Carl Grimes Imagine requested by anon:

Hey! I really love your Images. Could you do one where Carl is insecure about his eye and the reader tells him that he’s beautiful anyway and then they kiss or something? 

Warnings: Sligtly bad language (Not really)

Words: 746

Gif: Not mine


“Carl,” you whined with yet another knock on his door. “Will you let me in!” It wasn’t really a question. It had been nearly a month since it all happened, and you hadn’t seen him since he was unconscious. He had told Rick to tell you to stay away because he didn’t want you to see him like this.

“No, I’m not letting you in!” You felt your heart ache.

“Carl,” you said and your voice cracked. “Please!” You did your very best not to cry. You missed him so much! A whole month without being able to kiss his lips, touch his skin, play with his hair. A whole month with out your reason to smile.

You heard the lock on the door turn and you breathed in shock. You had pleaded everyday since the accident and he was finally letting you in. Hesitating, you opened the door only to be met by his silhouette standing in front of the window. You closed the door behind you and locked it, not wanting anyone to come storming inside.

“You can’t just lock youself in like this!” You said, desperate for him to turn around and look at you. 

“Well, I have!”

“Stop acting like this!” You guess you could say you were mad. Your mind couldn’t figure out what part of him thought locking himself inside from his family was the right decision.

“Like what?” He said sounding like a brat.

“Stop feeling so god damn sorry for yourself!” You said and raised your voice slightly. His body flinched slightly, like he wanted to turn around and face you but he decided against it. 

“I lost my eye, Y/N!” He said. 

“I know! And it’s absolutely awful. It should never have happened. But it did! How can you just lock youself in here?” The tears were welling up in your eyes, and you tried to blink them away.

“Do you know what I look like now?”

“No I don’t, because you won’t let anyone see you!” He didn’t answer. “Carl, there’s people downstairs that love you! I love you! And you just thought they couldn’t stand the sight of you, so you locked yourself in here!”

He finally turned around, but he was still just a silhouette. He came closer and his face became clear. You almost wanted to cry just by the sight of him. 

His hair was almost completely hiding the bandage around his head, covering his eye. 

“Let me see it!” You said and started to reach for the bandage.

“No,” he said and grabbed both your hands in his and pulled his head away. It felt so good you have your hands placed inside of his again. 

“Carl please!” You said. You wanted to cry so bad. He hesitated and let out a sigh. He let go of your hands and you continued to reach for the bandage. Carefully you pulled it over his head. Quickly he turned his head down, so you wouldn’t see. You reached your hand under his chin and lifted his head so he would look at you.

Where his right eye used to be was now just a hole. 

“God, I’m hideous!” He said and turned his attention to the floor

“Where?” You asked calmly.

“What do you mean ‘Where’? Look at me!” 

“I am,” He looked back up and right into your eyes. “All I see,” you said and started to stroke his hair with your right hand while your left hand was placed on his right cheek. “Is the beautiful boy I fell in love with,” you smiled and finally let the tears fall. “Even it this thing messed your face up even more,” you said and he gave a you a little smile.”I’d still love you! You’re looks wouldn’t matter to me.”

“It’s not like you have that many choices!” He gave you and unsure smile.

“Carl, if there was missing one piece in a puzzle with over 1000 pieces, would you miss it?” He didn’t answer, he just remained the eye contact. “You wouldn’t because it would still be a beautiful picture!”

You felt his arms slowly wrap around your waist. “That’s probably the deepst thing I’ve ever heard you say,” he said and you chuckled.

You leaned in slowly. “I missed you so, so, so, so much!” You whispered when your lips were less than an inch apart. And you kissed him. You couldn’t remember the last time you were tis happy.



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