Carl Grimes was the heart and soul of the series. Chandler was fired out of nowhere (probably because he was about to turn 18). EK, SY, and other were also fired without warning for a “good story.” Lauren is likely leaving. Andrew is tired and wants to go home to his family. Danai is becoming a big Hollywood star.

Do it, AMC. You can’t quit while you’re in your prime anymore, but you can still quit before it gets worse. It will get worse. End it now. Free us all.


8 years. I watched this kid grow up for 8 years. To say goodbye to him is fucking hard for me. Carl was never “just a fictional character” to me, no, he was someone I grow up with for 8 fucking years. I’m crying writing this but I just wanted to say I am so proud of you, Chandler, you’ve made this show so amazing that it would NEVER be the same without you. Your last episode in this journey was beyond incredible. Thank you, Chandler, for bringing Carl Grimes to life and for being a part of this family. I love you and I can not wait to see your career grow more and more. This is not the end, but just the beginning. We are growing up together. I love you ❤️