lauren tinker

Here’s some more information about the newest addition to Pixie Hollow.

Her name is Nyx, and she is a Scout Fairy. Her job is to protect Pixie Hollow from threats and keep the other fairies safe. 

As far as I can tell, she’s going to have a slightly antagonistic role in the new film, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. That doesn’t make her a villain, anymore than Zarina was ultimately a villain in the Pirate Fairy. Apparently she takes her job very seriously, and in describing her character, Rosario Dawson says that she tends to get carried away in that. She’s ruled by logic, rather than emotion.

The film seems to be about the friendship between Fawn and the Neverbeast, a fearsome looking animal who has hidden from Pixie Hollow for so long he’s become a legend. When he awakens and reemerges, it seems that Fawn is the only one at first who believes that he is not a monster. Within that context and the little we see in the trailer, I think Nyx is going to be at the forefront of the “Stop the Neverbeast!!!!” campaign. 

But considering these movies never have very complex themes, and with the exception of Captain Hook in the Pirate Fairy, the films rely on situational danger (the frost in Secret of the Wings for example), rather than a big baddie, I’m sure she’ll come around by the end of the film.

Either way, I love her character design, I can’t wait until we start carrying merchandise of her in stores, and I’ve always been a giant fan of Dawson so I’m glad she’s joining the Disney family!!!

the Legend of the Neverbeast comes out March 2015!