Summer All Boiled Down to Sound

There are a lot of things we love about summer: tank tops, iced coffee, being able to leave the office a few hours early. But regardless of what your ideal summer looks like, you can pretty much boil it all down to sound. Summer has a particular sound that makes it distinguishable from other seasons (the paralyzing heat also helps, too). In this whimsical short film by Lauren Sieczkowski, commissioned by Elite Daily and featuring musician Erika Spring, she explores the typical sounds of summer, from buzzing mosquitoes to panting dogs. It’s somewhat like an educational fashion film/music video…(continue).


“PROFESSOR CHOCOLATE”  A Nuumte Oote Production

This short documentary film made by Erin Crumpacker and myself tells the story of Neill Alleva and Rob Monahan, aka Professor Chocolate, two elementary school science teachers who can also school you in everything you need to know about finding and enjoying gourmet chocolate in New York City.

A few fun facts about this video!:

- All of the stop motion that you see was made with chocolate;  whether it was bars, M&Ms, cocoa powder, syrup, or Easter bunnies.

- You can order any of the decadent bon-bons you see at Chocolate Moderne by clicking here.

- The two good looking tour-goers you see are the Carrot creative/producer extraordinaire Will Hutson, aka The Hipster Diet, and the beautiful model/actress/voice-over genius Sarah Natochenny, aka Ash of ‘Pokemon’.

- The music that you hear was composed specifically for this piece, by a myriad of talented composers in true collaborative spirit.  Included are songs by the bands Fort LeanWakey!Wakey!, and Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit.

To watch other videos made by Nuumte Oote, you can click HERE or HERE.

To satisfy your sweet tooth after watching, head on over to to schedule a personalized chocolate tour, or pick up their guide book over at

Bon appetit! 


I have been very excited about this piece.  TV on the Radio’s record and film Nine Types of Light has finally been released, and is on the front page of Youtube today!  I helped produce and was head casting director for the very first segment that you see (and will continue to see throughout).  

I feel very honored to have contributed in some small way to the overall vision of this ambitious and beautifully orchestrated project.  Watch and enjoy.  

(And keep an eye out for my handsome and talented friend Ibra Ake!)



“Dreams are shores where the ocean of spirit meets the land of matter. Dreams are beaches where the yet-to-be, the once-were, the will-never-be may walk awhile with the still-are.”           - David Mitchell


I am very proud to present this video that I produced last week with Brody Baker and Starworks Group for OXFAM America.  

Right now Washington is playing with our global food aid programs, with regulations that protect special interests at the expense of hungry people. These regulations cost taxpayers up to $500 million per year.

This video is a call-to-action for Americans to speak up and tell their members of Congress that we’re sick of these special interest giveaways that cost lives and tax dollars. Thousands have already signed our petition calling for reform. The push is part of Oxfam’s GROW campaign to tackle the politics behind hunger.  We grow enough food on this planet to ensure everyone has enough to eat, but political obstacles, like unnecessary food aid regulations, get in the way.

Life-saving food aid represents a tiny fraction, just .05 percent, of the  federal budget.  Yet every year, millions of dollars end up in the pockets of special interest groups instead of helping to feed hungry people.  

Tell Washington to stop playing with other people’s food.  Lives depend on it.

Directed by Tim Saccenti.  Beautifully shot by i Abel.  Art direction and production design by the lovely Andrea Huelse.  Food styling by Diana Yen of The Jewels of New York.  Frighteningly realistic and beautiful animal masks by Zoe Morsette of Where The Wild Things Are fame. 

Please visit to see how you can help with the initiative to stop frivolous government spending, and start feeding the hungry. 


Imaginary Boyfriend

Happy Valentines Day to all lovers - imagined, remembered, and real.


Please check out the video I directed for Ovenly, following on the heels of their big win for Time Out NY’s Best New Bakery of 2013.  Congrats, Erin & Agatha @Ovenly!  


Here is a video of me having a repressed moment of dance fever followed by a moment of on-screen chemistry with Noah.