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@SpringBway: The cast signing their character sign names !!

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Mama Who Bore Me

The Word Of Your Body

Don’t Do Sadness - Blue Wind


2015/10/13 E - Broadway Revival 
Austin P. McKenzie (Melchior), Sandra Mae Frank (Wendla), Lizzy Cuesta (u/s Voice of Wendla/Guitar/Piano), Daniel N. Durant (Moritz), Alex Boniello (Voice of Moritz/Guitar), Krysta Rodriguez (Ilse), Ali Stroker (Anna), Amelia Hensley (Thea), Lauren Luiz (Melitta/Voice of Thea), Treshelle Edmond (Martha), Kathryn Gallagher (Voice of Martha), Andy Mientus (Hanschen), Joshua Castille (Ernst), Daniel David Stewart (Voice of Ernst/Piano), Alex Wyse (Georg), Miles Barbee (Otto), Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto/Bass), Alexandra Winter (Greta/Harp/Harmonium), Marlee Matlin (Adult Women), Camryn Manehim (Adult Women/Voice of Adult Women), Russell Harvard (Adult Men), Patrick Page (Adult Men/Voice of Adult Men)
*Lizzy’s first performance as Voice of Wendla/Guitar/Piano

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Walked to the Brooks after rehearsal tonight for one last look at the show that changed my life. I’m forever grateful this show came into my life when it did.

New to NYC, a place where I barely knew anyone. A place where everyone is trying to do what I am trying to do. I felt like my art was chewing me up and spitting me out. I knew that if and when I ever felt defeated I could come to the Brooks Atkinson and visit my friends.

20 weeks ago I saw the first preview of DWSA on Broadway. Last night I saw their Broadway closing and 12 times in between I saw the wonder. For any of the cast that sees this, thanks for keeping me going.