lauren watches the tony's

I just watched the Toni Lauren interview that Trevor Noah did. You know, the one that has been turned into a meme with the blonde girl making a fool of herself on national television.
As much as I enjoyed Trevor’s attempts to make her see reason this brought to light something that I have been thinking very hard about since the Trump win.

We as people should not have to defend our rights, our freedoms, our very value as human beings to someone who would deny us those things. To argue with a white supremisist is to give their opinion merit. The only response to “you aren’t a valuable human being” or “your identity isn’t valid” or “you don’t deserve rights” should be “fuck you.”

Not because discourse or debate is flawed, rather because it is so very powerful in the public spectrum. To say that we as people should have to defend ourselves to people who would deny our personhood is redo lupus because the opposition is so absolutely, fundamentally, flawed. To say that “black people don’t have value as people” or “trans women aren’t women” or “women are just uptight feminists” is so laughably false it’s almost sad, but still we acknowledge these arguments in the public spectrum.

The only thing I saw Trevor Noah do was make fun of a white supremacist. Which to be fair, was the premise of the “debate”. Toni Lahren is obviously wrong, but, when you allow her a platform to spew her repulsiveness, when you legitimize her opinions by engaging, and by extension anyone one in the alt-right fascist conservative movement, you say “yes, this is a reasonable idea.” Her opinion, and by extension the culture that would walk on fire for her and her opinions, is so fundamentally wrong that they don’t deserve our anger, our pity, our time. They deserve nothing less than the dissolution of their ideas and their power. We as people have a duty to each other and to our culture as a whole to stamp out this pathetic neo-nazi sub-culture. We should not be passive and rather fight back against these people, and the first step is to deny them the satisfaction of validation.

TLDR: Trevor Noah’s intefview was cool but Toni Lahren is a conservative mouthpiece for a movement that shouldn’t be given the satisfaction of being acknowledged.