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Person B: Hey, y'know what material you’re made up of?

Person A: Flesh, Blood, Fiber, Oxygen, Water, H U M A N B O D Y P A R T S?

Person B: *face palm*

Person A: .-.

Person B: Jfc this not how this works…

Person A: I answered your question. That’s how it works, right?

Person B: Boyfriend material

Person B: It was supposed to be boyfriend material

Top 5 Shipping Moments of 2016

Well, until this year ends, this will be the last of these I do. So enjoy last year’s biggest shipping moments, for better, for worst, for whatever you choose. 


Season 20 of South Park is mostly a big disappointment (like a lot of 2016) but the biggest one has to be the drop-kick to the gut for most SP shipping fans. Okay, not Creek shippers. But as a Kyman shipper, the whole breakup thing was hard. Basically, 2 episodes in to season 20, the girls all broke up with the boys (apparently a lot more people were dating in the SP-verse than we knew about), leaving all of our beloved heroes devastated, from Kenny to Butters to Stan staring at Wendy’s ‘I can’t fix you’, it was a shocking and haunting way to end the second episode. And among all those straight breakups, there was Kyle staring wistfully at a picture of Cartman. Subtly has gone out the window. 


Whatever floats your boat, but Hamilton was nice enough to grant us not only the popular Laurens/Alexander, but also Alex/Eliza, Jefferson/Madison, and Lafayette/Mulligan. While Hamilton was released in 2015, these pairings really started up around last year, when people started getting a hold of the soundtrack. Suddenly you heard these songs even if you couldn’t afford a broadway ticket, and the show became a gigantic phenomenon. The biggest ship in the fandom is probably Alexander/John Laurens, but that isn’t to say it’s the only one; there’s shipping going on in all corners of the Hamilton Fandom. Bet you never thought you’d be shipping 18th century historical figures.


Marlene brings PB to meet her dad. A fun bit of Adventure Time girlmance gone unsubtle. For Bubbline shippers, although this episode was more about Marcy’s substitute Dad the Ice King and his issues, the best part was all the Marcy/Bubblegum subtext. Seriously, the episode plays like Marcy is bringing her girlfriend to meet her dad. Then there’s the nicknames, the holding onto each other while flying, the line ‘you always know which button to press’, Marcy denying she has a boyfriend (well, technically not a boyfriend), and PB putting up with the nutty Ice King for Marcy’s sake. 


Sure, there were Lapidot shippers prior to them becoming barn mates, but 2016 is the year when Lapidot pretty much became the dominant ship in the Steven Universe fandom. No mean feat considering that the two don’t have nearly as much screentime as the other Crystal Gems. Yet fanfic about them dominates. And yeah, there’s a lot to work with in 2016; from Peridot begging Lapis’ forgiveness, to the two filling their barn with ‘meep-morps’, acting like a married couple (with their own kid Pumpkin, no less), and just generally starting to get along so well you could hardly see one without the other…it’s no wonder, really, that the ship has taken off like it did. 


AKA the alternate title to Civil War. Let’s face it, this movie ripped all of our hearts out. I’m sure it wasn’t just me. It doesn’t seem to matter who you ship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Civil War was dedicated to ripping out your heart and playing with it. Let’s see: Ship Pepper/Tony? They’re broken up now, and offscreen! You ship Wanda/Vision? Let’s have her run off and defeat him in battle! Natasha/Tony, Natasha/Steve, Natasha/Clint, Natasha/Bucky…honestly, it’s hard to say if ANY Natasha ship didn’t get their heart ripped out. Steve/Tony shippers basically got their hearts annihilated with a tank missile to the face. And hell, even if you are a hardcore Stucky shipper (like me), they still don’t exactly get a happy ending either! (stupidtriggerwordscryofreezerightthingbut stillhurtsbullshit) Bring on the fix-it fics!

Am I worthy enough to have these words written on my skin?

Whatever you write on your body shows up on your soulmates. However,
words don’t appear on your body until you become the person that your soulmate can fall in love with.

And sometimes:

their words won’t appear on your own body until you can honestly believe that you are good enough for the one you love.
Occasionally that means accomplishing a great feat, and even if that moment of clear, buoyant, joy lasts for less than a bare second the words are still given the opportunity to rise; finally visible. To scrawl messily across your skin, making up for all the years they couldn’t. To dance, flickering through year old notes about dance recitals and forgotten grocery bags. The words after being seen do not leave your memory banks. Unfortunately simply seeing their words does not fix everything in your mind. Mental health is delicate and there is no certain solution. The moment ends faster than it came, your suspended disbelief comes roaring in to challenge with a similar sound to a tsunami wave.
However since the words were seen you cannot get them out of your head. “Someone out there is meant for me. Some one out there is my equal.” And that precious thought may keep you, or them, alive long enough to regain those words upon their skin. To one day meet.


Lauren and I saw Ant-Man a week or so early, so we showed up to the premiere Thursday cosplaying the post-credits scene (genderbent, but hey). No one got it when we walked in. People were crying and yelling at us when we walked out. #SUCCESS (She’s Bucky. I’m Steve. Everything hurts.)