lauren would

smash or pass tag:

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hamilton: pass,,

laurens: i would probably smash, not gonna lie

lafayette: stop judging me you already knew that this was coming,, smash

hercules: pass,,

eliza: pass, would love to cuddle with though

angelica: pass,,

peggy: i am really gay for her, smash

philip: i want to say pass but i am not completely sure

jefferson: smash,

burr: pass, all i wanna do is cuddle with him

madison: pass,,

maria: i am really gay for her as well, smash

washington: pass, would cuddle as well though like cuddling is amazing as well

i tag: anyone who wants to do it like go crazy


Christen Press. A Memoir.

On this chapter:

- The art of being carried. From birth to club to the NT.

(Hands up if you want to carry Christen…🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 )


I’m here for it

So I was having a conversation with @puffinator-0 the other night, and we started talking about possible developments with the ghost!laurens au.

This was one of my favorite ideas that resulted: Philip going on to become Frances Laurens’ ghost companion after he dies (whether from the duel or something else.) 

I really liked the concept, because I imagine after John told Philip about never getting to see his daughter, Philip - being the sunflower that he is - had always planned to one day go and meet her ( partially as thanks to John, and partially just because wanted to.) Well, he never got to in life, but death sure as heck wasn’t gonna stop him. 

They have a completely different dynamic; they’re closer in age, they’re intellectually matched, and of course, Philip knows more about Frances’ father than she does, which could hurt or help their budding relationship… 


get mad independent and don’t you ever forget it
got some dirt on your shoulder, then let me brush it off for ya
if you’re feeling me, put your five high
that’s my girl

“speak of the stars! she’s back!”

i was really touched by how peridot apparently tried to comfort lapis after alone at sea

Keep You Warm

Summary- Y/N braves the snow to be beside her beloved Phillip
Word Count- 1.7k
Phillip x Reader

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     Cold metal stung your fingertips as frigid air rushed through the door, your footsteps soft as they pressed gently into the snow. Dark hung over the gardens while you attempted to close the door despite the draft desperately trying to pull you back. The edges of your dress traced a trail in the fresh snow as you hurriedly made your way towards the Hamilton’s. A chill ran through your body as the wind bit at your nose and any skin left uncovered by your clothes. Only moonlight illuminated the snowdrifts still pristine and growing steadily as the snowfall continued. Echoes of your footsteps upon crystal ice rang out on the path towards the door which glowed with a soft light that warmed you upon sight. Your hands trembled slightly with each knock on the door, willing yourself to stop shivering before the door swung open. Footfalls could be heard within the home as the lock turned, light pouring from the doorway onto your face, framed only by locks of hair tinged with ice. Alexander stood before you, quickly grasping your shoulder and pulling you into the family home. 

“Mr. Hamilton, I’m sorry if I woke you but our house is so cold and I couldn’t rationalize heating it with just me so-” The words fell from your chapped lips as you stood in the foyer, soaking in the heat radiating through the space. 

“Y/N, my dear, Eliza and I have both made it known you’re always welcome here. You didn’t wake me, I’ve been up working on this bill for Congress. Sit here and have some tea while I go get Eliza and Phillip, they’ll be able sit with you while you defrost,” He spoke with a smile, placing a warm mug of tea into your hands before turning out of the room towards the staircase. Steam from the beverage filled your lungs, each breath working to banish the frost threatening to overtake you from the walk. Your eyes were closed as you basked in the calm that flooded your body whenever you were at the Hamilton’s, when suddenly a force crashed into you with great energy. Surprised, you opened your eyes to reveal Phillip and his mother hovering at your side, Alex nodding from the doorway as he returned to his work. 

     “My love, are you okay? Father said you walked here in the snow? I can’t believe you Y/N,” Phillip laughed slightly at your choice to journey through what was rapidly becoming a blizzard. A blush flushed your cheeks as he pressed his lips to your forehead then slid in against you in the seat. Eliza shook her head, smirking as she herself poured a mug of tea before sitting across the table. She extended her hand to you, wrapping her fingers around yours.

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