lauren winzer tattoo

recent tattoos by Lauren Winzer of Hunter and Fox Tattoo in Sydney, Australia.

Bad ass is quite an understatement when choosing to define her talent  branding the human flesh with mystical and colorful illustrations that instantly remind anyone who was a kid during the 90’s what being a kid was all about: trying to make fantasy into a reality no matter how many MATEL products were bought and coloring books were scribbled in.

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She is constantly updating her content with new pieces. I’m literally obsessed with her work! 

Enjoy xxjodie


Lauren Winzer’s tattoos are GARBAGE. Just because someone had a lot of instagram followers, does not make them a good tattooer. Also, I do not know if this is fact, but I would imagine she overcharges for her tattoos since she’s so popular. Please, if you were considering a tattoo from her, as a friend I am telling you that you can get a tattoo 50 times better by someone else. I guarantee it.

I should also add that Lauren Winzer herself doesn’t even accept constructive criticism, which definitely backs up my theory that she didn’t even go through an apprenticeship. Anyone that comments constructive, polite criticisms on her IG gets blocked. I tried once and was blocked. I know others on here who have been blocked too. She really is kind of a disgrace to lady tattooers everywhere. There are female tattoo artists that work their asses off from literally nothing and have gone through long apprenticeships and have taken the time to learn from other veteran tattoo artists and they create beautiful, genuine work and they are still working on getting their work put out there. Winzer has celebrity friends and a bunch of money. She makes crap tattoos, but she gets to have her shit on skin put out there because she is privileged and doesn’t have to work hard for it.