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Everything starts with an idea. This is my idea that became true, a Peridot swimsuit and cool photos with it, I even painted the beach wrap.

The swimsuit was made by my trustworthy seamstress who accepted the challenge to make something she doesn’t usually do.

Thanks for this Show, that brings inspiration in many ways. Thank you @rebeccasugar @laurenzuke, Shelby Rabara and all the crewniverse <3 

More pics to come

Ever Since You Left Pt. 2

A Shawn Mendes fanfiction. Part one here

A/N: I hope this isn’t confusing lol enjoy get ready for part 3 and then part 4 and who knows how much more stay tuned

A few days later, while hanging out at Emily’s house, she invited a few other of our friends to come hang out by her pool. The sun was warm, heating up the concrete around the water as we hung out. Brian, Shawn and Lauren were in the pool while Emily and I hung out at the edge, letting our legs hang in the water just up to our calves. We laughed as Brian and Shawn teamed up against Lauren in a spontaneous water fight.

“Leave me alone! Stop it, you guys!” Lauren shrieked, holding up her hands to protect herself from the splashes. The guys just laughed louder, Shawn coming and wrapping his arms around Lauren’s waist to jostle her around. Lauren’s laugh went up in pitch, her arm clinging to Shawn’s bicep as he held her close. Brian rolled his eyes and waded over to stand between my legs, his hands resting against my thighs. I met Shawn’s eye, saw his clenched jaw, before looking down to Brian with a fond smile.

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National Treasure 3: The Hidden Correspondence

Petition to have National Treasure 3 be Ben Gates’s search for the full Hamilton-Laurens correspondence.  All of it.  Uncensored versions of Hamilton’s letters and all of Laurens’ letters that we never saw.  Washington had managed to compile said collection, and Ben noticed several clues during his visit to Mount Vernon in National Treasure 2 that eventually lead him, Abigail, and Riley to discover this collection.  The end of the movie is Ben handing the letters to Lin-Manuel Miranda, saying, “tell their story.”  Lin looks at what Ben has given him and then looks up again, tears of joy streaming down his face.

Hey Taylor! taylorswift

this, I guess, will be really random, but sorta my story on how I became a swiftie and how it has changed my life for the better.

I was in 7th or 8th grade when my best friend, at the time, Abigail was in our usual spot on the bus listening to a new song called Tim McGraw on her mp3 player and when I sat down next to her she gave me one of her head phones and just told me to listen. Immediately i fell in love with that song and instead of spending my time studying or something like that I spent my time in the computer lab getting to know you. I totally lurked you for the longest time. and I still do to this day, but now you do the same thing which I never dreamed of when I was 13.

The first time I ever saw you, you were opening up for Brad Paisley in Rockford, IL. I was seriously so close to you, I felt like I could reach out and touch you but even then you were like a dream and I couldn’t believe I was actually watching you in real life. You even did some back up vocals for him that night with another singer, I want to say it was Kelly Pickler… but don’t quote me on that, I’m not quite sure. But that night was amazing and soon after that Fearless came out right around the end of freshman year beginning of sophomore year for me, and it was everything I needed to hear and more.

My mom moved me from Rockford to DeKalb my freshman year of high school so I literally didn’t know anyone at my high school and even though my mom raised me to be confident and outgoing, I still felt like I had a hard time fitting in with the cliques. Freshman year wasn’t the best for me; I joined the swim team which is still my favorite sport to do, but I met a girl who really messed with my mind. I started to eat less, then binge and throw up, and hate myself for all the terrible things i consumed. My friend and I wouldn’t eat all day during school, it was easy when we had each other to distract ourselves, and after practice she would drive to a gas station and we would get either a blue or a red Icey so when we went home and ate food in front of our families we could throw up later that evening and once we saw one of those colors we would know that we got everything out of our system. I lost a bunch of weight and I knew my mom and my grandmother were both worried but I told them it was just stress from high school and swimming all the time. I started Track in the spring with my good friend and even when she wasn’t around… it was like I could hear her in my head telling me not to eat the cookie, telling me that if I binge on twinkies again i’ll have to compensate in exercising. She became a voice that ate at me through day and night but one day she didn’t show up to practice… and then two weeks went by and she didn’t show up to school and no one really knew why. So, I had my mom drop me off at her house one day but her mother said she wasn’t home and won’t be for a really long time, then she slammed the door in my face. Turns out her mother found out about her problems and sent her to rehab, but she was still with me. It was easier to try to tell myself to be better now that she wasn’t around, but I could still hear her voice, sometime I still hear it to this day, but my grandmother found me on the bathroom floor one day after dinner and threatened to take me to rehab as well. It took a long time, and sometimes I still fight to keep things down. I have a weak stomach and some foods still trigger me, like movie popcorn.

But sophomore year was probably one of the best years of my life. Right before it began I met this girl named Lauren at a pool party. She had long blonde hair like goldielocks and green eyes that sparkled like emeralds. I tried so hard to become her friend, she was so pretty, she was so smart, I wanted to be a part of her life. It took the rest of the summer, but she finally gave me a chance and we have been inseparable ever since. We are actually getting an apartment together and finishing our last two years of college at U of I starting this August. Your kind words and songs full of hope, dreams, and love helped me surround myself with good people who love and support me.

My grandmother rewarded me with tickets to your Speak Now tour for doing a good job at recovering, and also because she knew how crazy I was about you. It seriously was the best show of my life (Until 1989). I cried. I cried. I cried. You always seemed to know just how to put my feelings into words, to put everyones feelings into words. I felt like I could relate to you on so many levels. I felt like you understood me, you understood my problems, and your songs made me understand that I could get through them. I could rise above my problems and come out being a better person. And to this day, I just want to thank you for all the support you have given me.

Junior year my mother moved me and my little brother to the middle of no where, she got remarried to my amazing step father, and they had my youngest brother soon after. It was really hard going from a big city and living next to heavy traffic to help lull me to sleep at night to a place where they don’t even have a gas station 15 minutes away from you. The school was small and everyone had grown up with each other, so no one was really looking to meet new friends. But I did make some eventually. I met one of my best friends on the bus, I sort of forced my friend ship on her like I did Lauren. I just feel like if you really want something in life, you shouldn’t stop trying. Your devotion to play music for everyone taught me that. Delaney was on the same bus route as I was, she lived a few houses down from me and one day I wasn’t having a good day and for some reason i just got off at her bus stop and followed her to her house. She made me ice cream and we sat on her porch while I sobbed about my problems. She has always been good at listening to anything I have to say. Junior and senior year was around the time Red came out. It was around the time I was 16 probably, maybe a little younger, but it was definitely around the time I started to chase boys. A lot of nights I would spend driving in my beat up car, hitting the steering wheel as I listened to your Red album, knowing that someone else has felt this heart break, someone else has felt what I was feeling and survived it. So, I could, too. I am currently still going through my Red Era with my current ex-boyfriend who i will not name. But I’m hoping to feel okay, and get better, and feel freedom soon.

I met him when I was 17, crazy running wild, wild. I told him I wanted to wait to start dating until I was of age because he was 21 and I also wanted to wait until I graduated from school. He asked me out on my 18th birthday, and i really did feel like I was flying. My birthday is in May and by October he had some trouble where he was living so I stepped up and found him an apartment, I moved in shortly after to help him pay the bills. It wasn’t a fairy tale, and I knew it wouldn’t be. There was this girl, she constantly jumped out to haunt us. She was very very underage and he had gotten in trouble with her in the past, but he swore to me that that was in the past and that I was his future. I found out on our three months that he had been cheating on me with her. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, he said if he didn’t talk to her she threatened to call the cops and get him in trouble. It was bullshit of course, and now I can see that as clearly as everyone else did back then. But I just wanted to believe him. I wanted to believe him so honestly I let this cloak go over my eyes of what he was really doing to me.

He became abusive. First it was verbally. I was never allowed to hang out with friends, I wasn’t allowed to wear certain clothing, I wasn’t allowed to have a voice on certain subjects or else he’d get angry if he disagreed with my opinion. But my mother raised me to be independent and outgoing so I stood up for myself… until it became physical. And you would think I would run after the first hit… But, and I know this sounds so cliche, i know it sounds like every other story. But they seem so trustworthy and pure of heart when they say they will never do it again. They promise. And I was so beaten down by him, I thought I deserved what he was doing. I got to the point where when I was driving I was reckless because I was so depressed. I wanted to get into an accident. I would see a semi truck coming my way and a part of me wanted to be like a deer caught in the head lights. I thought it would be easier if I just wasn’t around anymore. I mean, the relationship wasn’t all bad. I learned a lot of lessons from it and I know he really did love me, in some sort of way. And I loved him too… I still love him. But two and  half years went by and even though some days we didn’t hear from his demons, sometimes even weeks went by when they didn’t show up, I still wasn’t happy because the days that he did show his true colors always outweighed the good days. and I tried to get him to go to anger management or couples therapy with me but he refused.

The girl I mentioned before, the girl he cheated on me with, well she also had a order of protection on him. From her mother, not her. And once she turned 17 this year the OP was up and she was back in his arms not a week later. I thought after almost three years of being with me would keep her away, would make him want to stay with me, after everything I went through… but he still chose her… right in front of me. He locked me out of our apartment. I had to push in the AC just to try to find out what was going on. And when I did and I saw her,… i just…. my heart sunk to my stomach and I was hurting all over. I just kept asking him why… And he couldn’t say anything to me. She wrapped in my blanket and came to the window and said “Because i am the only girl he will ever love” and she shut the window on me and he left me outside in the pouring rain.

A few days after the incident he got a hold of me and I told him i couldn’t forgive him. I had White Horse on repeat for days and I wasn’t going to just let him walk back into my life. But, he is still in it. I, unfortunately, still live in a small town and the word ‘no’ doesn’t really seem to get through to my ex. We still talk. we have our good days and bad. But I refuse to get back with him and he resents me for that. This August we are going to two different colleges, away from each other, and I think that will finally drift us apart. It kills me to think he won’t be in my life anymore but Wildest Dreams has been playing in my ears since October when your CD first came out and it really is helping me get to my 1989 era. Your clean speech is the first thing I listen to every day, its set as my back ground on my phone for when I need motivation to keep going. One day I am hoping I can say I survived this thunderstorm too and that I am cleaner and wiser than before.

I have met so many amazing people on this site and others because of you. You have brought a community of happy, free, confused, young people together to love and support each other and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you. I just recently went to your 1989 tour with my mom in Chicago and I haven’t cried so much in my life. Honestly, hearing your speeches in real life hit you 10x harder than they do when you see them over the internet. You are so devoted to your fans, you are so kind to your fans, you see us as friends and I am forever devoted to you Taylor. I love you so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this, anyone who has stuck with me through this story. I apologize for how blotchy it is, a lot happens over 8 years and I really just tried to pick out the important stepping stones in my life so far. Thank you for everything Taylor. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I can’t wait to update you on more of my life to come and I can’t wait to see what your life has in store for you and all the memories we can make together! I love you Taylor.


I’m Insane for You

Author: Emmalee
Player/Team: Leon Draisaitl/Edmonton Oilers
Prompt: Hi! :) Could I please have a Leon Draisaitl imagine…. Maybe one where you two are hanging out with Connor and his gf Lauren at a pool or something, and you feel really insecure compared to her? Something along those lines please! :)
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 1,100 Words
A/N: This is rly rly cute. I rly like this one so enjoy!!
Thanks, loves!! Xx Em

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