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Laurens: a night of dramatic reading of all his super gay letters and art exhibition of turtle drawings

lil fanart thing based on @lauwurens philip & co. college au (+ frances laurens) b/c its my FAV THING EVER!!!!!!!!!! literally this was so fun to draw + phillip & i share a name/nickname & i love it and yeah anyway this was fun

Alessandra Mastronardi photographed by Lauren Margit Jones for Vanity Fair

Your character comes to New York, and she really loves the drugstore Duane Reade, which I thought was so funny. Do you remember your first Duane Reade experience?
I know this sounds stupid, but that was actually something that happened to me. One day I was talking to Aziz, and I said that the first time that I arrived in New York, I went to Duane Reade and I went crazy. I have never seen something like this before in my life. He was so shocked that he put it in the script [laughs]. I feel a little bit embarrassed. Many of the things that happen in the show, they’re real. This is Aziz. He puts all your life into a script.


- Uses racial slur during moments of anger/frustration.

- Makes rape jokes.

- Makes light of antisemitism with HILARIOUS jokes like ”Death to all Jews!”

- Panders to the alt right with pepe frogs, and earns interest from figures like Alex Jones and Lauren Southern.

- Speaks on political/social issues that he has ZERO authority on, like gender pay gaps and climate change.

- And he does all this in front of his millions of impressionable kid fans, who often form their opinions based on their favorite youtube celebrities.

Him acting like a bigot isn’t what’s frustrating, he has a history of this behavior. What’s absolutely MADDENING is the “youtube community” that either stays silent or defends his behavior. Fucking hell, when are people going to draw the line with him?

Better Off As Lovers (Philip x Reader)

Request: hi! could you maybe do a Phillip x Reader where the reader is the daughter of Jefferson or Burr, and either their parents catch them together? that’d be great!

TW: alcohol, allusions to sex

A/N: I know I didn’t follow the request exactly, but I already have something like it right here.


You smiled at the guests at the other guests at the ball. Your skirt swooshed as you made your way through the winding crowds. You finally make your way out of the crowd and sit in the garden, drinking your glass of chardonnay. You hated that your father made you go to these stupid balls with him. Ever since he started working under President Washington, then Adams, you had been forced to go to these balls that you dreaded. You were his only living family, so you really didn’t have a choice.

A man walked over and sat next to you, downing the contents in his glass as he did so. “I’m sorry-” he looked at you- “I didn’t realize that I would run into such a beautiful woman out here.”

You smiled slightly. “Quite the charmer. What’s your name?”

“Philip Hamilton.”

You nodded slightly. “(Y/N) Jefferson. I’ve heard quite a bit about your father.”

He chuckled. “I’ve heard much about yours, too. May I ask why you’re here with him instead of his wife?”

You looked down. “She died when I was young. It’s just the two of us.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He reached out to touch your shoulder, but you turned away.

“Save your apologies. I’m sick of them.”

He remained quiet, just staring at you.

You took a deep breath and attempted to change the subject. “I assume that you’re here, so your father can show you what it’s like to be a big government man.”

He nodded frantically. “I hope to be as successful as he is.”

The two of you sat in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments. There seemed to have been nothing to say. You both know that there is no use flirting because your fathers would tear you apart, yet that’s all you want to do. You never knew how to feel comfortable with someone else until this moment. All your life you had been surrounded by government men or people your father tried to set you up with. Nothing had been this intimate. This unscripted.

“Your father doesn’t know you’re here,” you commented.

“How did you know?”

You shrugged. “You would have left by now.”


That was months ago. You thought that would have been the last interaction you had with the Hamilton, but now…

You lie in his bed, resting your head on his bare chest, as he runs his fingers through your hair.

“I should probably head home; my father will be home soon,” you whisper, making no effort to move.

He kisses the top of your head. “I suppose.”

Neither of you moves, afraid to break this perfect moment. Slowly, though, you untangle yourself from him and grab your dress from the floor. He stands up and helps you tie your corset before kissing you and helping you out.

You make your way through town, stopping at a few stores to get the ink your dad told you to get.

You slowly push open the heavy door. “Father?” You open the door to his office, looking for him. Seeing no sign of him, you leave the ink on his desk and head up to your room, wishing you could be with Philip again. One of your maids knocks on your door. “Ms. Jefferson, you were out quite a long time to get ink.”

You laugh slightly. “You know I always make more than one stop.”

She shakes her head slightly. “Well, that doesn’t excuse your wrinkled dress, and what happened to the corset?” She starts helping you undress, so she can properly look at what happened to your clothing. “You were with that boy again, weren’t you?”

You smile, as your cheeks turn pink. You change into the slip she gave you.

She sets the dress on your bed and looks at you. “Your father will have a cow when he finds out.”

You rush over to her. “No, he can’t know. I love Philip too much for father to find out.”

Just as you finish your sentence, your father walks in. “What am I not supposed to know?”

Your maid thinks of an excuse quickly. “That she ruined yet another corset.” She quickly walks out, while your father stares at you.


You look down. “I’m sorry, father. I was taking a walk after I got your ink, and it got caught on a branch.”

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “You can’t keep doing this (Y/N).”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just-”

“You’re getting married Thursday.”

You look up at him with wide eyes. “No! You can’t do that! I’m in love! You can’t just marry me off to a man who I can’t love!”

He stares at you. His tone becomes deadly serious. “You’re in love?”

You take a deep breath. “Yes. I am in love.”

“Who is he?”

You look down. “Philip.”


“Yes, father.”

He shakes his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe it. My daughter, in love with a Hamilton. Do you not realize what he is capable of?”

You give him a quizzical look. “What do you mean?”

“Do you not remember the pamphlet from his father a few years ago?”

“Philip’s not like that!” You turn to leave, but your father closes the door.

“But he could be! I’m not letting you see him anymore! You will not get your heart broken by him. Listen, Mr. Eacker is in the parlor, and I expect you to get dressed and be on your best behavior.” He leaves you alone and sends your maid back in.

“Ms. Jefferson?” She sits next to you as you start sobbing.

“He-he’s making me marry Eacker.”

She pulls you into a hug. “Not if I can help.”