lauren o&039;connell


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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o lord o lord I know you hear my cry 

your love is lifting me above all the lies

no matter what I face, this I know in time:

you’ll take all that is wrong and make it right  [link to song]

This is also inspired by a painting I saw some time ago but don’t remember where. I think is was by Waterhouse but I couldn’t find it anywhere on Google. In the original image there were also ladies in the background sewing or something. If anyone of you knows the name and artist I would be very grateful if you’d help me out :)

Edit:  The painting is “The Hostage” by Edmund Blair Leighton. Thanks to this kind person for finding it out! 

Ok but like…high school rockband Lams is so fucking cute. Just imagine ok

  • Alexander as like the new kid
  • Him being super like self conscious and like really quiet in all his classes at first and hears about this academically great guy Aaron Burr
  • So one day he finds Aaron Burr and practically knocks him into a locker bc ‘holy shit this is the guy who’s smart and can help me get ahead’
  • Ofc at first Burr is just like ‘who the hell is this kid’
  • Then Alex just goes off on a ramble and doesn’t realize that the bell rings making them both late to class but Burr is just smiling at Alexander
  • So once Alex stops rambling, he realizes they’re late and the ever so observant Aaron Burr is just like “It’s lunch. You’re in my period right?
  • They go off to lunch and once they go to sit down, there’s just lots of banging and laughing and stuff
  • Alex looks and sees the revolutionary set and is immediately lovestruck seeing Laurens (who is def rocking out on an air guitar but Alex doesn’t notice so)
  • Burr notices Alex staring and rolls his eyes
  • “Hey you know how I’ve been telling you stuff that’ll help you get farther? Avoiding those three would be a good move.”
  • Alex immediately starts asking questions if they’re bad or something
  • Burr is just like “no they’re fine, smart and admittedly attractive but still-”
  • Cue their conversation being cut off by Laf just shouting at him
  • So they go over and like the revolutionary set just pokes fun at Burr and Alex is just staring at Laurens
  • “Oh hey, who’s this making heart eyes at Laurens?” and Alex just tries to hide in his sweater once John looks his way
  • Meanwhile John’s just grinning like crazy and nods at Alex who’s completely incapable of forming words
  • Burr notices and just rolls his eyes and nudges Alex in the side
    which earns a mumbled “My name’s Alexander Hamilton.”

Just….cute little nerdy love songs, and music and Alex being flustered I……….///