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 First off, I never thought I would do a follow forever, because everyone I follow are the people that I wanna follow forever. I never imagined my tumblr would get where it got  (I mean, seeing people posting my gifs on twitter, or compliments, you know?) so, before tagging everyone and showing you guys how you’re all important to me, I wanna talk about specific people, ok? first up: 

SAM. (brookesjauregui) I still remember when I first called you on private to compliment you on your gifs, and it is with property that I say you have the best fifth harmony gifs tumblr and you will always have! Thank you for your friendship, your advices, for trusting me and believing in my potential. I hope you have amazing holidays and next year, with h4rmony, we are still here making gifs of our girls.

BRUNA K Krys, (nojauregui) se eu pudesse entrar no seu tumblr todos os dias e reblogar o lauren words acredite em mim, eu faria. Então obrigada por entender o meus puta que pariu comentando, obrigada por ter o meu sangue e fazer parte disso aqui, tu é importante pra mim pra caralho. 

To everyone else, I am very grateful for what each and everyone of you added to my life, and you all can rest assured that you have a huge space in my heart. I hope you guys have awesome holidays and a lot of love and luck in 2017!!

 And this is my babes. 

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Don’t watch this, please. 

Watch the other video I’m going to post. 

My life just ended. My best friend, Christine Marie, is like bff’s/“sister” to James Maslow of Big Time Rush, one of my major obsessions. Tonight we covered their song and filmed it…and sent part of it to him. I am dying. Look at his response. Btw, I’m the girl on the left. Christine on the right. Omg. Kill me. Now. right now. I am dying.

Oh and Lydia filmed it.