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School Dances

Part Four of the series

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Their 13 now.

It’s such an awkward stage in their lives.

It’s harder for Y/n than it is for Shawn.

Of course Shawn is her best friend, but she’s becoming worried.

Lately he’s been blowing her off to be with another girl. Normally she wouldn’t care, she has her own life too. But she hasn’t really seen him in two weeks, and the school dance is on Saturday.

When the dance was announced, they both agreed they would go together, unless someone asked Y/n. Shawn knew that he wasn’t going to ask anyone, but didn’t want to hold his best friend back if she got asked.

But now with Shawn, not talking to her, she wasn’t sure if they were still going to the dance together.

Considering he has been hanging out with another girl she wondered if he asked her.

Who’s the other girl?


The one that used to, and still does, bully Y/n.

Shawn doesn’t know that though.

She thought about telling him, but the way he speaks about her she just can’t ruin the happiness he found.

“Y/n? Honey are you okay? You haven’t eaten anything.” Her mother asks concerned about how her daughter has been acting.

“Yeah, just not really that hungry.” She lies, honestly she hates her mothers cooking. When you eat Karen’s cooking at least three times a week you forget what it’s like to eat at home.

“Can I be excused?” She asked dropping her fork. Suddenly she feels super lonely and wants to go to bed. 

“Yeah honey.” Her mother nods, she know’s something is up. She’ll call Karen soon to figure out what is going on. 

“Night.” Y/n mumbles and rushes off to her room. She has the sudden urge to cry. 

She closed her door and locked it, not wanting her mom or dad to come up and check on her. She really wanted to be alone, and if anyone were to come in she would only want Shawn. 

But he’s not there. Not anymore. 

She’s just starting to drift off to sleep, crying really does wear you out. But there’s a knock on her door and then someone trying to walk in. She hears a loud thump then a ‘ouch’. 

“Y/n? Why is your door locked? You never lock the door.” It’s Shawn. She smiles, he came. 

“Y/n? Let me in, we need to talk.” He says, he sounds happy. She makes herself get up and unlock the door. He walks through when she opens it and his smile makes her smile.

“Guess what!” He says excitedly. 

“What?” She asks, no energy.

“I asked Lauren to the dance and she said yes!” 

“Oh.” Is all she can say. He looks at her confused. It’s then that he noticed her red puffy eyes, and the amount of energy she is missing. 

“Are you okay? Were you crying?” He asks becoming concerned. 

“No, just sleeping.” She tries to lie herself out of it. She rubs her face, trying to make it look better but it’s no use.

“Y/n what happened?” He asks stepping closer, she takes a step back. 

He hurt her, she knows that. She doesn’t want to be mad at him, they have never in their 13 years of friendship been angry with each other but she can’t help but feel it. 

He promised that they would go together, that was only weeks ago. 

Did he forget about her that quickly? 

“Y/n?” He asks again.

“Just drop it Shawn, so what color are you wearing?” She changes the subject, sitting on her desk chair instead of on the bed or floor. He takes the bed, sprawling out. 

“Just black suit with black tie.” He shrugs.

“Nice, can’t wait to see.” She smiles, honestly. 

“I know it’s going to be a great night.” He smiles.

In Shawn’s head, nothing is wrong. He knows that he said that he would go with Y/n, but they agreed they would go unless the other got a date. Now he has one, but he knows that Y/n is still going and would just hang out with them. He’d even steal her for a few dances. 


It’s Saturday. 

Y/n thought she would be getting her hair and make up done, laughing with Shawn during pictures and then enjoying the dance. 

But she cancelled the appointment and is just going to help take pictures of him and Lauren. 

“Honey are you sure you don’t want to go to the dance?” Her mother asks. 

“Yeah, with Shawn going with Lauren I don’t have anyone to go with. I’ll just stay home and read.” She shrugs like it’s no big deal but honestly she really just wants to go to her room and cry again. She’s been doing that a lot lately.

“Okay, tell you what we’ll get some coffee on the ride home.” Her mom smiles at her, knowing that her daughter wasn’t telling her the truth. 

They get in the car and drive the short 10 minute drive to the Mendes residence. Y/n goes to the door before her mom does, her mom getting her camera from the trunk. She’s taking the pictures of the couple. 

“Y/N!” Aaliyah calls opening the door. Her smile dropping when she notices what Y/n is wearing.

A black shirt with grey sweats, she didn’t feel like trying. 

“Why aren’t you dressed up?” The younger Mendes asks. 

“I’m not going.” Y/n says sorely.


They walk in and make it to the back yard where Shawn and Lauren are. Karen and Manny are off to the side having their own conversation. Karen looks up and her face drops when she notices Y/n. 

“Y/n? Are you not going?” Manny asks confused, Shawn made it sound like she was going too. 

“No, I’m not feeling it.” She lied. 

“Oh.” Karen and Manny say. 

“Y/n?” Shawn asks from behind her. She takes in a deep breath and turns to him. 

“You look great.” She smiles at him. 

“Where’s your dress? I thought you were getting your hair and makeup done?” He asks confused. Lauren smirks from behind him, Karen watching her intently. She’s decided she doesn’t like Lauren. 

“I’m not going.” Y/n says softly. 

“What? You were so excited? Couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks?” Shawn steps forward grabbing his best friends hands, making her look at him. He searches her face, noticing how off she is. Lauren is shooting Y/n the dirtiest looks from behind Shawn. 

“Don’t want to go anymore.” She shrugs. “You should take pictures, or you’ll be late. By the way your dress is really pretty Lauren.” Y/n says looking over at her. She has to at least try and be nice, if Shawn likes her. 

“Wait? What is happening?” Shawn asks still confused, leaning in to her.

“Nothing Shawn.” Y/n wants him to drop it. She’s been able to hide her depressed state from everyone, mainly because Shawn hasn’t been around. 

“Come on Shawn lets take pictures.” Lauren says grabbing his arm. 

“yeah.” He mumbles, staring at Y/n intently. She smiles trying to show him she’s okay, but knows her. He knows that she’s feeling broken, and he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. 

They start taking pictures and Y/n stands in the back, closest to the house. Her eyes are burning, she want’s to cry so bad. 

She doesn’t know why, but this was hurting her more than she thought it would. It almost feels like she’s losing her best friend, and it’s killing her that it’s to Lauren. 

The tears are coming  quickly, so she rushes to the bathroom, hoping no one will notice her absence. They shouldn’t, it’s about Shawn today. 

She’s wiping her face, telling herself to stay calm and that she can cry when she gets home. A knock makes her jump. 

“Y/n?” It’s Manny’s voice. 

“Give me a sec.” She sniffles. She cleans up the tissues and wipes her face again. She opens the door and is met with Manny searching her face. 

“Honey what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing.” She tries to smile but fails.

“Y/n.” He gives her a look.

“He was supposed to take me.” She cries again. Manny takes the young girl into his arms. “He promised to take me, but it’s like he forgot I was a person.” 

“No he didn’t forget.” Manny tries to calm her. He takes her into his office so no one will she her breakdown. 

“Manny, when was the last time I was over?” She asks him. The look on his face says everything. 

Manny know’s that something is very wrong. All of the parents do. Shawn and Y/n don’t go very long being sad without the other realizing. The parents have noticed Y/n’s behavior but haven’t said anything, knowing Shawn was there with her, helping her. It’s becoming aware that Shawn isn’t there for her this time. 

“I know.” He sighs. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be this emotional but it’s hard. He’s my best friend. I literally don’t know how to function without him. And for the past few weeks I’ve had to.” She confesses. “It’s hard.” 

“I know, I’ve been meaning to talk to him.” 

“Please don’t please,” She begs, “He’s happy with her.” 

“Isn’t that the young girl who used to bully you?”

“She still does.” Y/n mumbles to herself.

“Excuse me?” Manny leans forward, his frustration rising.

“In the bathrooms, in the halls, in class, on the bus.” 

“Does Shawn know? He must not because he would never.” Manny says standing now. “I knew something was up with her, I don’t like this Y/n.” 

“I don’t either.” She says sighing. “Can you do me a favor?”


“Can you take me home, my mom is taking pictures and it’s going to be for a while. I don’t want him to see me crying and worry, if he even notices. I just want to go home.” 

“Of course, grab your bag. I’ll meet you in the Jeep.” He smiles softly. They both get up and she hurries to the kitchen to grab her purse. She takes one small look at Shawn through the window, he seems to be looking around. She walks out of the kitchen and rushes to the Jeep.

The car ride is silent, the way she wants it to be. He drops her off no questions asked. Just a hug and a kiss on the top of her head as she gets out. She goes straight to her room. Her phone going off with messages. She sets her phone to the side and crawls into bed. 



The dance has been going on for thirty minutes. She finally checked her phone. They were all messages from Shawn wondering where she went and if she was alright. She never responded, knowing that he wouldn’t care.

She’s reading a book, wiping her tears as she hears her window open. She jumps and looks over watching Shawn crawl through.

“Shawn?” She asks standing up. 

“Y/n.” He sighs. 

“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the dance?”

“I was worried about you? You never responded to my messages, and you’re crying again?”

“What no?” She wipes her eyes.

“Y/n what’s wrong? It’s been killing me. You’ve been weird lately.” 

“I’ve been weird.” 


“Why aren’t you with Lauren?”

“I talked to my dad.” He says looking at his shoes.


“What does she say to you in the bathroom? In the halls? In class?” 

“Don’t worry about it.”

“No Y/n I’m gonna worry, why the hell did you bail on the dance. You were so excited.” 

“I was excited to go with you!” She snaps. He looks at her as realization hits. “You promised to go with me. You told me that you weren’t going to ask anyone and you would go with me if no one asked me. No one asked me, but you got a date. What was I supposed to do? Go and watch you dance with her?” 

“Y/n,” He says taking a step towards her.

“I’m sorry Shawn, I know I caught you off guard tonight. I’m sorry your dad told you about Lauren, I know you really liked her. But I couldn’t go and watch you dance with another girl, not when…” She trails off. 

“Not when what?” He asks, wanting to desperately know her answer.

“Nevermind.” She says turning away. 

“You know I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He says grabbing her hand. “I didn’t know that she still bullied you, I broke what ever we were off. Told her I couldn’t even think about being with a person who treats you or anyone else like that. She got mad and ran off some other guy.” He shrugs. 

“So you didn’t even dance, even though you were at a dance?” Y/n teases.

“Nope, the person I wanted to really dance with bailed.” 

“Shut up.” She pushed his shoulder. He took out his phone and played Ed Sheeran on his phone.

“Dance with me?”

“Sure.” She smiled. They both started swaying and she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Are we okay?” He asked.

“Yeah Shawn, we’re okay.”

“Are you still hurt? Mad at me?”

“No, I feel a whole lot better.” She smiled to herself. 

Smart, funny, nice and a serious person. One of the things that has been tricky in the past is that I’m in my career… And you don’t have to be a gazillionaire but just someone who’s happy in what you’re doing. I just think that makes such a difference…
                     Lauren Graham, on what she looks for in a relationship


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So erikkarlsson65, I decided to talk to my dogs about hockey today. Emma agrees with me on many points and we both think the Rangers should lift the Stanley Cup this year. She’s also excited to see what Hextall will do as the new GM in the offseason because, as you can see from her tag, she’s a very big Flyers fan. Now JJ, on the other hand, is mainly concerned with giving kisses, and he thinks everyone should win the cup this year. I don’t think I have the heart to tell him that that’s not how it works. But they both can agree that you’re a great guy on and off the ice, and they can’t wait to see what this next season will bring for you.