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What is 'too far' when it comes to Hamilton fics, like is there a point where you stop and ask why they wrote this??

For me, my personal limit for Hamilton fics is when the reader’s character has no coherent reason to be in the plot. You know what I mean? Like they’re just…. There. And they completely send the fic’s plot spirally out of control.

OH! When the writer makes the reader sleep around with EVERYBODY for NO REASON. That really grinds my gears. Example: Reader is shipped with Hamilton but she/he/they go off and sleep with Laurens, Jefferson, Lafayette, Mulligan, Madison, EVEN THE SCHUYLER SISTERS. Like the character is a slut for NO. COHEARANT. REASON. 


Lol got blocked for speaking truth about @afatblackfairy ’s racist ass, but I will not dox her out of principle.
* You are NOT born racist
* You did NOT choose to be born white
*You CAN experience racism
*You CAN have problems
*You are wonderful. Fuck all these racist assholes on this site, you are amazing.
*Not all black people think you’re born racist, not all black people hate you for having no control over the skin you were born with. Some of us actually have brains.

To Lauren

Dear @ssweet-dispositionn  . (I know that Lauren will never actually see this, but I’m just putting this out into the online universe in case she does). Lauren, I think you are a fucking awesome human being. I became a fan of yours because i respect and admire you, both as a musician and as a person. I remember watching a video of you guys singing No Way in Chile and I was so touched by your performance in particular. It’s those moments that we as fans (real fans) keep coming back for. The raw emotion in your voice and eyes shows what a truely talented artist you are. You move people with your gift and with the way you chose to go about life, as well as the way you chose to use your platform. You put your all into everything you do. Your passion and your sensitivity is what draws people to you and what makes fans feel like we’re kind of your friends even though we don’t personally know you. I just want you to know that I see through all the bullshit that surrounds you and I’m the fan of the real you - not the public image of you that is outside of your control. You do not equate to what ‘fans’ judge you based on. You do not equate to a rumour. You do not equate to a PR strategy or a gossip headline. I keep supporting you for your talent, for the words that come directly out of your mouth, the values you stand for and the way you seem to treat those around you. I just want to tell you that in spite of all the shit you’ve obviously been put through, you’re doing great. Keep going girl. I’ve got faith in you. 

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Hamilton Characters as Things my friend Roxanne has said

Alexander:  “Oh my god what have you done?” “What, me?” “Right. Oh my god what have I done?”

Aaron Burr: “There is a lot of sass in me today”

John Laurens: “I hate this whole ‘directors and their ideas’ - wait no hear me out!”

Lafayette: “Please arrett”

Hercules Mulligan: “Let’s just hope this lasagna doesn’t burn, like we will in hell tomorrow.”

Eliza: “By monster movie I thought he meant monster house”

Angelica: *after clearly just being sassy to male, sarcastically continues* “Oh sorry, was there sass in that?”

Peggy: “Lol it’s fine I forget me too”

Maria: *takes a selfie* You’re welcome

Jefferson: *pretending to be an actor* “The first cue is one spotlight, and it’s on me”

Madison: “That was rough”

Washington: *talking about Doritos Roulette* “It’s like life. Sometimes you die, sometimes you don’t.”

King George III: “When directors get out of control, sometimes you have to gently remind them who really has the common sense around here. Yes I mean me.”


@avenoire and @drawinggheys I love your horoscope AU and I really only wanted to draw you some Jeffermads or some Lams…but I kinda went out of control and draw all (at the time of this post) your designs for the hamilcrew!
These are my favorite ships and I hope you enjoy them! You guys are the best! (And sorry for some inconsistencies…I kinda went overboard with the sketches ^^;)

What It’s Really Like To Be Chronically Ill

Lauren Anne

Society’s recent obsession with cancer stories and movies like The Fault in Our Stars made me realize that the average person doesn’t know what it’s really like to be sick. Chronically sick. What it’s like to wake up every morning and know you’re never going to get better. No amount of medicine, doctors, surgeries, and procedures can fix you.

I think the reason why people today love to hear about cancer stories is because they are just that. They are stories. They have a beginning, middle, and an end. While that end may not be a happy one, people are satisfied with closure. But my story doesn’t have an end. And people don’t seem to like stories without an ending.

Being sick isn’t as glamorous as they make it out to be in the movies. And unlike cancer perks, there are no “chronic illness perks.” Except maybe those really good lollipops at the doctor’s office. Those are definitely a perk.

The worst part about being chronically sick isn’t the physical pain, it’s the emotional pain that goes along with it. You reach a point where you can’t hold back the tears any longer and suddenly you’re breaking down in the middle of a doctor’s office. You think you can escape the emotional torture; your disease is purely physical, right?

The worst part is that there is no escape. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no happy ending. There is no way to make the incurable go away. We learn to tolerate the physical pain. You have to. But it’s the overwhelming emotional burden that makes you feel like someone is holding your head down in the water. You can fight it, but you can never overcome that crushing feeling. How are you supposed to get rid of an emotional suffocation when the source of it is never going to go away?

Being sick is being stuck in the eternal clutch of the unknown. Any day anything could go wrong, or at least more wrong than it already has. It’s so hard not to feel anxious or depressed or completely lost when all that lies ahead is a giant question mark. You rarely seem to get answers when you are sick. And when you do, they’re often the answers you wish you hadn’t heard any way.

There’s one thing every single sick person wishes for, but rarely gets. Hope. Hope that one day things will get better. Hope that there will finally be a day when your pain is a zero on that silly little scale. Hope that one day you’ll get a glimpse of normal.

I know technically being sick means my genes suck or my body just plain hates me, but somehow being sick has made me better. I may be biased, but I think that sick people — especially young sick people — are some of the best people you will ever meet. Now don’t get me wrong, healthy people are great too. But when you’re sick, you understand things that other people might take for granted.

You learn to love every good second, every good minute, of any of those few good days you might have. You don’t fear death because you’ve already stared it straight in the face quite a few times. You know it’s not important to dwell on the little things. You have more important things to worry about.

So as many times as I’ve wished to be normal for even just a day, I’ve appreciated my life, both the good and the bad, so much more as a chronically ill young person that I ever could have as a regular teenager.

Being sick makes you strong. Being sick makes you weak. Being sick gives you insight and knowledge about life as it eats away at your own. Being sick is the greatest blessing in disguise. It is so much more than just having an illness. It’s having your entire life be taken out of your control, and fighting to get it back. And that fight will never end.

—  “what it’s really like to be chronically ill” by Lauren Anne
3 Years (John x Reader)

Word Count: 3,977

Warnings: Swears, Alcohol, Smut (It’s hella fluffy smut)

Authors Note: So we hit 800? I’m dying I love you guys so much I don’t deserve any of you. Anyways, I wanted to celebrate this milestone with some smut yeah? lol. Get ready, it’s so sweet you could get a cavity. Big thanks to @adolescenthowell for dealing with my smut writing process shit. Go follow her! I LIVE TO HEAR FEEDBACK FROM YOU GUYS AND I LOVE TO JUST HEAR FROM YOU IN GENERAL. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Requests:  Reader x Laurens where they go out with the squad and reader looks really hot and Laurens whose like in love with reader can’t control himself and maybe leads to smut if you’re ok with that

John Laurens + reader teasing him while they’re at a bar?


Friday night meant going out with your friends for drinks, especially after you had met Alexander. You and Alex had met in college and after that you two hit it off instantly, doing everything together. You would be lying if you said you two hadn’t hooked up once or twice but you both mutually agreed that you two were better off as friends, you even helped snag Eliza for him. Being friends with Alex meant being friends with his friends, and thankfully they all liked you. All but one. John Laurens. For some reason, you two had created a friendship of your own filled with nothing but dry, sarcastic humor that nobody seemed to understand. You greeted him with insults and he would happily take them and throw one back at you.

You stepped into the taxi and gave the driver the name of the bar as you smoothed out your barely there dress. The forest green silky fabric felt like air to your skin, and you had to make sure you had actually worn clothes out. If the short length wasn’t enough, the dress also was backless as the fabric in the back started below your ribcage. You didn’t know why you had chosen to wear that dress. On Friday nights you had usually opted for a pair of jeans and a nice top but today you felt like dressing up a bit more, and you were definitely feeling yourself. The taxi came to a screeching halt in front of the bar, and you thanked the driver as you handed him a ten dollar bill. You swung your legs out of the cab and gracefully stood up as the New York City breeze hit your body. You smoothed out your hair before walking into the bar.

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Chapter One: I Found You

Lafayette x Reader 

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Note: This is part one of what will be a 5 part series, I haven’t written the whole series yet but I do have it planned out and my goal is to release a new part once a week until it’s all done. Hope you enjoy! This is a modern Soulmate AU

Summary: A young Gilbert du Motier, de Lafayette arrives in America from France to find his soulmate. After making a group of friends he finally finds her, the missing piece from his life. His soulmate.

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful. 

Word Count: 1,751

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Lafayette had grown up learning English. When he first read his soulmate tattoo, scrawled across his forearm in neat flowing handwriting the words  “Would you watch where you’re going next time?” had meant nothing to him. 

His mother had explained to him that his soulmate tattoo was written in another language and from that moment he was demanded to learn it. He dreamed of one day moving across the sea, going somewhere they spoke English. He dreamed of going to America.

When he was 24 Lafayette finally made it to America. He had decided to start his search in New York city. It seemed the best place to start his search and it was the place he always dreamed to begin in. That’s where he met an interesting group of guys, all around his age, at a bar one night only a week into his search.

“Whoa there friend” A tall, broad shouldered and muscled man said as Lafayette had tripped slightly trying to avoid a couple who were attached at the lips. The man steadied Lafayette, one of his thick large hands on his chest the other on his shoulder. “Don’t want to fall over there”

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So Meg, what did you think of Lauren's tweet saying 'FUCK YOU' to the media? I love her, but come on. She did a photoshoot w/a professional photographer w/another girl, her bff & apparently ex, & the photographer talked about L & LV's personal relationship in an interview. Of course the media is going to pick up on it & talk about it. This is something completely different than the leak of the kiss pics, which were taken at a private family event. I sometimes wonder what is going on in her mind.

Ok I’m about to go off on a rant lol. All I am seeing on my feed is stuff about how Lauren is a “hypocrite” and “she put this out there so how can she not expect a reaction”. But people need to understand that the reason why the whole things SEEMS contradictory is because THESE ARE NOT ALL LAUREN’S ACTIONS. You can call someone a hypocrite if they are individually in control of all the contradictory actions, but she’s clearly not! On the one hand we have what Lauren wants - how she wants to be seen, what she values, how she wants her image to be used, her will to keep her private life private. BUT on the other hand we have what her PR team wants - they want headlines and money, and they are paid to know how to create a buzz out of something

So what does this leave us with? - Two different images of Lauren which sometimes line up with each other, but also sometimes contradict each other. Lauren may not always like the tactics her publicists use, but she can’t do anything about it! Please read the last post i wrote on this blog - It’s so relevant to this debate! When Lauren signed her contract she legally granted her Label the exclusive right to use her image, likeness, name and biography for publicity. This is just a fact. It means that her publicists can feed whatever they want to the media and it’s not in Lauren’s control. It means that Lauren is not allowed to publicise stuff about herself without doing it through her label.

I think part of the reason why people see this as all within Lauren’s control is because the shoot itself was very Lauren. It was done with people she trusted in a quiet location, it was very tumblr pretty and the way she showed her body was classy and elegant. Lauren has to do a certain amount of publicity appearances, photoshoots, interviews etc… She contractually has to co-operate with her PR team, and my feeling is that she’s been able to negotiate and make a lot of compromises recently. By playing along and cooperating, she’s been able to do things her way a little bit. BUT this does not mean she is in total control! 

This shoot was clearly not something totally ‘organic’. 1) Billboard didn’t just report on it - they literally released one of the pictures on their instagram. So (once again) they were they were obviously a part of the whole thing. 2) This indie photographer who publishes their stuff online obviously has no reason whatsoever to release their photos MONTHS after they were taken and do an interview with bloody MTV to go along with it!! The timing and the way it was done means that it was obviously co-ordinated by 5H’s team. 3) Do you really think that that Lauren would choose to give the media specific information about the exact state of her love life???!!!!! Come on people! As if Lauren would explicitly tell a media outlet who she is/isn’t in a relationship with! It’s so fucking obvious that her team fed the media ‘info’ on her relationship/breakup. These journalists don’t know who Lucy is or that the fanbase was starting to feel that she didn’t seem to be spending time with Lauren any more. I repeat - the media was FED this information by Lauren’s PR people. 4) Lauren tried to make this hers by using her body for art and to make a statement, but her team of course knows what the media wants and they KNEW that this shoot would end up being about objectifying Lauren in a trashy way. They KNOW how to get clicks. This is what it was about in PR terms for them. Again, we have two different images/stories - the way Lauren see’s things and the way her team uses her to gain publicity for the product they are trying to sell.

^^^ So Lauren is not a hypocrite. She’s an incredibly strong person who is trying to assert her values in a situation, where she has very little legal control over how her image and personal life is used to sell records. THAT’S  why we see two contradicting sides to the story. If she was submissive and went along with everything without complaining through indirects, then she wouldn’t look like a hypocrite because we would only see one side of the story - the PR side, not Lauren’s side. 

This applies to soooooooo many things, especially the ‘break-up’. Fans are always calling out the girls for being hypocritical and self-contradictory when their actions don’t add up. “How can Dinah say that she loves Mila no matter what two days before she posts something accusing her of being a selfish diva?”. “How can Lauren say she’s a feminist who supports other women but then shades Mila?”. “How can the girls not support Camila in her solo stuff but now support each other whole-heartedly?”. 


ALL OF THIS STUFF SEEMS CONTRADICTORY AND DOESN’T ADD UP BECAUSE IT IS NOT ALL IN THEIR CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!! They are not hypocrites, they are just people are not contractually able to control the narratives that are presented to the public about them. The small opportunities they have to express their real selves contradict the images of them that their team sells to the media and the public for publicity purposes. That’s why they ‘seem’ like hypocrites. It’s that simple.

Sorry I used this ask to go on a long rant (it’s general - not aimed at you anon), but please please please people read my last post about how the artists grant the label the right to control their public image. This is so important to understand. 

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)


Request: Could you write something that has to do with laur coming to the show and neither y/n or Shawn knows about it so there’s a little argument? But ends with smut.

Word count: 3,090

A/N: I don’t hate Lauren. 

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)  

“I wanna love you with the lights on, keep you up all night long” You sang along with the rest of the crowed.

Though, you’d been with Shawn to what seemed like a million of his shows, you never got tired of singing the words aloud.

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Hi! How are you? can i ask what do you think about all these headline whith Lauren denying Camren? Do you think that reply it was her own decision to shut down Cs to keep her privacy and protect their relationsip or she had to do, like a part of a plan to kill camren? im confused. i really wanna know your opinion. Ah, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

The thing is, now that Camila is solo, the PR teams can go several different directions. They always wanted to “kill” camren, more to the media than the fandom. The problem is, without Camren interaction, a big chunk of the fandom that only showed up for Camren, is fleeing. SO what do they do now? They put Camren back in the headlines. They can use them for PR and still keep Camila’s “straight” image. That’s exactly what they are doing right now. They, or some tabloid, can even “leak” a pic or video, and just counter it with, "it was a phase" or “an experiment”, or “just two young lonely girls having fun on the road"  or, "she was young and confused”. There are several ways they can play it and still keep Mila’s “straight” image.

I do think Lauren has tried to protect Camila, but the sad truth is, Management has total control of their official social media accounts. They can do and say whatever they want through them. Management already achieved their goal. They got Lauren and Camila both out, so to speak, without it being linked to Camren, now they can use it any way they want. The girls have no control over how Management chooses to control and use their image. (for now) The girls are just along for the ride, and we get to sit back and ride along with them.

I do know, when you get this much media attention on a topic, something almost always comes out about it soon after. We basically just have to wait and see what happens next.

Surprises...(Part one)- Josh Dun

Sorry that this probably sucks, but I’m going somewhere with it. Be patient… anyways enjoy!!!

“Mommy when is daddy gonna come home?” your 3 year old son asked you as you set his breakfast down in front of him. It broke your heart to see how much he was missing Josh.

“Yeah I wanna see daddy. Where is he today?” your 5 year old daughter asked.

“Well daddy is in a place called Allentown Pennsylvania today. He and Uncle Tyler have a show tonight there. I know you guys miss him, I do too. We’ll see him sooner than you think.” you said cheerfully in hopes to make your kids happy.

Your kids didn’t know this but you and Josh had made arrangements for you and your kids to fly out tonight to meet up with them. Then you were gonna stay on tour with them for the following 3 weeks. You were planning on not telling them until you put them to bed. It was a pretty late flight and you would be getting there around 7 in the morning.

At about 2:30 you had put a movie on in the living room and had them lay down and try to nap.

“I wanna talk to daddy, please can we.” your daughter, Lauren requested.

“Please mommy?” your son Jackson whinned.

“Okay I’ll facetime him and see if he can talk for a minute. Then you guys need to take a nap, we have a busy night.” you said pulling your phone out and calling Josh.

You sat on the couch with both children cuddling up to you while the phone rang.

“Hey guys, what’s up? I miss you.” Josh said lighting up the phone screen.

“We wanted to talk to you before they took a little rest time. Is this an okay time?” you asked.

“Of course, Tyler is just soundchecking and they don’t need me for another 10 minutes or so.”

“DADDY, HI DAD!” screamed Jackson, Lauren taking the phone out of your hands and taking control.

“Hey kids. I love you guys so much. I miss you and can’t wait to see you next.” Josh continued talking to them about stuff that little kids find funny and entertaining as you got up and went to start packing a few things.

About 10 minutes later your daughter walked in with your phone handing it to you.

“Daddy had to go play the drums, what is there a suitcase out for? Are you and daddy mad at eachother?” she asked and it sort of put you off.

“No. No Lauren, me and daddy love each other lots, I was just cleaning out the closet.” you lied not wanting to ruin the surprise. You knew it sometimes bothered your kids that Josh was gone for long periods of time sometimes. Your sister had gotten divorced last year and Lauren now thinks you and Josh were fighting when he was gone. You tried explaining that it was his job and he would be gone for a little but he would be back and the family would be together again. The concept to a 5 year old was hard but she would learn to understand.

“I know you miss him, but like I said we’ll all be back together before you know it. Now go lay down with your brother.” you said and she ran back to the living room.

After packing all your things you went out to see your kids asleep and the movie credits rolling on the screen.

You pulled out your phone and posted a few pictures of them on you instagram with the caption, @joshuadun we made some pretty adorable kids. Can’t wait to see their faces when I tell them what we’ve been planning. We love you <3.

You made your way to your son’s room and began packing his things when your phone rang.

“Hey baby, are you alone?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, they’re still passed out on the couch.”

“Good, so how are you going to tell them? God I can’t wait to see you guys.”

“Well our flight isn’t until midnight, so I was going to put them to bed like any ordinary night then wake them up when we have to leave and tell them in the car.”

“Sounds great. I love you.”

“I love you too Josh. Go enjoy tonight’s concert.” you wrapped up the conversation as you finished with your son’s packing.

You made your way back to where your kids were, now awake and playing together.

When it came to bedtime you let them stay up an extra hour and a half in hopes that would tire them out so they would sleep on the plane.

Later that night…

Once putting the last of your daughter’s things in the car with all the other bags you had to go wake them up.

“Is it morning already?” your confused and tired son asked.

“No baby we have to go somewhere.” you said barely being able to hold in all your excitement.

“Where are we going?” your daughter asked as you pulled up to the airport.

“We’re going to Albany, New York to see daddy.” you said parking the car and getting out to grab the bags.

Both your kids let out a huge scream of excitement.

After boarding the plane you could finally relax a bit knowing that you were on your way to see the love of your life.

The flight went great. You all slept the whole time, which you were grateful for. Being a mom of two young children and alone in your big house, you didn’t get all that much sleep. You often laid in bed at night wishing Josh was there to hold you. Instead your kids made up for it by joining you throughout the night in your big bed.

“Mommy what color is daddy’s hair right now?” Lauren asked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. Both your kids have seen Josh’s hair a whole bunch of colors since they were born.

“It’s yellow like a highlighter. Won’t be to hard to miss.” you said as you guided your two kids toward baggage claim where you planned to meet Josh.

Your daughter was the first to see him from across the room. He was facing the other way and turned when he heard his two kids screeching with excitement as they ran towards him. He knelt down and they both flew into his arms smiling like crazy. Once you reached them Josh stood with Jackson in his arm and Lauren on his leg. He pulled you into his side and you kissed him.

“Ewww.” said Lauren “Boys have cooties mommy, now your gonna get them.” you pulled away from Josh who was laughing at his daughter’s statement.

“You’re right. You don’t kiss boys until you’re married Lauren or you’ll get cooties. That’s why mom doesn’t have them when we kiss.” Josh said as he picked up Lauren in his other arm.

“I’m so happy to have my family back together. I missed you guys.” Josh said.

After getting your bags you made it back to the bus where Josh had surprised the kids with a few new toys they could play with while on the bus.

“You’re the best Josh. I didn’t even think about toys for them, what was I thinking 3 weeks with a 3 and 5 year old on a bus with nothing to play with. I can be such a bad mother sometimes.” you said finally having a moment alone with Josh. You sat next to him on the couch as you both watched your kids play with their new toys on the ground.

“Y/N you’re an amazing mom. You take care of two kids on your own for weeks at a time. So what you forgot a few things.” he said pulling you closer to him. You stayed like that until you arrived at the arena they were playing that night. It was about a half hour drive there and you really enjoyed being next to Josh the whole time. You felt at home even though you were over 2,000 miles across the country. These 3 people were your world and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Prompt:  Story idea: Amy and Karma are in denial of being in love and they are sleeping together. Despite their friends opinions they decide to use a “punch card” to have sex to prove they can have sex without feelings. After they use all the punches they have to stop but they realize their true feelings. 

(The title was because I listened to dvsn songs while writing the majority of this xD but I think it’s fitting)

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Camren shippers fault????

For people who like to blame the Camren shippers for the estrangement between Camila and Lauren, or the fact that it has been forbidden and turned out to be inappropriate:

You attract what you transmit. You reap what you sow. Life is just like that. If Camila and Lauren suffer from it today, it was because of somehow they drew the whole situation to them. If this took a different size than everyone expected and got out of control, we have nothing to do. Some Camren shippers go overboard, but we can not control everyone.

I respect the Camren shipper who does not go to their Instagram and keeps writing that “Camren is real!”. I respect the Camren shipper who respects them and that’s the end point.

All the blogs I follow and like respect Camren and they only find us if they search for the Camren tags. Because nobody here marks them in anything!

@truluvproof @0h-give-me-lovee @camrenshipperss @camren-believer @2thrive @singasong17 @teamcamren @camrenillusion @blameitoncamren @teoriascamren @decoding1432

There so many other blogs that respect them, but I can’t remember all.

The point is, we do our shit here, our theories, we exchange ideas and information and this is between us and who likes to talk about it.

Do not judge us by not thinking what we think. Do not judge us by not understanding what we understand. That way no one will judge you.

{ fluffmas prompts // 24 with poly!hamilsquad  (nsfw)}

{ first time doing smut. gotta go pray now lol. hope this is good?? it’s long i don’t usually write smut so no hard feelings if it’s bad haha

nsfw version of the wearing stockings imagine i wrote, here! you don’t need to read it to read this one. <3 }

 Your last guest left. Alex shut the door in excitement before coming back over to you. You were nervous. They’d probably corner you now, knowing exactly what they wanted. You still retreated to the kitchen in a hope to delay what was about to happen. You were walking as quickly as you could in your heels and pretending to look busy. Besides, there was all this food you had leftover. Someone needed to put it away. 

Somehow you ended up in between John and Alex. John had started to help you clean up, but his real intentions were made known as he massaged your lower back and began to kiss you. You melted under his touch, especially as he moved to your neck, gently nibbling against your soft skin. 

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Law is Law (Laurens x Reader)

TW: Drugs, bad relationship with dad, my lack of knowledge of crimes, maybe swearing???

Summary: You are a cop (a job you didn’t want). John, however, is a drug dealer


You grumble and get out of your car, wishing that you had followed your dreams instead of your father’s dreams for you. He wanted you to be stronger than your sister who was raped while she was in college. He called her weak and “a pathetic excuse for a daughter”. You were absolutely horrified. He cut her off from the family because of something that she had no control over. He wanted you to be better than her. He forced you to go into law enforcement. You figured you wouldn’t get passed the first week, but you passed the entire course. With flying colors. You quickly climbed your way up the ladder and became one of the top agents, which meant you had to go undercover quite a bit. Today wasn’t going to be any different from most. You had already arranged the deal (with the help of an inmate), so all you had to do know was get the dealer.

You walk around to the back of the gas station and gently whisper the code word the inmate gave you. A tall man with his curly hair pulled back into a ponytail emerges from the shadow like the opening to a “political” movie that only white men and women get offended by.

“Four ounces of-(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”

You gasp. “John. I-I-” you take a deep breath. “John Laurens, I have to arrest you.”

“You never told me you were a cop.”

You shrug. “It never came up.” You have to admit, you don’t feel like you should be arresting him, but boyfriend or not, your dad would disown you, too, if you told him you didn’t arrest a criminal.

“But, I told you that I sold drugs. You should have arrested me a while ago.”

You sigh. “I never said I agreed with the law. Hell, I never said I wanted to be a cop. Please, John, I love you with all my heart, just make this easier for me and stop talking.”


You look up at him with pleading eyes, causing him to hang his head and follow you willingly. You lead him down the long, dark hall. After putting him in one of the cells, you walk back to the front desk and clock out. You’ve had enough for the day. You don’t go back to your apartment, though. Instead, you pay the hundred bucks for a hotel room and stay there. You don’t have to go in tomorrow, so it’s not like you need clothes; the hotel will provide all the toiletries you need. Even if you needed something from your apartment, you would just buy another. You can’t stand going back to your apartment. Not when you know John won’t be coming home. Not when you know that you’re the reason he’s not sleeping in his bed.

You spend the majority of the night staring at the ceiling and crying. You don’t sob. You don’t make any noise. Tears just stream down your face. You normally were upset when you left work. Knowing that there were children who would come home from school to find out that their dad was arrested. Babies who would never get to meet their mothers. Sons and daughters not seeing their parents or siblings again.

Your dad said that you were doing a good thing, but you couldn’t believe him. It’s not that you had no respect for the officers, you just felt that you should not be part of it


Late? You think I’m never late. Not only did your period not come when it was supposed to, but you feel like the face of death. You pull Angelica, one of your co-workers, aside and tell her.

Her eyes widen. “When was the last time you fucked someone?”

“Like, I don’t know, a month ago. Why?”

“Girl, you sound pregnant.”

You shake your head. “No, no, I can’t be. My- he’s- we- no. This can’t be happening.”

She rests her hand on your shoulder. “I could be wrong.”

You nod. “Let’s hope.”

As soon as you get off work, you buy a pregnancy test. You aren’t ashamed to be buying it. You just wish that this could have come at a better time. It’s been three weeks since you’ve seen John. You both agreed that you shouldn’t visit him. It might look suspicious. After the test shows two pink lines, you call your closest friend.

“Alex. Get the fuck over here!” you yell into the phone.

You hear him pant, “I-I was kinda doing something.”

“Fuck Eliza later. I need you!”

“What could be so-”

“I’m pregnant,” you blurt.

He’s silent for a few moments. “I’ll be right over.”

Not even five minutes later, Alex starts banging on your door.

He doesn’t say anything when you let him in. You just hand him the test and look at him. “What do I do?” You start crying, and he engulfs you into a hug. “Shh. It’s going to be okay.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because, I’m John’s lawyer. I’ll be able to get him out.”


You’ve started to notice that your uniform doesn’t fit like it used to. It’s incredibly tight. Your boobs are constantly tender and don’t fit into any of your bras. This whole being pregnant thing is overrated. You’re only three months pregnant, and you are already ready to give birth. You still haven’t told John. The only other person besides Alex who knew was Angelica. John has a trial today, and you were planning on telling him then.

You take a seat in the back of the courtroom and make eye contact. You give him a small smile and wave. He nods gently in your direction.

Alex, to his credit, keeps his promise and gets John out of jail. Overcome with emotion, John rushes over to you and hugs you. Once he pulls away from you but keeps his hands on your hips. “I mean this in the nicest way possible, but did you gain weight?”

“I’ve gained a person.” You smile.

He looks bewildered. “We-we have a kid?”

“Yeah, yeah we do.”

He kisses you. “I’m going to be a dad!”

That night, you sleep with John’s arms wrapped around you. It should’ve been a peaceful night, but you couldn’t keep your mind from wondering to what would happen if John got arrested again. He wouldn’t get off so easily; not even Alex would be able to help him. He feels you tossing and turn and asks you what’s bothering you.

“I just can’t stop thinking about what could happen if you got caught again,” you manage to say.

“I’ll be careful. For you. For our child. For our family.”

You sit up. “You’ve been being careful! Careful only works for so long!”

He rubs your back. “Then, I’ll get a job. It was a non-violent crime; I can get it cleared. I’ll get a steady job.”

“And my dad. Oh God, what is he going to say?” You hold your head in your hands and start shaking with sobs, causing him to pull you close to your chest and whispers, “We can get through this. It doesn’t matter what he thinks.”


You laugh as John chases your daughter around the house. “Frances, come back. Give daddy a kiss goodbye.”

You pick up the two-year-old, causing her to pout. “What’s wrong, Frances?”

“Daddy won’t give me back my nose,” she grumbles.

John smiles and apologizes. She smiles and gives him a quick kiss before heading out the door.

He got a job as a political science analysis. You moved with him across the country, left your father without saying anything, got a new job, and re-connected with your sister. Life was perfect now.

OCD and Insomnia // Philip x S/O headcanons

Prompt : can you please do headcanons for Philip and his s/o who has OCD and insomnia??

- He tries to make sure things are in order for you, so that you don’t get too stressed out
- He offers to go with you to see a doctor and get professional help, but understands if you don’t want to and it’s not that he’s trying to change you, he doesn’t know what it’s lke to have OCD so he’s afraid it’s affecting you negatively.
- He helps you try and break unhealthy patterns
- He helps you remember to take your medication
- He books surprise vacations to help you
- Philip has a colour changing light bulb installed so you could have the room calming colours line Blue, lilac and brown
- He out up blackout curtains so that sunlight doesn’t wake you up too early.
- He helps you set a routine for going to bed and waking up
- He controls your caffeine and sugar intake
- He tries to not let you nap during the day

anonymous asked:

About Camren relationship (if it was ever real) Don't you think the fandom has a lot to do with how things turned out? I mean, no one can control how you act or are... But they are celebrities so people are going to be in their business all the time, BUT at the beginning they treated each other so different. Then Camren exploded and I guess being in the public eye made them change how they treated each other.. Even though I know there's a lot of things to prove me wrong What do u think?💭

Majorly, more so we’re Lauren was concerned or maybe that’s because Lauren was more vocal about it. But I couldn’t even imagine having to come to terms with my sexuality and figure everything out with 3million people throwing their opinion and labels on me on a regular basis. I commend Lauren for that cause that shit must have been hard, no wonder she struggled with it.

Also, a part of them knew what they were doing was ‘wrong’…dating a bandmate in the US mainstream media is not smiled upon, especially when it’s two girls and if the fandom hadn’t freaked out so much and blew it up they probably wouldn’t have withdrawn from each other so much. But at the same time EVERYONE felt their love, that’s why everyone was so intense, even interviewers felt it. So yeah maybe things would have ended differently…

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If you're looking for Burramy prompts, how about the typical "we were watching some horror movies with our mutual friends, and I don't know you, but you were the closest thing I could grab when that horrid jump scare popped up, and I'm really sorry if I bothered you, but now we are half cuddling because you're nice and didn't push me away" college AU

I love this prompt lol thank you

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