Lala, Paranoid Apartment, 2013 

I love it when artists step outside of their comfort zones and try something challenging. With this new comic from Lala, she accomplishes this by forcing herself to work with more of a structure on the page. By placing the restriction of a grid on her comic for the first time, Lala is more creative with less freedom and she excels at this. The textures and distortions compliment the ordered grid and there are often multiple, interesting visual ideas within one panel. 

The story follows a woman who is crippled by anxiety, wondering what will kill her first–the ceiling caving in over her bed, the kitchen knife, the slippery bathroom floor? Her anxiety seems to manifest itself into a ghost which haunts her own apartment and the new subletter. Anxiety is a cruel beast that can feel independent from yourself–like a specter following you and taking advantage of your weakest moments. Even moments free from debilitating fear carry the possibility of a visit. This sense of foreboding is clearly displayed throughout the piece. 

I’ve been following Lala’s work now for practically a decade and this feels like (another) huge step forward. 

You can purchase here, from Sacred Prism.

The deaths of all 15 victims from Columbine

All information was taken from the official autopsy reports and summaries for every death involving the Columbine massacre.

Rachel Scott:

Rachel was shot 4 times by Eric to the left temple, chest, arm and thigh.

She died instantly because of the gunshot wound to head.

Daniel Rohrbough:

Dan was shot 3 times by Dylan to the chest, abdomen and knee.

Death was due to exsanguination from injuries involving the chest. Died within 5 minutes.

Kyle Velasquez:

Kyle was shot multiple times by Dylan to the head, left shoulder, and also with three to the back.

His death was due to shotgun wounds to head and upper back.  Died instantly.

Steve Curnow:

Steve was shot once by Eric to the neck.

He died because of the single gunshot wound to the neck. Died within 7 minutes.

Cassie Bernall:

Cassie was shot twice by Eric, one to her right temple and one to her hand (finger).

Her death was due to the shotgun wound to the head. Died instantly.

Isaiah Shoels:

Isaiah was shot twice by Eric to his left arm and chest.

Death is due to shotgun wound to the chest. Died within 2 minutes.

Matt Kechter:

Matt was killed by Dylan with one shot to his chest.

Died from the shotgun wound to the chest. Died approximately within 3 minutes.

Lauren Townsend:

Lauren was killed by Dylan and shot around 9 times, with some shots to her lower chest, left back, right ear, right thigh, right arm, and left hip.

Died because of all multiple fatal shots. Died within 2 minutes.

John Tomlin:

John was shot by both Eric and Dylan. Eric shot John in the chest, but Dylan shot him in the head and back.

His death was due to multiple gunshots, but fatally killed by Dylan by head. He died almost instantly.

Kelly Fleming:

Kelly was shot by Eric to the lower back.

Died from her single wound to the back. Died within 3-5 minutes.

Daniel Mauser:

Daniel was shot by Eric twice, once to the nose, once to the finger, and a graze to scalp.

Death is due to a fractured neck with spinal cord injury because of the shot to the nose. Died within three minutes.

Corey DePooter:

Corey was shot by Dylan 3 times, with some shots to the neck, chest, right back and left arm.

Death was due to multiple consecutive shots. Died instantly.

Eric Harris:

Eric died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the roof of his mouth. Death was instant.

Dylan Klebold:

Dylan also died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds but to his left temple. He died approximately five minutes after.

Dave Sanders:

Dave was shot 3 times by Eric to the neck, right upper back, and chest.

His death was due to exsanguination from gunshots wounds to neck, head and back. He died over 3 hours later.

You can view all of the other released autopsy reports here


LAUREN ALBERT is coming to TCAF!

This artist will be sitting in the Wowee Zonk Small Press Area. The WZSPA is located in The Browsery section of the library. Head there to check out tons of great comics, art, artists, and more!

Artist’s Website:

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 9-11, 2014, in Toronto, Canada. More at