lauren poole


Everything starts with an idea. This is my idea that became true, a Peridot swimsuit and cool photos with it, I even painted the beach wrap.

The swimsuit was made by my trustworthy seamstress who accepted the challenge to make something she doesn’t usually do.

Thanks for this Show, that brings inspiration in many ways. Thank you @rebeccasugar @laurenzuke, Shelby Rabara and all the crewniverse <3 

More pics to come

National Treasure 3: The Hidden Correspondence

Petition to have National Treasure 3 be Ben Gates’s search for the full Hamilton-Laurens correspondence.  All of it.  Uncensored versions of Hamilton’s letters and all of Laurens’ letters that we never saw.  Washington had managed to compile said collection, and Ben noticed several clues during his visit to Mount Vernon in National Treasure 2 that eventually lead him, Abigail, and Riley to discover this collection.  The end of the movie is Ben handing the letters to Lin-Manuel Miranda, saying, “tell their story.”  Lin looks at what Ben has given him and then looks up again, tears of joy streaming down his face.