Worriers - They / Them/ Theirs

I found a cool interview with the singer/and songwriter of this punk band (Lauren Denitzio) and Laura Jane Grace (who produced this album and is all around AWESOME) and Lauren talked about this song particularly:

“The song really came out of the fact that I prefer gender-neutral pronouns when meeting people. And even though people are much more open-minded about things lately, and so the conversation goes towards gender expression a lot more, I feel like there’s often a pressure to define yourself in a very specific way — specifically as a queer person, going beyond that and naming exactly what your gender identity is and exactly where you are on the spectrum. And I don’t really have one. Or, there’s not an easy answer to that for me.”

here’s the article:

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter One

Summary: When Lauren, assistant to Tony Stark and the golden darling, southern belle of team Avenger, is called home by her overbearing mother, demanding she take back up with the man who walked out on her and broke her heart, Loki, the once dark God of Mischief, goes with her as her pretend beau. But is it all pretend on Loki’s part? Or is there more to the God of Mischief’s involvement than simply helping Lauren out.

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 6937

Warnings: Swearing

At just shy of five in the morning, the sun was beginning to colour the horizon in brilliant pinks and oranges. Though it was crisp - fresh really - the air smelled clean from the washing of rain the night before instead of the usual smog and grime. There was nothing like the view of New York from Tony’s Iron Man landing pad. The city stretched out, the lights glowed like stars, and it appeared as if one floated above the world.

It had become Lauren’s preferred place to practice yoga.

It wasn’t the safest location, what with it being a few hundred feet in the air and not really that big around, but it fit her mat. It also gave her such a sense of clarity, of being completely present in the moment; her awareness of the world so heightened she felt like one with the universe. Lauren had found it impossible to resist the temptation.

Besides, Tony knew she used it. F.R.I.D.A.Y was nothing if not efficient, and had informed her boss thusly after Lauren’s first tentative foray into the wild blue yonder.

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•Bolkonsky called my mom Mariah Carey
•I patted Paul Pinto’s head
•So did Grace and 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
•Lauren Zakrin smiled at me. Many times
•one of the ushers just stopped to look at the watercolor portraits i made
•I’m dying

You know, sexism in the punk scene — or just in rock and roll in general — is so easily demonstrated by the amount of women or queer people that you see on stage versus the amount of cis males that you see on stage. And if you have a female drummer or guitar player or whatever, and they get onstage and they shred, the response you’ll see them get is, “Oh wow, you can play pretty good for a girl.” Or even the classic cliché of the dude handing off his leather jacket to his girlfriend so he can go kick ass in the mosh pit.

Justin Peck’s “In the Countenance of Kings” with music by Sufjan Stevens | San Francisco Ballet

ft. Dancers: Dores Andre, Frances Chung, Jahna Frantziskonis, Lauren Parrott, Emma Rubinowitz, Grace Shibley, Jennifer Stahl, Max Cauthorn, Luke Ingham, Gennadi Nedvigin, Sean Orza, Myles Thatcher, Joseph Walsh, Wei Wang

Choreography by: Justin Peck

Directed by: Ezra Hurwitz

Don't Let Me Down (Hamilton X Reader & Platonic Hamilsquad)

*Warnings - well you might need tissues
*Word Count - 1322 my longest one to date!!
*Quick shout out to @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky and @gratitudejoyandsorrow for being awesome!!! Thanks

The muffins Y/N had made had just come out of the oven and they were Alexander’s favorite. After letting them cool, she wrapped them in a basket and made her way to the camp where she knew Alexander would be writing correspondence for General Washington. She had just stepped out of her front door and made it down her steps, when Y/N heard yelling coming from down the street. She knew what was happening before she saw it. The British were making a sneak attack on the city. She ran as fast and quietly as she could manage toward her fiancé’s tent at the camp. She was breathing heavy as she made it to the corner of the block. Y/N checked to make sure that the coast was clear before crossing over to the next block.

“Hey!!! Where do you think you’re going? Running off to warn the rebel scum?? I don’t think so!” A British soldier had been hiding in the shadows and had caught Y/N unawares. Not long after the soldier had made himself known, he stabbed Y/N with the bayonet on the end of his gun. For Y/N, the world went into slow motion, as the pain radiated from her midsection, she saw the basket tumble to the ground and the muffins bounce across the ground. A few seconds later, Y/N’s body joined them as they soaked up the blood pouring out of her body. The soldier was about to pick her up and take her as a prisoner of war when John Laurens ran around the corner and chased him away.

“Alexander! Alexander, where are you?” Y/N whimpers, looking for her fiancée. “I need you.”

“Y/N!!! Are you…” He notices the pool of blood surrounding her body. He quickly takes his coat off and balls it up to make a compress to try to ease the bleeding. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!” John had picked Y/N up bridal style, so he can keep pressure on the wound, and started running towards the hospital.

As John made it to the next street, Lafayette spotted him. “Laurens, what did you…Mon dieu” His voice fell to a whisper when he noticed who John was carrying and the blood dripping from his hands. Lafayette fell in behind Laurens as he called over his shoulder to his comrade, Hercules Mulligan. “Mon ami, go find Hamilton. Now!” Herc saw Y/N in Laurens’ arms, the direction he was running in and the trial of blood drops. He then, turned and bolted for the camp, looking for his friend.

Y/N finally finds her voice and asks for her fiancé, “J-John, wh-ere’s Alex…”

“Shhh. Herc’s gone to find him.” John tried to soothe her.

“He promised. He can’t break his promise.” Y/N whispers over and over again.

John looks down at her, “Promise? Y/N, what promise?”
Y/N fades out of consciousness as she remembers the night that Alexander proposed to her.


Alexander has dropped to one knee in front of Y/N. Tears well up in her eyes as the man she loves professes his love for her and very elegantly and humbly, he asks for you for your hand in marriage. “I will always be there for you. I promise I will never let you down.” Pure love in his eyes as he pledged his love and devotion to Y/N and only to her.

End Flashback

After looking for half an hour, Herc made his way back to the hospital. After he located where Y/N’s room was, he told the guys that he couldn’t find Alexander. “Lafayette, go with Herc. Maybe the two of you can find him, Y/N needs him.” The two men nodded and took off to find their best friend.

Y/N came to a little while after the doctor had stitched up her wound. He had told Laurens that by the grace of God that no internal organs were majorly damaged, just a small nick in the large intestine that was easily found and fixed. Thanks to John’s quick thinking, he had prevented her wound from getting infected. “John, why does everything hurt? And where’s my Alexander?”

John looked at Y/N with tender care as he looked after his best friend’s fiancé. “Lafayette and Mulligan have gone to find him.” John whispered as he brushed away a few loose strands of hair that was sticking to her forehead.

“Why didn’t you go look for him, John? He maybe hurt too!” Y/N started to panic.

John did everything he could to keep her calm. “Y/N, he’s fine. I’m sure he’s going to run through that door any minute now. Nothing could keep him away from you.” Y/N sighs and closes her eyes.

“John!” She gasped, “It hurts so much. Can you see if there is anything they can give me to help with the pain?” Tears flowed freely down her face as she squeezed her eyes shut in pain. Laurens kissed her hand before he ran from the room.

Lafayette and Mulligan went straight to Alexander’s personal tent first and found it empty. The men turned and looked at each other, “Washington” they said in unison as they turned to make their way to the general’s tent.

Alexander was listening to George as he dictated a letter to Congress about their current situation; his quill furiously scratching away at the parchment before him. Lafayette and Mulligan burst into the tent, “Alexander! There you are! We have been looking for you everywhere!”

“What is the meaning of this?” Washington bellowed, not enthused that two of his soldiers had just burst into his, the general’s, personal tent.

“Deepest apologies, sir, but we need Hamilton to come with us, now! His fiancé was injured in the city by British insurgents who attacked the city earlier this evening.” Alexander went white.

“What are you waiting for, man? Go! That’s an order from your commander, go!” It took Washington’s command for Alexander shake off the shock and take off towards the hospital with Lafayette and Mulligan on his tail.

As the men ran from the camp, Lafayette told Alexander what had happened. Tears began to flow from his eyes at the thought of his beloved Y/N, not only hurting, but severely injured. Alexander burst into the hospital and cried out, “Where is she? Where is Y/N?”

The doctor had just stepped out of Y/N room. “Mr. Hamilton, this way. She has been well taken care of. Her surgery was a success. I was able to stop all the internal bleeding. Thanks to the quick thinking of Mr. Laurens, he prevented the wound from getting infected.” The group stepped into the room as the doctor finished. Y/N was resting with John by her side, holding her hand, but he had turned toward the door when it opened.

“Y/N, there is someone here for you.” Laurens whispered to Y/N.

Her eyes flutter open to look at Laurens, but she sees her sweet Alexander’s face first. She gives a slight smile as Laurens and Alexander switch places, with Alex now holding her hand. “My Alexander, where have you been?”

Tears were still silently falling down Alexander’s cheeks, “Oh, my love, I came as soon as I heard. I was working with the general.” He used his free hand to caress Y/N’s face. “I couldn’t break my promise.” He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. “I will never let you down.” Y/N looked around her bed. Her beloved by her side and their three best friends surrounding the rest of her bed, Laurens and Lafayette on the other side and Herc at your feet. Y/N knew at that moment that none of them would ever let her down. They all would always be there for her.

Classic Women of the Zodiacs

Aries: Doris Day

Taurus: Audrey Hepburn

Gemini: Marilyn Monroe

Cancer: Meryl Streep

Leo: Lucille Ball

Virgo: Lauren Bacall

Libra: Julie Andrews

Scorpio: Grace Kelly

Sagittarius: Jane Fonda

Capricorn: Marlene Dietrich

Aquarius: Geena Davis

Pisces: Elizabeth Taylor

anonymous asked:

Since this was supposed to be a book series before it became an interactive novel, what would you have named the MC and why?

Anonymous said:When Wayhaven was still normal novels, what was the MC’s name? I’m super curious what you named her.

(Merged these two as same topic :) )

The MC’s name from the original series is one you can pick in the actual game, lol. It was going to be Lauren Langford.

As to why, well, that’s my sister’s doing, lol. 

My older sister used to write (when we were young) stories that featured her and I - I loved them! There was a pirate one that I still think about really often. 

But, she used to use certain names all the time for our characters- Imogen, Grace, Lauren, and Sophie. I tend to gravitate towards those names now in fiction, just because they are special to me. 

So yeah, you may see them pop up quite a bit in my works :D

As for the surname, it was just one that sounded down-to-earth and strong.

Thank you so much for the questions, guys :)

The Signs as Golden Era Hollywood Actresses

Aries: Joan Crawford

Taurus: Audrey Hepburn

Gemini: Marilyn Monroe

Cancer: Ginger Rogers

Leo: Mae West

Virgo: Lauren Bacall

Libra: Rita Hayworth

Scorpio: Grace Kelly

Sagittarius: Rita Moreno

Capricorn: Ava Gardner

Aquarius: Lana Turner

Pisces: Elizabeth Taylor