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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Firebringer, everyone acts like it was Zazzalil's fault that the village burnt down, just because it was her who made the discovery of fire. Ducker explicitly sings "you burnt down the village", and she later even says words to the same effect when she implies that it's actually Jemilla's fault for leaving her in charge in the first place. In actuality, it was Ducker who asked for his hat to be set on fire, and he is also the one who spread the fire to the other members of the tribe and to the village by not just taking the hat off- Zazzalil wasn't even there to be able to stop it. Her only involvement was getting the tribe out of the village and saving their lives, so why is she antagonised?
Hamilton Characters as Things My Friends Have Texted Me
  • Alexander Hamilton: Yup. I enjoyed watching you being utterly destroyed
  • John Laurens: it's gonna hug me with its 8 testicles and ur never gonna see me again
  • Hercules Mulligan: I named my dog Rocky after my rock Arnaldo
  • Aaron Burr: I have a meme stuck to me and I can't get it off
  • George Washington: I had to meditate in the mountains under a waterfall. For 30 years.
  • Thomas Jefferson: the MARVELous DICKman
  • James Madison: Tiny voice down below: I'm down here
  • Peggy Schuyler: HELLO WHO EGG
  • Maria Reynolds: today someone told me "I will be your flying no" and I think that's just beautiful
  • King George: he's such trash and he kidnapped someone smh. I'm unstanning him.

The 4 love songs of Act 1

Alt title: what if I made animatics 

laurenjauregui This past week I had THE most incredible birthday I’ve ever had in my entire life☺ I was able to bring almost every person I love the most with me to Montego Bay, Jamaica and the memories that we created together I will carry in my heart for the rest of my existence on this planet. I am grateful to have so much love in my life and around me. To have people who uplift me and always let me know how special I am to them. To have people who never forget to remind me that I’m capable of anything and that I deserve it all. Getcho self some friends that never let you down. My family is incomprehensibly amazing and getting to watch everybody interact and have the most worry-free fun I’ve ever seen them have was the most rewarding birthday present I could’ve been given. This is that year I was waiting for since I was a little one and now that it’s come I can’t help but wish I could rewind time and tell little me to hold on to every second of it and cherish the journey. The ways I’ve grown are immeasurable but again, this love that I have around me…it’s the most priceless thing in life. Thank you for another year Universe, hope I keep making you proud and thank you thank you THANK YOU for helping me realize my power and purpose.🙏🏼 I can’t wait to continue my journey through this plane. and thank YOU little nuggets for lovin ya girl as much as you do, all your birthday messages made me cry😭 (get ready for spam btw)

iplemons  asked:

Lauren Winzer actually has a handful of tattoos that are good/okay then she has some that are just ??????? or totally ew. Her style is soooo inconsistent she needs to go back to apprenticing or give 110% into every tattoo like artists should be doing. She has soooo much potential but she's just shitting on herself by doing horrible work.

Some of her flowers are decent:

External image

External image

External image
I still think the lines are too thick, but they’re passable

But then when it comes to faces, anatomy, symmetry or any kind of tight detail it’s like

External image


External image

look how patchy that color is in her hair and the fork doesn’t even connect

the heart doesn’t even line up on the bottom??? AND THOSE TRIANGLES MY GOD

External image

this is all over the place

External image

this whole thing is freaking tragic holy crap

She definitely needs to be downgraded back to an apprentice because her terrible work severely outweighs her passable work
And also I believe most of these are fresh her work heals like shit too just to top it all off.

April 2

Normani made her way to LA for DWTS Week 3 early in the morning!

3/4′s of Fifth Harmony traveled down to Manila from Taipei today!

Dinah’s been excited to arrive in the Philippines, and she tweeted this after they landed safely!

Before that, a photo spam from Lauren on her IG:

Oh look, a 27!

Night out with friends:

At Nan Lian Garden:

HK food!


Night out, part 2:

A post shared by laurenjauregui (@laurenjauregui) on Apr 1, 2017 at 10:21pm PDT

Dinah also posted a picture from HK:

The girls received a platinum plaque for Reflection and a gold plaque for 7/27 in Taiwan!

Lauren and Ally thanked China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for giving them amazing memories!

They haven’t been online much because of wifi issues!

Dinah’s first Snapchat in Manila:

Dinah and Ally were spotted grabbing Filipino food by some fans tonight!

Just want to get my opinion out there

Time to post something that’s going to trigger people.

I feel like the Hamilton fandom should let people have whatever headcannon they want and ship whatever they want (unless it’s incest or something really bad.) Like I always get people complaining to me that Laurens is SOOOO gay but honesty I think he is bi but if I say that people would yell at me. Also people make him be the one be in love with Alexander but I think it would be the other way around because Hamilton was the one to spam Laurens with love letter. Now this is just what I believe. That he was bi. Now onto the shipping thing, people who don’t ship Lams gets shitted on and spammed (sometimes) with people saying “OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP LAMS THEY WERE SO GAY AND LOOK IT’S HISTORICAL TOO.” And whenever I trying and watch a Jamilton video all I ever see in the comments is “Lmao I ship Lams but this is a cool video.” Or “This would be way better with Lams why didn’t you do it. It’s a way better ship.” I mean you dont see Jamilton shippers spamming lams videos on why there ship is better .This is probably why I hate Lams like I can respect why people ship but me personally can never ship it. One last subject I would like to touch on is that I don’t get why people hate on Jamilton because it is “abusive” because historical even though Jefferson and Hamilton had different views they were still good friends and Jefferson even wrote him a letter when his son died. They were basically just to co-workers friends with each other. The musical just makes it look like they hate each other so much. Oops this was way long than I intended to make it.