Chandler Riggs Still Deserves Better And So Does The Walking Dead

Spoilers for season 8

I’m still angry about this and I refuse to let it go. Later this month we will see the passing of Carl Grimes, played by Chandler Riggs on ‘The Walking Dead.’ And I have this to say:

It’s so pointless as to why they’re doing it like Carl was meant to be the last man standing that’s the whole point of his character, his death is going to effect all of the characters and show as a whole.

One of the actors on the show I genuinely feel bad for is Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, it’s more sadder when you know how close they are and how Andrew now doesn’t want to be in the show for multiple reasons. One reason is that he’s constantly flying to and from America to go home to his family in England, Andy is spending 6 months away from his wife and kids. The producers used to let Andy fly his family over for the time they would be filming and now they don’t and I think Chandler leaving the show just added to Andy is feeling about staying in the show.

Also what did they think they where gonna gain out of Carls death apart from some increases of views for that one episode so people can say goodbye to a much loved character, the views won’t remain up if anything they will go down.

Carls been such a wasted character just as they were giving him more of a storyline and defining his character and who his going to be they kill him off for no reason other than they didn’t want to pay him the money he deserves.

And now if things couldn’t get any worse they are now trying to get people’s hopes up. In an interview Robert Kirkman decided to say that Carl isn’t dead yet, so he might not die. Like obviously he isn’t going to survive stop being dicks by trying to get people’s hopes up it’s a bit cruel when you think about it.

Also on the issue of Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie is rumoured to have quit the show after being treated unfairly by AMC and once again Scott Gimple (totally didn’t see that coming.) She apparently has been being paid less than actors such as Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. She asked for a pay rise to which they said they’d half her pay and then they said they’d give her a rise but not a lot and she has refused. And honesty I don’t blame her she was getting so many other offers that were going to be paying her a lot more that what AMC where so I can see why she would leave.

So now we might also be losing Maggie.

Not to mention that half of the main cast hasn’t even signed on to do the new season so we might not even get one.

Chandler Riggs is such a good actor and it’s such a shame that in the walking dead we will never see how good of an actor he can be. Chandler was in the show for over half of his life and this is how they decide to re-pay him for everything he’s done. Chandler is a good enough actor to carry the show and he’s proved that so many times when they’ve had him have a bit of a side story. Not only is killing Carl of a disrespect to the comic books is also disrespecting Chandler and everything he’s ever done. What was the point of him being on the walking dead if they wouldn’t even let him have his moment to shine like everyone else. And with his resent tweets I think he’s just as annoyed as we are.

Also Jeffery Dean Morgan was also upset at the choice of killing off Carl as he was promised he was going to do that storyline with Chandler Riggs. They also became close because they had meetings where they would sit down and get to know each other because they thought they would being doing their storyline and they wanted to have that connection so that they’d know each other quite well. Because of these sessions they actually became friends so the act of killing Carl annoyed Jeff a lot.