lauren von reyes

☾ 1 Pentacle Velvet Choker | 2 NEW Cherry Quartz Crystal Necklace ☾

Presenting our newest October addition Cherry Quartz Crystal Necklace with very thin chain, makes for an elegant look. Click the links above to find either one!

Made a gif for my witches and pastelies, use as you please.

process: I laid down some pastel purple [dfb8f1] in a layer. I then placed a high quality photo of ocean over that in another layer and turned its opacity to 62%. That created our pastel, misty, ocean. I took a star png [transparent] file, [bc there were no good pentagram png’s] from google and pasted it into photoshop. I brought up timeline in ps and duplicated the star 6 times, each time adding a new line to make it look somewhat drawn out in front of you. I used ellipse tool to draw a circle, adjusted it by w & h number bc perfectionist, used some more slides and duplicated it to gradually turn up it’s opacity. There is one slide with no pentagram on it. I set the first slide and second slide to .1 seconds and the rest have no delay. Talk to me if you want to know the saving process bc it is not how you save a photo it is more complicated.