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It’s no common mistake that Taylor has had quite a connection with 5H for a long time now, apart from being the girls favorite at one point too. But it’s also no common mistake that she’s known for being “ the queen of PR games” in the music industry.

“They are the hunters, we are the foxes.” - Taylor

Our main focus though is something similar between Tay and Lauren.

 This is all observational based on recent discoveries. 

Also yes before anyone says anything,  I am aware that they come from different places inside of the music industry but Celebrity Culture makes no exceptions for anyone.

I know some harmonizers have beef against her for whatever reason it may be but stay with me this reaaaaallllly isn’t about beef.  Or is it?

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Chapter One: I Found You

Lafayette x Reader 

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Note: This is part one of what will be a 5 part series, I haven’t written the whole series yet but I do have it planned out and my goal is to release a new part once a week until it’s all done. Hope you enjoy! This is a modern Soulmate AU

Summary: A young Gilbert du Motier, de Lafayette arrives in America from France to find his soulmate. After making a group of friends he finally finds her, the missing piece from his life. His soulmate.

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful. 

Word Count: 1,751

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Lafayette had grown up learning English. When he first read his soulmate tattoo, scrawled across his forearm in neat flowing handwriting the words  “Would you watch where you’re going next time?” had meant nothing to him. 

His mother had explained to him that his soulmate tattoo was written in another language and from that moment he was demanded to learn it. He dreamed of one day moving across the sea, going somewhere they spoke English. He dreamed of going to America.

When he was 24 Lafayette finally made it to America. He had decided to start his search in New York city. It seemed the best place to start his search and it was the place he always dreamed to begin in. That’s where he met an interesting group of guys, all around his age, at a bar one night only a week into his search.

“Whoa there friend” A tall, broad shouldered and muscled man said as Lafayette had tripped slightly trying to avoid a couple who were attached at the lips. The man steadied Lafayette, one of his thick large hands on his chest the other on his shoulder. “Don’t want to fall over there”

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Hey Tay, it’s Lauren. I’ve desperately needed to hug you again every single day since the Nashville SS. And here’s a little of what’s been going on since that beautiful day. I finished my 3rd semester of nursing school and am starting my 4th and final one in August. I turned 22 and it was miserable and magical. I finally got a new car and I think it’s adorable. I got to see Third Eye Blind live which was huge and I fell in love because 90’s rock boy bands equal heart eyes/love. I have also been curious now if you think Stephan Jenkins is as good a songwriter as I do?? Should we have a jam sesh soon? K cool.
I love you. And miss you terribly. I’ll see you when you bring the tour to Nashville. I’m already peeing my pants with excitement.


Produced by TurtleDove Films & Stephanie Lauren Moore
Concept by Tay Allyn & Elena Weinberg
Directed by Elena Weinberg

Music video by Tay Allyn feat. production & backup vocals from Sunnycide.
© 2015