lauren takes pictures

Night together?

Okay, it seems like we have new little things lately.

09/04 Camila posted the following photo on instagram:

So far so good. But if we look closer, we notice two very interesting things. On the 8th, the whole group was doing interviews, performances, etc. in London, promoting Work From Home. Lauren came up with the following clothes:

And that’s not all. On the other sofa, we also can notice a jacket. “Ah, but Lauren was not wearing a jacket.”

Things are getting better, right? I don’t know for sure if the jackets are the same, but it looks pretty similar. But the dress… Oh, is definitely the same.

Another very important point: Lauren’s tweet this morning.

Basically, they spent the night together. Can you imagine Lauren taking the picture Camila posted on Instagram? Before you start hating I’m not confirming anything.