lauren morill

Point is, maybe some people wouldn’t want to be around me all day, but there are people out there who would. And they’re smart and funny. And they like some of the things I like and hate some of the things I hate, but they also introduce me to all kinds of new things. That’s as close to ‘meant to be’ as I can imagine.
—  Lauren Morrill, Meant to Be

Looking for a guilty (reading) pleasure? If you like Anna and the French Kiss, Meant to Be, and This is What Happy Looks Like, give Kristan Higgins, a try!

Kristan Higgins writes the book version of rom-com chick flicks. Okay, so they’re a little predictable. (Spoiler alert: the character gets the guy in the end.) But that’s part of their fun. Sometimes, you just need a happy ending.  Plus, the characters are funny and relatable, and I always want to move to their tiny, charming hometowns. (And adopt their dogs!).