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Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 604
Request: Can I ask for some fluffy Anthony x reader?Like the girl loves Hamilton but she only listened to the soundtrack so she can’t recognise anybody,she works in a cafe near Richard Rodgers and she’s in charge of music so she plays Ham and Ant comes there?          

anyway, hi! hows your day? or night. I’m probably like being active too early… all my american friends are asleep cry.

my point of this note was that i have revision week next week and also exams after that, so the next two weeks will involve me not being incredibly active. like, i might write in advance and then add posts to my queue but idk how to work a queue so yeah.

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You were extremely relieved to walk into your work and find out that your manager had called in sick for the day. The job was hard enough as it was, but with your manager constantly breathing down the back of your neck and telling you that everything you did was wrong… you had nearly quit, many times.

You knew that as you were basically in charge for the day, you were able to choose the day’s music. You smiled, plugging your phone into the speakers and pressing play on the Hamilton soundtrack. You made sure to take the sadder songs off your playlist, moving to the door and turning the sign.

You had been working in the café for a few months now. It was situated in West 46th Street and 8th Avenue, meaning that you were close to the broadway productions that played a massive part in New York’s culture. You had never seen a show, as they were too expensive, but you had listened to all of them. Your favourite so far was Hamilton. The original cast recording was always on replay.

The soundtrack to your favourite musical seemed to make the day go quicker and easier. You were a few hours into your shift when it started to get quiet again. You grabbed your water bottle from under the bench, taking a quick sip and putting it back when you heard the sound of the door opening.

“Hi! How are you?” You said, smiling at the freckly man in front of you. He raised his eyebrow slightly, looking you up in down.

“I’m good, how are you?” he asked, pulling out his phone.

“Good, how can I help you today?” You asked, smiling when you heard Story Of Tonight Reprise come on.

“I was just wanting to get a few coffees. But I’ve been refused at the last few cafes I was at. How quickly can you make twenty coffees?” He asked.

“Do you have five minutes?” You asked, grabbing a notepad.

“Yeah, easy,” He replied. You passed him the notepad and a pen.

“Just like, get your order down and then let me know when you’re ready,” You replied, smiling cheerily.

“Of course,” He replied, starting to write his order down.

“Have you got a meeting or something to go to?” You asked, adding his order into the cash register.

“Oh, no. Just an uncaffeinated cast,” He replied, handing you the notebook back.

“Nice,” She replied, starting on the coffees.

“Is this your music?” He asked, leaning against the bench.

“Yeah. Well, usually my manager chooses what we play, but today she’s away, so I get control of the speakers,” You replied, finishing the first few coffees.

“Do you work here often?” He asked.

“Yeah, I have daily shifts. Pays the bills, you know?” You replied, starting to fold the cup holders.

“So Hamilton, huh?”

“It’s a work of art. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and I’ve listened to a lot of Broadway shows.”

“You should come see it sometime,” He suggested. You chuckled quietly.

“I don’t have that kind of money.” You put the cups into the cardboard holders, pushing them towards him. “That’ll be seventy dollars.” He slid the money into your hand, smiling.

“My name’s Anthony by the way, you probably know me better as John Laurens and Phillip. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

You froze up slightly, your eyes widening. “I-uh….,” You blushed.

“Come by the Richard Rodgers sometime soon. Good coffee, by the way.” He smiled, dropping a tip into the jar and leaving.

“Oh, uh, thank you!” You called after him, blushing wildly.

Say No To This- Laurens Edition

So, maybe I wrote a version of Say No To This from Lauren’s perspective

There’s nothing like summer in the city
Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty
There’s trouble in the air,
You can smell it
And Laurens is by himself
I’ll let him tell it

I haven’t slept in a week
I was weak. I was awake
If you’d seen me, you would have known
I was in need of a break
Wishing for a war,
Ignoring my wife
That’s when Alexander Hamilton walked into my life
He said:

I know you are a man of honour
So sorry to interrupt you like this
But I heard your conversation
About being a free nation

King George’s been doing us wrong
Beating us, cheating us, mistreating us
It’s about time we were up and gone
You know, we have the means to go one

He wanted to talk alone,
He walked me to his home
He said:

This one’s mine, Sir

We went over plans together,
I told him he was clever
He said:

You’re too kind Sir

At war, he invited me into his tent
Didn’t know what it meant
‘Till he went red, let his legs spread and said:


Laurens + Hamilton

That’s when I began to pray,
Lord show me how to say no to this
I don’t know how to say know to this
But, God, I feel so helpless
And my body’s saying 'hell yes’
Oh, show me how to say no to this
I don’t know how to say no to this
In my mind I’m trying to go
(Go! Go! Go!)
But then his mouth is on mine and I can’t say no!

Say no to this
Say no to this
Say no to this
Say no to this

I wish I could say that was the last time
I said that last time it became a last time
Even after our endeavours
I still received letters from a Mr A. Ham
Even better, it said:

I wish, my dear Laurens, as you know that it’s true
I could show you by action how much I love you
And I know that you realise that to you I’d never lie
Also remember that I-


Well, in spite of Schyler’s black eyes,
I still long for you in the bed where we lie
What a strange cure, you didn’t think, I’m sure
That she would make me less devoted to you

I hid the letter and I wrote a note
Tried to keep his legacy afloat
He replied:

My Dear

He got married to his wife
I often envied his perfect life
He wrote:

Yrs. Forever

I missed him everyday

I received both your letters

And he was so far away

I hope you get better

I wanted to see him

Do you feel helpless?

I am helpless
How can I do this?

I wish you wouldn’t try to help me

I’ll do whatever he wants

You do whatever you want
But stay safe, for me

I don’t want to
I don’t want to

Remember when I told you to stay?

Lord, show me how to say no to this
I don’t know how to say no to this
But the situations helpless
And in his letters he’s saying 'Hell Yes"
Oh, show me how to say no to this
How can I say no to this?
There is nowhere I can go
(Go! Go! Go!)
I just wait for his letters and I can’t say




Say no to this
I don’t say no to this
There is nowhere I can go…
Nobody needs to know

Broadway 2.0

Write A Thon Day 5
(Reverse POV)
Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 979

for reverse pov day, i wanted to do anthony’s point of view in the broadway series. i’m not sure how well i did it, but i really enjoyed writing this. i feel like i’m a lot less behind in the write-a-thon now  :)

i think all the stress for now is over. i had my performance on wednesday and it went really well. well, as well as it could’ve gone. i still had some things i was really mad with myself (and our asshole conductor) but hey, it should be okay.

i took the day off yesterday and now i’m a lot less tired. the only thing i haven’t done yet is read my book for english (well, finished), so at the moment, that is the only thing that’s stressing me.

well, there’s my rant over. 

requests are open as usual and my ask box / messages are always open. love you all xx



Two show days were always the hardest for Anthony. Of course, he enjoyed spending time with his show family and performing, but he always struggled to keep his energy up for the second show. Sometimes after the first show, he found himself so tired and dazed that he felt as though he could pass out on that table in Stay Alive Reprise.

So one sunny Saturday where Anthony found himself barely awake, he headed out of the theatre and towards the nearest café. He, of course, had been given orders from the rest of the cast, but he was fine with that. As long as he could get some air and caffeine, he would be fine.

As he entered the café, he chuckled slightly as he heard himself singing on the Hamilton soundtrack. It was hard to go around New York and stay unrecognised, but you seemed to take no notice of him. Your eyes were cast down as you smiled and twirled to the song, blushing when you turned around and noticed him looking at you.

“Hi! How are you?”

Your voice was like heaven to his ears. It was so musical, and full of life, but you didn’t seem to recognise him at all. Your eyes didn’t light up at all. Anthony looked you up and down, pulling out his phone and scrolling through the orders he had been given.

He was worried that it would be too many for your soft looking hands… but he had to talk to you. He had to start some kind of relationship, even if it would seem insane. After all, he was so intrigued by the person that didn’t look at him like some insane fan.

“I’m good, how are you?” He replied, gulping slightly. C’mon Anthony. It’s time to man up…

“Good, how can I help you today?” You replied, flashing him a small smile.

“I was just wanting to get a few coffees, but I’ve been refused at the last few cafes I went to…” Stupid Anthony, you haven’t been anywhere else… “How quickly can you make twenty coffees?”

He knew he sounded stupid, and awkward, but he wanted to seem as cool and collected as possible. He tried his hardest, but for once all of his confidence had vanished.

“Do you have five minutes?” You asked, grabbing your notepad from next to the coffee machine and passing it to him.

Your hands brushed against each other and he felt weak at the knees. He nodded slowly.

“Yeah, easy,” He replied, beginning to write down the massive order for himself and his colleagues.

“Just like, get your order down and then let me know when you’re ready,” You said, taking the notepad back when he was done.

Anthony shifted awkwardly from foot to foot as he watched you making the coffees. He tried his best to start a conversation, but he had no idea what he wanted to say.

Sure, he had only seen you for a few moments and he had barely spoken, but in those moments he felt like he had known you his whole life. He took a deep breath, deciding speaking would be better than staying silent.

“Is this your music?” He asked softly, leaning against the bench. You took a moment to process what he said, being stuck behind the coffee machine.

“Yeah. Well, usually my manager chooses what we play, but today she’s away, so I get control of the speakers,” You replied, placing the first few coffees on the counter.

Silence fell between the two of you again and Anthony shifted slightly again. He checked the time on his phone, sighing in relief as he realised he had all the time in the world.

“Do you work here often?” He asked, breaking the silence again. He wasn’t sure when he would see you again, and he wanted to learn all that he could before he was due back at the Richard Rodgers.

“Yeah, I have daily shifts. Pays the bills, you know?” You replied, folding the cup holders and placing the coffee in them.

The silence fell once again, and Anthony finally felt that he knew what to talk about.

“So Hamilton, huh?”

A more sincere smile spread across your face than before and your eyes lit up. Anthony smiled as well, seeing how happy you were.

“It’s a work of art. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and I’ve listened to a lot of Broadway shows,” You stated.

Anthony smirked slightly. “You should come see it sometime,” He suggested, tilting his head to the side when you rolled your eyes and chuckled. His face fell slightly when you shook your head.

“I don’t have that kind of money,’ You replied, placing the other cups in the cardboard holders and pushing them towards him.

Anthony took a deep breath, smirking confidently as he replied to you. “My name’s Anthony by the way, you probably know me better as Jon Laurens and Philip. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Alright, maybe that was a bit too much confidence. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.


Definitely too much confidence. He thought for a second, toning down his confidence as much as possible.

“C-Come by the Richard Rodgers sometime soon? Good coffee, by the way,” He stated, smiling. He pulled out a few dollars from his pocket and putting them in the tip jar. He picked up the coffees, heading out of the café and sighing in relief.

He had done it. He spoke to you for the first time, that would hopefully be one of many. He had conquered his nerves and overcome his fears, a smile on his face as he returned to his work place.

For once, he felt as though he didn’t need coffee. He had you, and that made him feel all the energy in the world.

And there you have it.

To whomever made these fake tweets: Fuck you!

We’ve waited TWO fucking years for Camren to interact. Don’t fuck it up for everybody because you want a little attention. The attention you got from this, only lasted half a day. And now that everybody knows that it’s fake, the only attention you will get will be negative, plus you’re going to end up making all CS lose credibility. You better hope Lauren and Camila don’t fucking see this bullshit. Fucking moron. It’s always that one person that has to ruin everything. Ugh.

Firsts - Chapter 2 (First Flirtation)

“Okay, spill!” Dinah demanded.

Ally, Dinah, and Camila were all sitting on Camila’s bed, and their monthly girls’ night was in full motion.

“Yeah, what do you mean you met someone? How dare you not tell us before?” Ally asked, playfully pouting.

“He or she?” Dinah asked.

“She,” Camila said with a slight smile. Dinah whooped, causing Camila to laugh. Ever since she had confided in her friends that she was bisexual, Dinah had been anticipating Camila’s first real girl crush. Camila had no idea why she found it so exciting, but it was amusing to watch either way.

“So who is she?!” Ally practically yelled, unable to contain herself.

“Well, you guys actually know her, she goes to our school. It’s Lauren Jauregui,” Camila admitted.

Both her best friends’ jaws dropped. “Lauren Jauregui?! Like, senior Lauren Jauregui? One-of-the-most-popular-girls-at-school-Lauren Jauregui?” Dinah exclaimed.

“That would be the one,” Camila giggled.

“Is she… you know, in to girls?” Ally asked carefully, trying not to crap in Camila’s sandbox. “I mean, she is known to have had quite a few boyfriends. I just don’t want you to get your hopes and then have them crushed.”

Camila’s shoulders slumped. “That’s why I need your help, I have no idea! Since we met last weekend, we’ve texted four times. One time it was for like two hours! And whenever she walks past me in school she smiles at me. But I can’t tell if she’s flirting or just being friendly. I’ve never been in this situation before and I’m so bad at decoding people – especially through text.”

“That, my dear, is why you’ve got us,” Dinah told her with a smirk. “Ally’s had a boyfriend for two years, so I think she knows a little something about flirting and relationships.”

“And Dinah’s the biggest flirt I know,” Ally laughed. “So you really like her?”

Camila felt her cheeks heating up. “Yeah, I really do… Whenever I see her in school I go all red, and she’s constantly on my mind – it’s exhausting!” she sighed dramatically and fell backwards on to her bed. “Ugh.”

Dinah laughed and grabbed her arm to pull her up. “Well what are you waiting for? Show us those texts!”

Camila handed over her phone, which Dinah and Ally immediately grabbed and started going through her and Lauren’s conversation, occasionally nudging each other with knowing looks. Camila felt herself blushing furiously, wishing they could just finish already and rescue her from this oblivion.

At long last, they set down the phone and looked at each other before saying in unison, “She likes you.”

Camila felt the corners of her lips tugging upwards. “You think so?”

“Definitely,” Dinah smirked. “No one tells you they loved your pants today and adds a winky face emoji, unless they’re trying to say your ass looked hella.”

“And I gotta give it to you, Camila, your flirt game isn’t so bad,” Ally added.

“Really?” Camila asked, suddenly feeling rather embarrassed.

“Definitely,” Dinah said once more, then looked at Ally, who nodded. “And you know what we’re gonna do now?”

Camila eyed them suspiciously. “What? Why do you guys look so excited?”

“You’re gonna text her!” Ally squealed, and Dinah nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

Camila’s eyes widened. “What? No! I can’t initiate the conversation! It’s always been her!”

“Oh yes you can – and you will! Don’t you think she’s tired of always having to be the one to start the conversation?” Dinah asked, thrusting the phone at her.

“I wouldn’t even know what to say! And it’s a Friday night, she’s probably partying or something!” Camila tried to protest, but she could tell from the looks on her friends’ faces that it was no help.

“We won’t know unless we find out. Just ask her how she’s doing!” Ally suggested.

“Yeah, do it!” Dinah urged.

Feeling extremely apprehensive, Camila typed up a message. To her great relief, Lauren responded within a minute.

Camila: hey, what’s up?

Lauren: Just chilling at home, cbf to go out lol. Wbu babe?

Camila gasped as her friends squealed.

“She called you babe!” Ally exclaimed.

“Oh my god, what do I do?!” Camila asked in a panic.

Reply!” Dinah and Ally yelled in unison.

Camila: same here, haha

“Okay, okay, wait…” Dinah said, lifting a finger to indicate that she was thinking up Camila’s next move. “Compliment her! Did you see her today?”

“Yeah, I did, she looked great. What do I say?” Camila asked, the rapidity of her breathing increasing. She couldn’t believe Lauren had called her babe, no one had ever called her babe. Did Lauren mean it casually? Did she call everyone babe?

Tell her she looked great! Just say anything!”

Camila: btw your hair looked gorgeous today ;-* and your outfit was on point

Lauren: Why thank you xx You looked stunning today

Lauren: And every other day this week

“Shit!” Camila yelped, throwing her phone on to her bed.

“Awwwwww!” Dinah and Ally said in unison and shrieked.

“She doesn’t hold back,” Dinah said, sounding impressed.

“This is so adorable! Aw, look at Mila, she’s blushing so hard!” Ally said, giving her a hug.

“I can’t breathe I can’t do this oh my god what do I say?” Camila asked.

“Say thank you! Tell her she’s sweet! And put a heart!” Dinah commanded, then stopped. “No, wait – tell her it made your day.”

Camila looked horrified. “I can’t do that! That’s too much!”

“No it’s not! Let her know that it means something to you!”

Still looking horrified, Camila obeyed and typed up the message.

Camila: awyou just made my day haha ♥ 

“Yes, CheeChee, yes! You got this,” Dinah said.

“I’m so glad your parents aren’t home, it sounds like someone’s being murdered in here with all the shrieking,” Ally said with a laugh, as Camila’s phone sounded yet again.

Lauren: :)

Lauren: How was your day?? X

Camila: not bad, rather boring haha

Camila: yours? :)

Lauren: Mine was ok

Lauren: Then I saw you in school

Lauren: And it got a lot better ;-*

All three girls screamed.

“Holy fuck!” Camila shrieked.

“She is just going all in,” Dinah said with a laugh.

“I can’t handle this I’m so not cut out for this oh my god please help me!” Camila said, her panic growing.

Trying to suppress her laughter, Dinah put her hands on Camila’s shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. “Boo, this is a good thing. This is a really fricking good thing. She definitely likes you. Do you like her?”

Not able to trust that she wouldn’t start wailing in panic if she opened her mouth, Camila nodded.

Ally continued for Dinah. “Well then why the panic? She already likes you, and she likes you for you. Just be your fabulous self and charm the pants off her! Okay?”

“What she said!” Dinah chimed in.

“But… what if this is a prank? I mean why would she like me? I’m just Camila Cabello. Plus, I’m a girl. We don’t even know that she’s in to girls.”

“Correction: You’re Camila fucking Cabello. An amazing person, who’s hot as hell, and who anyone would be lucky to have. Trust me, at this point I can almost promise you, Lauren Jauregui is not straight. Now take a deep breath and text her back. What do you have to lose?”

Inhaling deeply, Camila nodded.

Camila: stoppp i’m blushing ♥ 

Lauren: I bet you’re cute when you blush

Camila: haha, i’m not

Lauren: I find that hard to believe B)

Camila: you better believe it

Lauren: You’re always cute ;-*

Lauren: Are you seeing anyone right now btw?

Dinah and Ally whooped.

“Ayyyy! She went there!” Dinah shrieked.

“Oh my god!” Camila said for the hundredth time that night. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe this is happening.”

Camila: i’m single as a pringle

Camila: oh god did i just say that

Lauren: Haha you’re so cute

Lauren: Well I’m glad to hear that

Lauren: Btw I heard a song today and it made me think of you

Camila: oh really? and which song would that be?

Lauren: Beautiful by Akon ;)

Camila: stoppppp my cheeks are about to overheat

Lauren: I also heard another song that made me think of you

Lauren: I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

Camila: okay can u not i’m smiling so hard right now i can’t feel my cheeks

Lauren: Actually I can’t not

Camila: you’re funny

Lauren: You love it

Camila: :P

Lauren: Shit it’s 1am

Lauren: I would love nothing more than to stay up talking to you but unfortunately I have to be up at 7am tomorrow ew

Camila: yikes why?

Lauren: Driving down to see some relatives :)))))

Camila: you sound ecstatic

Lauren: They’re… eccentric

Lauren: But I actually have to go

Lauren: Sweet dreams ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Camila: have fun tomorrow ;-* goodnight ♥ 

Camila tossed her phone on to the other side of the bed and breathed out a huge breath she didn’t know she’d been holding in.

“Did I just make it through that?” she asked in disbelief, staring at the duvet. She looked up to see Ally and Dinah staring at her like proud moms.

“Hells yeah you did, and you did damn well!” Dinah squealed, clapping her hands together.

Camila let out a shaky laugh. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

“We got you, boo,” Ally said with a grin. Camila smiled and pulled them both in for a hug, feeling extremely grateful for not only her friends, but the conversation she’d just had. Lauren Really Liked her!  

Hope you guys liked it! I would love to hear any comments and/or opinions you have :) Btw, to any of you who want more Mani: be patient, she’s coming!

I was tagged by myfriendsarevictorious to list 15 things that make me happy, so here goes…

  1. endorphines / dopamine (literally)
  2. waking up in the morning then realizing you still have time to sleep
  3. mental math
  5. track meets
  6. when you and your friends happen to be wearing pink on a wednesday
  7. finishing a good long run
  8. successfully taking a math quiz without a calculator after your teacher said one was necessary
  9. people who use proper grammar/good vocabulary as opposed to slang terms
  10. food, sustenance, life, tumblr, etc.
  11. messages from other tumblr users, even if they’re completely irrelevant and I don’t know the person
  12. having tomorrow off for election day even though its a day off in the middle of the school week
  13. realizing that (probably) nobody is going to read this far and I can just put what I want here
  14. the fibonacci sequence
  15. finishing this list
  16. I wonder if anyone will notice that there are 16 things here, not 15…

I now nominate enerdgetic, purpl3panda2, swarley-thevampireslayer, attackontostitos, mentalgirl2, crookshanks-and-castiel, and whomever else would like to complete this cause I was supposed to nominate 10 people, but I don’t know who else to put…