Una vista al glamour/A vision of glamour

Las características técnicas de las cámaras de grabación usadas en el cine de principios de los cuarenta, sumado a una iluminación estratégica, provocó que las mujeres estuvieran rodeadas de un aura, que casi se mezclasen con la luz, sobre todo si eran rubias; creando una imagen neblinosa. Era el glamour de los 40. 


Una visión del glamour, en Technicolor/A vision of glamour, in Technicolor

Con la llegada del Technicolor, esa aura que envolvía a las actrices se esfumó. Apareció la “alta resolución”, y con ella el misterio y el glamour eran más difíciles de conseguir. Muchas actrices se negaron a trabajar en color, pero algunas resistieron, y no sólo en Hollywood. 

Cory Hardrict has joined the cast of Benny Boom’s Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, Variety first reported.

The actor will play the infamous Hatian Jack, the most feared man in the music industry at the time, known for his extortion and strong-armed tactics in the hip-hop community. This relationship proved to be a very dangerous one for Tupac.

The movie will chronicle the life and legacy of Shakur (played by Demetrius Shipp Jr.), including his rise to fame as a hip-hop artist and actor, his imprisonment and his time at Death Row Records.

The supporting cast also includes Danai Gurira as Afeni Shakur, Kat Graham as Jada Pinkett SmithJamie Hector as Mutulu Shakur, Lauren Cohan as Leila Steinberg and Grace Gibson as R&B singer Faith Evans.

My New Beginning ( V )

We walk out of the airport and towards the pickup zone where there are man cars waiting. Lauren makes her way to a black escalade that is parked idling no more that 10feet away. The Driver edits the car, taking graces luggage off her and placing it in the back of the car. As Grace gets into the car, closely followed by Lauren.

“So Grace when we reach your new apartment, we will have some paperwork for you to read and sign, and then ill leave you to rest.” Lauren says.

“Alright, no problems” Grace replies.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking. What were you doing in New Zealand?” Lauren asks, trying to spark up a small conversation.

Both women make small talk the entire 40min drive, until the car pulls up at an apartment building in Manhattan, Grace looks around outside, Central park is just to her left and her apartment building is just across the road. Its all starting to become very overwhelming for the tall blonde.

Grace follows Lauren into the building, dragging her suite case behind her. Both women step into the elevator, as Lauren presses the level 21 button. Once they reach the floor, they both exit the elevator, as grace followed the black haired women down the hall. they stop in front of a door marked 1134. Laure slides the key in the lock, turning it clockwise. The lock clocks and the door opens, as Graces jaw hits the floor. as they walk into the entry grace is astounded by the amazing view she can see directly in front of her.

Its absolute stunning, as Lauren takes her for a quick tour of her new home, grace jut can’t seem to pick her jaw up off the floor.

First on the tour is the Lounge room, complete with a baby grand piano and red art piece in the corner, the floor to roof windows displaying more absolute breathtaking views.

Next was the Kitchen and dining room, once again absolutely amazing views as the large rooms. Its just a waste that grace couldn’t cook to save her life because this kitchen looks absolutely like a chefs dream.

Next was the Guest bedroom, it looks absolutely elegant. The artwork that hung above the bed seem to complete the room perfectly.

Then onto the Main Bedroom, Defiantly changing the art work in here. Grace thinks to herself, as Laure shows of all the unique design detail. but right now grace is only really concerned about two things, Food and if that bed is as comfy as it looks. Laure shows her the remote that controls the curtains that automatically descend from the ceiling, as well as the how to turn the heat on.

The last room is the bathroom, and as with all the other rooms in this place it looks absolute amazing. There white marble tiles and the large spar bath, along with the massive shower. Everything just seem to fit into place perfectly.

Both women finish the tour, taking a seat at the Dinning room table. Lauren dives into her bag, pulling out Grace’s contract.

“Now i just need you to read through this, and then sign it. I will then give you your Signing bonus and get out of your way Lauren smiles at the over tired girl sitting in front of her.

"Ok” Grace replies, reading through her new contract, Her eyes widen when she reaches the page that out lines her Salary, along with her signing bonus. Also the rent for the apartment and utilities has already been ducted form her Gross Earnings. Which Means the figure in front of her right now is what she can expect to earn a year.

Grace finished reading the contract, picking up the pen and signing on the dotted line. Sliding the contract back to Lauren. “When did you need me to start?” Grace asks.

“Well i will give you 2 days to settle in, because i can tell you are extremely jet lagged right now. So take the rest of tomorrow and the weekend, and we will see you at 9am Monday morning, at the headquarters.” Lauren says handing over an envelope.

“Whats this?” Grace questions Picking the envelope from the table.

“Thats your $5000 signing bonus, in cash” Lauren smirks as Graces eyes widen comically once more.

“Ill see you Monday Grace, Get some sleep and relax. Oh and Welcome to New York” Lauren says, making her way to the front door, followed by grace.

“Thanks, bye have a good night” Grace replies, closing the door once the other women leaves.

Grace makes her way into the kitchen opening the fridge, she realises its empty. Sighing to herself she closes the fridge door, Picking up her keys, phone and wallet before heading out to find some pizza.

Its does take long to find a pizza and get back to her new apartment, as she walls inside she dumps her keys and wallet on the counter at the front door. She makes her way into the lounge room, sitting down on the sofa and placing her pizza and drink on the coffee table in front of her. She turns the Tv on, flicking through the channels till she finds something to watch. Settling on an old re run of the real house wives of somewhere, grace settles back into the sofa, and eats her pizza.

Once she is full and it is becoming increasingly harder to keep her eyes open, she lazy drags herself towards the bathroom, she has a quick shower, so she doesn’t feel so gross and gets changes into an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants. When she makes it to her room that art is still bothering her, so she reaches up and takes it off the wall, placing it face first again another wall over the other side of her room. she pulled the covers back on the bed and crawls in. Oh yes this bed is amazing. Grace thinks as she snuggles into the fluffy pillows, and pulling the comforter up to her shoulders. It doesn’t take long before the blonde is asleep. Dreams of New York, New Beginnings, and Steel Blue Eyes.

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