lauren stafford


If you’re wondering why these look so much better than my usual pics, this is what happens when my brother offers to ‘shoot some menswear stuff’. 

Thanks Alex.


“Being a great father” is really one of your facebook activities? What makes a great father exactly to you?

Let me just start off by saying that I think a great father is one that wants to spend every day with his child. Not just here & there in-between partying and getting wasted.

A great father is a man who doesn’t bad-mouth his child’s mother to other women he’s trying to sleep with. ie: she wakes up late, so therefore she’s a bad mother. she’s a stripper, therefore she’s a bad mother.

I pay for his well-being every single day. I work to keep a roof over his head, heat in the winter and cold air in the summer. To put food on the table. To put diapers on his behind. To have water for his bath. To put clothes on his back. To provide a home for him in a neighborhood with other children his age, keep him safe, and watch him grow up in.

While you can sit back and mooch off of your mother, you sit and call me names because my father helps me? He doesn’t PAY for anything, I do. He may have helped me get into my house, and co-sign for things but not ONCE did he ever PAY for anything. I do that all on my own.

Good fathers ALSO pay thier child support. Child support was invented for a reason. If you had provided for your child since DAY ONE, there would’ve been NO need to take you to court! You can call me “money hungry” but do take into account that I’m not asking for money so I can go shopping, get my nails done, or pay for my own needs. THE MONEY IS FOR YOUR CHILD! But funny how you cry broke, and can go get tattooed, spend money on weed & booze, and expect me to feel pity for you? I wasn’t born yesterday.

Makes me sick. If you don’t want to pay for your child’s well-being and help with his finances to keep him clothed/bathed/fed/safe/alive then you sure as hell don’t deserve to be in his life. I really wish you would sign your rights over. If you’re not paying child support, then what makes you think you should see your child?