lauren shade

to the people mad as fuck about the ‘camila shade’

listen. a group who is literally called FIFTH harmony lost a member at the top of this year. for them to take the most iconic stage they have ever taken in their careers and not address that somehow would’ve made them look like damn fools.

and i don’t see it as petty as the rest of y'all do?? no one pushed the 'camila’ off stage, no one made her look bad, homegirl jumped ship on her OWN (just like she did irl) and fifth harmony continued on WITHOUT HER. it wasn’t shade. it was a statement. and i’m here for it so fuck all y'all


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While it’s true I once desired destruction… and the only goal I had was revenge… things are different now. Because that which is destroyed can always be fixed and rebuilt.”

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I may not live to see our glory…


Guys, brace your little camren hearts…

Big shout out to you lovely anons, keeping me in the loop with this one. (especially @figure-my-heartt-out and @cryinginmila, thank you ladies!)

First off, let’s remember these reality shows are always scripted. Anyway, this drama with Ty’s ex ‘shading Lauren’ screams PR. It’s so blatantly staged and the fact the whole new series has premiered just a week before his album drops means we are in for weeks of his ex throwing indirects and shade towards L.  Lets focus closely what she said about Ty. “He’s exactly like his music”. So he really is the disgusting, homophobic, misogynistic individual we thought he was. What an absolute dickhead. As soon as the media realise that the “she” his is ex is talking about, is actually “Lauren from Fifth Harmony”, the headlines will start rolling in. These are the same headlines` and articles that equate to marketing, promotion sales and profit. We’ve got Ty’s album, Lauren’s collab with Ty and Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki. We’ve also got Dinah’s song with French Montana out in a few weeks, Fifth Harmony ft Pitbull and the girls song on ‘The Star’ movie soundtrack. The girls are on tour at the minute, so non of them are making proper headlines. Lets be honest, their team HAS to do something major to keep us talking/promoting because at the minute, we’ve got nothing to hype over. Even the Ty/Lauren mess has died down for a little bit. We haven’t had any negativity between the girls and Camila, the last time was pretty positive so it’s all quiet. Looks like it’s the calm before the storm. 

What can we expect?

  • Ty/Lauren ‘kissing’ pic/vid (I’m sorry guys but this has to happen because people aren’t buying it. I’d be more shocked if it didn’t)
  • His ex, shading Lauren (started already) but i think we’re gonna get a response from L. I’m low key sensing a little twitter spat or something between the two. Knowing how intricate Lauren is with her words, she’d easily shut her down in 140 characters.
  • Dinah will be promoting her song with French Montana. There’s no doubt in my mind that headline hungry interviewers are going to be asking about Camila. It’s easier to approach an individual girl about it, than when the rest of your group is with you. It’s bound to happen. I think Dinah will use this opportunity to publicly and positively address Camila’s departure. There’s a good chance they’ll do this with Lauren when she’s out promoting her solo music too.
  • I think at some point, the girls (either collectively or individually) will be asked/questioned about the ‘leaked documents’ suggesting Camila left the partnership in 2015.
  • Camila is in Europe at the minute, she’s got quite a few award show appearances scheduled and I’ve got a sneaky feeling she’ll be playing the Radio 1 Live Lounge again before the year is out.

The best thing we can do, is keep quiet. We stream, support the girls music. We vote for their awards. We buy tickets for their shows. But more importantly, we don’t say anything. Their teams know the Ty/Lauren situation is unsettling across the fandom, if we start shouting about it, they’re gonna do it all the more. If we’re quite and ignore it, it will fade out.

So after all that, i’ll leave you with this

take care x

Camren Throwing Shade on Austin M.
Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui
Camren Throwing Shade on Austin M.

Camren ll Throwing Shade on Austin Mahone (FULL AUDIO)

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dude forgive me bit can I just point out THE LEVEL OF SHADE LAUREN THROUGHT BY THE END OF THE AFTERBUZZ EPISODE?? like the people went from asking about lotor to sort of shoehorning in lance and I laughed at the faces JDS and LM made. the subtle jabs she made at the fandom oh my GOD

interviewers: was that keith and shiro?

lauren montgomery: [gets so excited she accidentally cusses on live tv]

interviewers: rAzzleE DaZzLe

lauren montgomery:

It seems obvious to me that the fifth member stunt was a statement about who Fifth Harmony is now and not shade towards Camila. If you look, the fifth member jumps/falls by herself. She isn’t pushed, isn’t kicked, isn’t forced off in any way. To me, this is a message to everyone who is still bringing up Camila (which is a good number of people). It’s the remaining four saying “Camila left. This is who we are now. This is Fifth Harmony” not “lol fuck you Camila shade shade shade”. I think if you saw this as Fifth Harmony being childish and shading Camila, or bringing her up unnecessarily, then you missed the point.