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Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Twenty Two

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 6506
Warnings: none

“So, she just… took him in?” Lauren blinked at Loki in shock. “Without so much as a peep of protest?”

Loki tilted his head, smiling wide at her surprise. “Svengil was quite taken with her, and she with him. They will do well with each other.” He reached out and tucked a strand of her hair back behind Lauren’s ear as Thor looked on with a goofy grin Loki was incredibly familiar with.

“Well, shut my mouth. I never thought I’d see the day.” She shook her head and lifted up on her tiptoes to peck a kiss to Loki’s cheek. “Thank you, peaches. I’ve been tryin’ to get her to see reason and bring someone in to help her out, but she’s a stubborn old woman. Always says she doesn’t need anyone makin’ a fuss over her.”

“She needs the care, darling, and while Svengil may look like a boy of no more than sixteen, his is of Asgard and far more capable of caring for and protecting your Gran than someone of Midgard.” He caught her by the waist and kept her pressed against him. “One would think I deserved more than a simple peck to the cheek for my thoughtfulness.”

“Humph,” Thor huffed. “As I am the one who found him to begin with, one would think I would get at least a peck to the cheek.”

Lauren’s smile turned shy when she looked up at Loki through her lashes. She stroked her palms down his chest in a tender, rather sensual caress which set Loki’s senses ablaze, and informed him without her needing to speak that she would thank him properly later.

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Hamilton: Restaurant AU!

Like, think about it:

The restaurant could be called “The White House” or “The Revolutionaries” or something creative.

Washington is the owner.

Hamilton and Jefferson are the managers.

Burr is the head chef.

Madison is the chef’s “helper”.

Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette are the waiters. Angelica, Eliza and Peggy are the waitresses.

King George III can be the rival restaurant across town.

When Washington decides “fuck it I’m done with these kids” he leaves the restaurant in the hands of John Adams and everyone fucking hates him. So they have this vote with the customers to see who should be the new owner.

Hamilton is at home because *insert something bad happening to Philip, who he has to babysit on weekends. Also because Maria was like “oh work here instead!” and shit happens*. He hears about Jefferson and Burr competing over who gets to own the place. Obviously, he votes for Jefferson because that’s how it went 200 years ago.

I dunno, I was watching Kitchen Nightmares and this happened.

Pizza (Lafayette x Reader)


Request- “Hey I love your Lafayette x readers!! Could you do another Lafayette x Modern! Reader?? Where they have a scary movie marathon and the reader get scared do they like cuddle and its super cute”

Words- 1,358


Movie night with the crew. You down?

You smiled at your phone and texted Alex back. 

Sure where?


Frenchy’s in ten ;)

You rolled your eyes at your phone even though you know Alex couldn’t see. Ten minutes… You looked down at what you were wearing. Was this good enough? More importantly, would Lafayette think you looked good? You sighed and shrugged. It would have to do. You needed to leave, like, now.

You went into your bathroom and put on some perfume. Just in case. You checked your makeup and decided that it was passable. 

Almost exactly ten minutes later, you arrived at Lafayette’s door. You’d barely knocked once when Alexander opened the door, with a huge girl. 

“Well hello, Y/N.” He smiled at you. “Don’t you look spicy.” You rolled your eyes. 

“You gonna let me in or what, asshat?” You pushed past him, and he put his arms up in mock surrender. 

“Ayye! Y/N’s here!” Hercules shouted from the couch. He stood up and pulled you into a bone crushing hug. 

“Y/N’s here?” A voice said. You heard a lot of crashing and swearing before Lafayette emerged from one of the doors. 

“Hey.” he said calmly. You bit back your laughter. 

“Hi there.” 

“I thought we weren’t inviting Y/N because-” 

“Shh!!” Alexander and Hercules cut Lafayette off. You turned around and raised an eyebrow at Alex. 

“It’s nothing. How was your day?” Alex asked. 

“Fine.” you said carefully. These boys weren’t telling you something. 

“We’re just waiting for Laurens. Then we can start watching.” Hercules said. “Laf’s making homemade pizza.” 

You turned around and looked at his sheepish smile.

“Do you want help?” 

“Oh no it’s-” 

“Of course he does!” Alex pushed you and Lafayette into the kitchen. You looked around at the kitchen. There were different ingredients strewn all about. On one portion of the counter there were three circles of dough with red sauce on them. 

“What do you want me to do, chef?” you asked. Lafayette smiled and looked around. 

“Well…you can put topping on these,” He motioned to the sauce covered pizzas, “while I roll out more dough.”  You nodded and got to work. 

“Is this enough cheese?” you asked. Lafayette turned around from where he was working and leaned over your shoulder, placing his hands on the counter on either side of you. 

La perfection

You turned you head to see Lafayette looking at you, making your faced extremely close. You breath caught in your throat as you looked at him. 

“I-” you tried to speak, but no words came out. You saw Lafayette’s eyes go from your eyes to you lips. You could’ve sworn he was getting closer, or maybe you were. 

“John’s here!” Hercules yelled from the other room. You jumped slightly, and Lafayette turned back around and started rolling dough. You added more topping to the pizza’s and picked up the pans. 

“I’ll uh put these in the oven then.” you mumbled. Lafayette nodded and so you did that and left the kitchen. You greeted John who was now sitting on the couch. 

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” Alex announced. You sat down on the two person couch by yourself and pulled out your phone. Moments later, Lafayette came out from the kitchen. He took a seat next to Laurens. 

“The pizza won’t be done for awhile. Go ahead and start the movie.” 

“What are we watching?” you asked curiously, pulling your feet up onto the couch. 

“You’ll see.” Hercules flashed a grin at you. He turned on the TV on which the movie was already paused at the start of the opening credits. Alexander came out of the kitchen holding a beer. He looked from you to Lafayette and sighed. 

“Laf. Move.” 

“Why?” Lafayette asked offended. 

“I wanna sit by John.” he said. Lafayette rolled his eyes and moved to sit by you. 

“Cold?” he asked, offering you a blanket. You shook your head and looked back at the TV. Hercules pressed play on the movie and Alex turned off the lights before sitting in between Hercules and John. Some names flashed on the screen and you tried to guess what movie it might be. Then a single word flashed across the screen. IT. 

Oh fuck you guys!” you yelled. “Gimme that.” you mumbled to Lafayette. You took part of his blanket so you were now sharing it. Hercules and Alexander were dying of laughter. You glared at them over the blanket, which was pulled up to your nose. Lafayette looked down at you with a smile. 

You were probably half way through the movie, and you were clinging onto Lafayette’s arm for dear life. 

“It is fine, it is not even real.”  he whispered in your ear. 

“I know..” your voice was shaking and your head was almost completely under the blanket you and Lafayette were still sharing. He put an arm around you to hug you, but he didn’t pull away. 

Was he? Were you? 


The clown reappeared on your TV screen, and you decided not to think too much into it. You would’ve let anybody cuddle you at the point. But you were glad it was Lafayette. He smelled amazing like fresh bread and soap. He looked down at you and smiled. You blushed and turned back to the movie just as something jumped out at you. You squealed and buried your head in Lafayette’s side. You felt his ribs shake with laughter so you hit him in the stomach. You felt kind of like a little kid all curled up into Lafayette with your legs up to your chest, pretending a blanket could save you from the big scary monsters. 

A little bell chimed, signaling that the pizzas were finally done. Lafayette got up to go get them. 

“I’ll help!” you chimed, bouncing up. You were eager to get away from the movie. You followed Lafayette into the kitchen. Once you got there, you felt like you could finally breathe. In the light, you noticed a bit of flour clinging to Lafayette’s cheek. Without thinking, you reached your hand up and brushed it away with your thumb. You pulled your hand back quickly when you realized what you’d done. You turned around to hide your blush. 

“So should I-” Lafayette grabbed your arm and spun you around. His placed his hands on the small of your back and pulled you into him. His lips met yours quickly. You could nothing but stand there wide-eyed for a moment, but you soon leaned into his lips, your hands gripping his arms. Lafayette pulled away and stepped back. 

Je suis désolé I just. You were scared and it made me feel really protective and-” 

You leaned up and kissed him. 

“Don’t be sorry.” you said with a smirk. Lafayette smiled at you. You heard the door of the kitchen slam shut. 

“THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN THE KITCHEN Y’ALL” Laurens yelled. Lafayette face palmed and you blushed deeply. 

“We should get these pizzas in their mouths. Maybe, they’ll stop using them.” 

You laughed slightly and helped Lafayette cut the pizzas up. You may or may not have been staring at him arms the whole time. When you got back to the living room, all three boys were looking at you with grins on their faces. 

“One word from any of you, and nobody gets pizza.” Lafayette said. The mumbled angrily and grabbed slices. The movie started again. You were still scared, but it was overshadowed by lots of joy. After IT you got to pick the next movie, since you had to sit through a scary one. You stayed for another two movies. You wanted to stay longer, but Alex refused to leave before you claiming he “didn’t want to be an uncle yet.” Alex gave you so much shit while the two of you walked to your car. 

You were laying down in bed, unable to sleep because your mind kept switching from Lafayette’s lips to a freaky clown, when your phone chimed next to you. 

French Fry

We should not have watched that movie. I can’t fucking sleep. 

Modern life AU
  • Laurens: Alex dinner is ready
  • Hamilton: -Sitting on the couch, aggressively typing on his smartphone-
  • Laurens: -Again from the kitchen-
  • Laurens: Alexander where are you
  • Hamilton: I'll be there in jut a minute!
  • Laurens: -Goes to check what Alex is doing-
  • Laurens: ...
  • Laurens: Oh my god not again
  • Haniton: Just a second someone on Tumblr is wrong
  • Laurens: Why did Lafayette have to give you a God damn Cellphone
Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Thirteen

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5902
Warnings: smexy, swearing, angst and heartbreak

Lauren stared at the change in the pendant around her neck with awe. Towel wrapped tightly around her, she touched the web of intricately laced branches which now rested where once the delicate chain had. It was only about an inch wide, maybe two where the branches fell to a point beneath the pendant, surrounding it as if to highlight the golden rectangle. It was exquisite, like nothing she’d ever seen before, but she wasn’t so foolish not to realize there was more going on here than a simple gift.

“Loki, explain this to me?” she tapped it gently with her nail.

He appeared behind her in the mirror, chest bare, towel riding low at his waist. The smile he wore was simply sinful as was the look in his eyes when he peered at her through the glass. Tapered fingers landed ever so gently on the delicate gold filigree, tracing the design with care.

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Kid in love

Hey sweeties! So here we go again: *DJ Khaled voice* ANOTHER ONE!

This one is about Jo and Shawn meeting for the first time, they are about 16 here :) Leave feedback! xx

He enters the house, the beat drumming against his chest and he takes his jacket off, running his hand through his hair.
The living room is crowded and he is tired, coming back from Europe but it’s Lauren’s birthday and even though they aren’t dating anymore she’s his friend. He bites his lip, looking over the crowd, greeting his friends he hasn’t seen in a long time.

He turns around and tilts his head to the side and then he sees her, standing across the room and he is instantly hooked.

Jo is nibbling on her under lip, taking sips from her drink. She feels awkward and out of place, not knowing anybody except her boyfriend and Lauren Arendse.

Sucks being the new girl.

She looks down on her feet and up again and Shawn’s heart stops beating for a second.

He blinks.
And looks away.

And blushes.
And looks at the girl across the room again.

He doesn’t know her but there is something about her.

It seems like she’s the center of the room, the sun people are circling around but she is oblivious to that.

Dark wavy hair, high cheekbones and pouty lips and Shawn can’t stop looking at her.

He tries to make eye contact and she looks at him, smiling a little and Shawn has never seen someone looking this beautiful while looking this sad at the same time and his heart starts beating again.


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Mistletoe Kisses

John Laurens x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 1317

Warnings: Alcohol, mild swearing, and kissing

A/N: OH MY GOD I LOVED WRITING THIS ONE! Sorry it took for so long. We are going to try to do 12 days of Christmas from now on. I hope you enjoy!

Everyone was gathered and chatting, sipping cups of hot cocoa and eggnog. Alex smiled at his wife Eliza and kissed her on the nose. She smiled back at him. It was a rare occasion nowadays to see the two of them happy together. They were happy when they were together, they just weren’t together.

Lafayette had his arm around a pretty blonde girl. He looked up at the mistletoe that dangled above them. He grinned and kissed her forehead. He pulled her in close.

You closed the door tentatively behind you and walked into the kitchen. John Laurens and everyone else turned around to greet you with hugs. John embraced you.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Aaron Burr were sat in the den arguing over something. Rather, Thomas was shouting at Aaron; he was neither agreeing or arguing he just had a tense look on his face. James just shook his head at the two of them and sipped his hot cocoa.

“Can I get your coat?” John asked you holding out his hand to you.

“Oh, um yeah.” You tried to slip off your coat but it got stuck, you fidgeted awkwardly and blushed at John. He smiled warmly at you and helped you pull it off. He put on his arm and placed it on the coat wrap. “Thanks.” you said.

“Of course.” He blushed.

The kitchen was still full of conversation but you and John just smiled at each other. It felt like everything had gone quiet. That it was just the two of you. This thought was interrupted by a suddenly drunk Alexander. He swung his arm around John. He swayed on his feet and laughed.

“How’s it goooooooing, Johnnnnnny!”

John laughed and looked to you then Alex. “Are you drunk?”

“Totalllly! This eggnog is strong dude, I liiiiike it.”

“I didn’t put any alcohol in the eggnog, Alexander.”

Alex chuckled and leaned back in laughter. He nearly fell over. He slapped John hard on the back with a cartoon slap. “Course not, Johnnny! I did!” Alex dropped the mug in his hand nonchalantly, shattering glass and spilling egg nog everywhere.

“Hey!” John shouted.

“Alexander!” Eliza yelled.

Alex reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out a flask. He unscrewed the cap, his arm still around John. He tipped it back. “Killer party duude.”

“Why are you drinking?” You asked.

The smile on his face immediately disappeared and was replaced with a somber look. “The missus and I ain’t the happiest ya know.” You turned to frown at Alex.

Eliza walked around the mess and moved Alex’s arm to over her shoulder.

“Oooh, you’re pretty, miss. Can I take you home?” Alex laughed into his wife’s face.

Eliza had a mix of a grimace and smile. “Of course, we’ll go right now.” She turned back to the rest of the party. “I’ll going to take Alexander home, good night guys!” She smiled at John. “Thanks for inviting me, John.”

“Bye, Eliza.”

Eliza stopped in front of you. She didn’t say anything. Just looked between you and John. Her eyes connected the space between you too. Alex was digging his nose into her air. “Ooooh you smell like my wife. Oh, you look like my wife.” he giggled and shook his head at her. “Don’t tell Eliza please.”

Eliza smiled at everyone one last time and walked through the door with a wasted Alexander.

Hercules came over to you and John with a dustpan and broom. He sweeped the glass into the pan and wiped the floor with a towel on his arm. “Thanks, Herc.” John said. He smiled charismatically.

“Hey! Guys!” John shouted. The conversations died down to nothing and everyone turned to pay attention. “I guess Alex already got the after party already started. The beer and whiskey are in the cupboard below the sink.”

Everyone cheered and resumed their conversations.

“Hey, (Y/N), I want to show you something.”

You looked at John. You had been staring past him absorbed in your thoughts. “Okay.” you smiled at him. He offered his hand out to you. You took his into yours. He led you upstairs.

You looked back at someone for help as he walked you upstairs. You weren’t ready. It was too quick. You hadn’t even kissed yet. John moved fast apparently. You suddenly regretted coming to the party. You walked now somber with John.

You walked into the bedroom with him. It was neat and smelled of cinnamon. Still, you sighed and waited. John let go of your hand and reached into his drawer for something. Oh dear god, you thought.

He sat down on the bed with him. He smiled and took your hand again. He held out a picture frame to you. You looked back at him and smiled.

It was a picture of the two of you, bundled in your coats on an ice rink. Alex had taken it. You were friends with Eliza and she introduced you to John. He was charming and goofy. You loved him from the moment you set eyes on him. He tried to teach you how to ice skate. Alex had captured the moment of incandescent laughter between the two of you as you almost fell over and John caught you, and almost fell over too. It was the first day you met.

“This is my favorite picture.” John said.

“Mine too.”

John stood up, your hands still in his. His curly hair was pulled into a taut pony tail. His freckled cheeks made him even cuter. He smiled tentatively at you and took a step closer. His shoe touched the tip of yours. John Laurens was passionate and determined. You knew that from the moment you met him. He always acted like he always gets what he wants. But now, staring into his eyes you think differently. He is really shy underneath and gentle.

“(Y/N), I need to tell you something.”

Your silence was his cue. You didn’t want to ruin this moment. John smiled and breathed out. “From the moment I saw you, you took my breath away. Everything surprised me. Your laugh is my favorite sound. Your smile is my favorite thing. You are my favorite, (Y/N). When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things. Your smile. Your laugh. Your name. Your personality. Anything you do, (Y/N), I can’t take my eyes off you. You make my heart race but at the same time, you make me feel calm. (Y/N), I’m crazy about you. I’ve been trying to say this for awhile, and this probably isn’t the time of place. One of the cheesiest times of the year to tell you this, it’s almost as bad as Valentine’s Day-”

“I like it. It’s romantic.” you said.

He smiles and sighs. “I just couldn’t wait any longer. I can’t and I won’t. (Y/N), you are beautiful, and perfect, elegant, a terrible ice skater, you are-”

“I love you.”

John blinked. “What?”

“John. John Laurens. Johnny. Papa John.” you smiled with tears in your eyes. “I love you.”


John fell silent and you both looked above you. The little golden bells jingled on the sparkling mistletoe. Your gazes fell back on each other. “Now kiss me, God dam-”

There wasn’t any space left between you. Only space left to explore. You wrapped your hands around his neck. It was passionate by how slow it was. You and John slowed time and space.

“John? John-hey-Oh.” you heard Hercules say outside the door. John kicked the door back with his foot, slamming the door shut.

John didn’t have to say it for you to know. Nothing he ever said would change how it felt about you. But he said it anyway. He pulled away and smiled. “I love you God damn it.”

“God damn it.” You smiled and pulled him in for another

Lauren being "outed"

I don’t get why people are getting heated over the issue that Lauren was “outed” without her consent. I mean, Lauren has already outed herself, slowly but surely, in her tumblr and in this tour. And it’s not like it’s a private picture of them kissing in a hotel bed.

This was a wedding, and they literally posed for a picture while kissing. Obviously, they’re not trying to hide shit. Sure, it’s a “private” family gathering, but it’s still an event with photographers everywhere. Again, they posed voluntarily, without guns pointed at their heads, and kissed each other of their own volition.

And while Lauren is a lot of things, she is NOT stupid. She would not even so much as peck Lucy on the cheek if she didn’t want shit to be “outed”. I’m sure she knows that pictures would get leaked whether she liked it or not, she’s been in this industry for four years, and she of all people knows how privacy gets invaded all the time.

Also, it’s just a kiss. Nothing is really conclusive unless Lauren herself makes a statement that she’s dating Lucy… Or if she’s sitting on Lucy’s face on a beach somewhere. So chill. The only thing that has been outed in here is that Laucy kissing is hot af.

I also believe she is at a point where she’s comfortable with who she is, and she doesn’t care anymore. So whatever her sexuality is, she doesn’t need to explain herself, labels and all, and she’s gonna do what makes her happy. She’s been feeding us crumbs in her tumblr, c'mon.

Let me paint you a picture…

Couch by the kitchen….

Lauren browsing Tumblr and Twitter with nothing but heels on…

And she’s like laughing while scrolling, and says in her raspy voice, “Babe, look at this… Fans are waiting for me to rant on Twitter about me being “outed without my permission” and how appalled and disrespected I feel… Camz, babe, come sit on my lap while I talk to my gal pal Lucy about how we broke the Internet with our steamy “non-platonic” kiss.“

now let’s all chill, and take out our wattpad bibles and turn to page 1432 chapter 7 verse 27 and indulge ourselves in our Camren delusions.

ADD: I don’t think Lauren has been outed, that’s my entire point. She just kissed Lucy. And even if laucy is real, if they didn’t want it known, they wouldn’t have posed like that in front of a camera. Stop for a second and consider who you’re talking about. It’s Lauren freakin’ NINJA Jauregui - the most private pop star I’ve ever encountered. If she didn’t want you to know something, you wouldn’t know about it. SHE’S NOT STUPID. And for the last time, it’s just a kiss! Why do you assume she’s been outed? Is she officially gay now? If this was Camren kissing, y'all would have been “OMG CAMREN IS REAL!” and reblogging like mad. 🌚🌝

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chaosgiver  asked:

Um... I really like your writing. I was wondering of you mind doing 93. Burrens (Burr x Laurens). Seriously love your work!!

listen buddy…… i know i dont write burrens, like, ever, but i LOVE this ship??? it’s so perfect and i just love them and wish i actually knew how to write this ship because i absolutely don’t :/// this fic doesnt do it justice and i’m sorry because i really dont know how to write them but here it is anyway! 


Aaron eyed Laurens, unsure of whether he should say anything. The man had walked into their dorm, limping and beaten half to death. There was a hideous bruise swelling on his forehead, and his left eye was swollen and purple. He was limping as he walked, clearly favouring his right leg over his left. Aaron was willing to bet money that there was an issue with his ribs too, considering how stiff his upper torso was and how his arms came up repetitively to wrap around it

“Maybe you should go to the hospital,” Aaron suggested cautiously. This, apparently, was a bad idea, as Laurens turned around to glare at him, a fire in his eyes. It was fierce enough that Aaron took a step back - a feat, considering they had been rooming together for two years now. Aaron liked to think he was desensitized to Laurens’ aggressiveness, but it was moments like these that reminded him that it would take far longer time to get used to it.

“Yeah? Well, it’s a real shame that nobody asked for your opinion,” Laurens spat.

Aaron was silent, waiting. Two years ago, Laurens would have simply walked away, but Aaron had seen him mature and mellow out in those years. Laurens still snapped at people when feeling cornered or vulnerable, but he tended to give a somewhat sincere apology afterward.

Sure enough, Laurens turned to him again, looking marginally guilty. “Sorry,” he said gruffly.

“It’s fine,” Aaron said easily. He followed Laurens into the kitchen, watching as he struggled to reach the first aid kit that was at the top of the cupboard. He seemed to be unable to lift his arm up high enough to reach the kit. Knowing Laurens, he would be too proud to ask for help. “Here, let me,” Aaron said, gently guiding Laurens away so he could reach the kit.

“Thanks,” Laurens said. “Could you… uh…” he trailed off, looking uncomfortable.

“Sure,” Aaron said. It was the closest Laurens would get to asking for help.

He guided Laurens to a kitchen chair, watching as he winced whilst sitting down. The most obvious of his injuries were the bruises, so he dealt with those first, handing Laurens an ice-pack to press against both his forehead and his eye. He opened Laurens’ shirt (thank god it had buttons - Aaron wasn’t in the mood for a completely shirtless Laurens when he was supposed to be focusing on helping him.

His ribs weren’t nearly as bad as Aaron was expecting, all things considered. Slightly bruised, but would heal with time and rest. Aaron took a second ice pack and pressed it against that too, ignoring Laurens’ pained hiss. Next, he began tending to the various little cuts across his face and hands.

“Any chance there’s glass in these cuts?” Aaron asked as he stepped away to wash his hands. The last thing he needed now was for the cuts to get infected.

“Doubt it. It was a pretty clean area, not the usual back alley.”

“What happened this time?”

Laurens looked at him, then away. “Just some asshole bein’ an asshole. You know. The usual.”

“What did he say?”

Laurens tensed and, for a while, was silent. Aaron didn’t mind letting him drop the conversation, especially if it was something so upsetting to him that he felt the need to get into a fight despite promising Hercules he’d stay out of any violent altercations. He continued to carefully wipe the cuts, applying antiseptic and covering them with plasters decorated with Spiderman. So when Laurens answered the question Aaron had almost forgotten, Aaron was startled.

“He was being a dick to this trans woman,” Laurens said suddenly. “She was… Jesus fuckin’ Christ, she wasn’t even doin’ anythin’, she was just havin’ a drink and he was gettin’ all up in her ass about it… it’s just… fuck.”

Aaron hummed.

“She literally didn’t say a word, and one minute he was callin’ her all sorts of shit and the next he was gettin’ all physical. So, I had to, you know?”

“I get it,” Aaron reassured. “Stay still, please.”

Laurens fell silent again.

Aaron was finishing with the last cut, sticking the plaster on. Laurens seemed to be too busy brooding

“What are you thinking?” Aaron asked. Laurens wasn’t the type for a deep heart-to-heart with someone he wasn’t extremely close with, but he looked like he was having an existential crisis and Aaron knew from experience that keeping everything bottled up would never be healthy (not that he listened to his own advice, but that was irrelevant to the point). Laurens needed to vent, and Aaron was willing to listen if the other man chose to take the opportunity.

“It’s just… Why do they hate people like us?”

Ah. Aaron couldn’t exactly answer that. “I’m not sure. But all that matters is that we don’t hate ourselves.”

Laurens went silent again. Aaron got the feeling he wasn’t done though, so he remained there, kneeling on the kitchen floor with an open pack of first-aid next to him and a broken man sitting on a chair in front of him. Strangely enough, it was a situation that he was more than used to. That was… a little sad, now that he thought about it.

“I hate myself sometimes,” Laurens admitted. His voice was quiet, much quieter than it normally was, and he sounded painfully broken. He sounded like a man whose world had shattered to pieces in front of his very eyes and was alone to pick up the remaining shards. “I just think it’d be so much easier if I was a white cishet dude, you know? But I’m not, I’m a trans gay Latino and I’ve got an entire fuckin’ cocktail of mental illnesses and daddy issues on top of that. And every time I wake up, I think about how much easier my life would be if I… weren’t me. And I hate myself for being me.”

Aaron wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to that. Strangely enough, Laurens’ little monologue was one that he was very familiar with, wondering how much he was being held back by his identity and fantasising of a life where being a black trans man didn’t sabotage his chances in politics. 

“My mother used to say,” Aaron began, ignoring the twinge of pain he felt in his chest as he thought of her kind face. “That we are given our struggles because God believes we can handle it.”

Laurens gave him a strange look. “I don’t believe in God.”

“Neither do I,” Aaron said lightly. His hand seemed to move of its own accord to rest on Laurens’ cheek - the one with the least cuts. It was a bad move, considering Aaron was never touchy with people and Laurens didn’t seem the time to appreciate a good snuggle either, but… shit. His hand was there now, and there was no point moving it. Plus, Laurens had surprisingly smooth skin for someone whose skincare routine consisted of washing his face in the morning. Aaron wasn’t going to begrudge a chance to touch it. “But it’s nice to think that we can handle something others can’t. Imagine switching positions with a rich cishet white dude. He’d be a mess in a single week.”

Laurens snorted, looking more like himself than he had since he came home. “Are you tellin’ me to stay alive out of spite?”

“If that’s what it takes,” Aaron agreed, smiling.

The smile slid slowly off Laurens’ face but he didn’t look sad. He looked… contemplative, like he was considering something and maybe questioning the existence of humanity and the meaning of consciousness and other philosophical things. His brow was furrowed, and Aaron’s gaze lingered on the creases in his forehead. Surely that would mean he was more likely to get wrinkles when he grew older. Aaron wasn’t entirely sure, but he made a note to research it later on when he got his-


Laurens was kissing him.

Aaron barely had time to react before Laurens was moving away.

“Shit, sorry, that was… inappropriate,” he said quickly, avoiding Aaron’s gaze.

“A little,” Aaron agreed, dazed, before realising what he had said. “Not that that’s a bad thing. Appropriateness can be somewhat overrated in certain situations.”

Laurens looks bemused. “Does… this count as one of those situations?”

Aaron smiled. “Hm. I’m not sure. It looks like you’ll have to kiss me again so I can figure it out.”

Laurens snorted, the smile from earlier reappearing on his face as he grabbed Aaron by the collar of his t-shirt.

“You’re not smooth, Mr. Burr,” Laurens said before he was kissing Aaron roughly. Now that Aaron was more prepared, he got to appreciate how soft Laurens’ lips were, how his hand wandered gently and traced his neck and jawline and cheek gently, a direct contrast to the roughness of the kiss, as he nipped and bit and sucked. It was aggressive, and Aaron hadn’t expected anything less from John Laurens, of all people. His own hand had found its way back to Laurens’ cheek, cradling his face gently and stroking his cheekbone with his thumb.

When they separated again, both were panting.

“Jesus Christ,” Aaron said.

“Just John is fine.”

“Don’t be so big-headed, Laurens.”

Laurens pulled a face. “Don’t call me that. You can’t make out with me then call me by my surname.”

“Did you not just call me Mr. Burr?” Aaron asked, amused. “I’d say that’s more formal than ‘Laurens’.”

“Unironically, I meant,” Laurens said, rolling his eyes. He leaned in again to press a soft kiss against Aaron’s lips again. “Call me John.”

“Only if you kiss me again.”


this !!! isn’t great and i’m sorry but i wARNED YOU I’M NOT GOOD AT WRITING BURRENS 

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 10

“Because of you”

Hailey’s Pov

I pushed myself of Luke and i ran to my wardrobe and quickly put clothes on and then i opened my door and shouted down

“i’ll be down in a minute”

Luke was already half dressed and pulling up his jeans when i turned around

they could catch us.. this is a bad idea.

i am freaking out inside!!

“ You need to leave..” I whispered to Luke

he crossed his arms smirking and then he said “ Invite them up”

Was he being serious? No fucking way..

he started to laugh but way too loud so I put my hand on his mouth and gave him a death glare.

“ When I come up here again you better have left, please just go” I turned around and walked out of my room hoping and praying he has left.

Sophie and Lauren were in the kitchen as i came down stairs, i totally forgot we made plans to have a movie night.. Shit!

i really wanted to continue what me and Luke were doing but.. ugh!

“Where’s your mum?” Lauren asked

she was sitting on my kitchen counter something she knows i hate, i walked over to and slapped her in the leg making her laugh and jump down

“She is still at work” i said to them then i looked up at the clock

it was only half 4.. didn’t we say 6?

why are they early?

i turned to them and asked “ your early are you’s not?”

“yeah but that’s because i have to go to a family dinner at 8” Sophie said

yes! i could get Luke to come back.. hopefully

wait? do i even want him to come back?

of course i do.

“Shall we get started with these movies? i have a party later” Lauren said

me and Sophie both rolled our eyes at her of course she has a party later..

i was praying inside that Luke was gone when we walked up stairs, i closed my eyes when we walked into my room hoping i wasn’t going to see him and i was glad he was gone.

just so my friends don’t catch him.

i let out a breath happy that I could now calm down. Sophie went over to where I keep my dvd’s and picked out some and Lauren went to help.

I needed to pee so I walked into my bathroom and closed the door I went to sit down on the toilet when I heard something move in my shower.

What the fuck???

I walked over and pulled my curtain over…

“What are you doing here? I thought you left” I whispered to Luke

What is he doing, is he trying to get caught..

he started laughing and stopped when he seen I looked pissed.

“ What if one of my friends came in here?” I whispered to him

Luke strugged and said “ that would be funny almost as funny as your face a minute ago”

“ That would not have been funny at all, you need to go”

How the hell is he getting out of here without Lauren or Sophie seeing him omg they are going to find him FUCK!

“ You need to come here” Luke said I was confused at what he meant and then I understood when his hands gripped my waist and he pulled me towards him into the shower.

Before I could protest his lips were on mine.

Why is he such a good kisser? I just melt everytime but I can’t do this right now

I pulled away from him and said “ We can’t do this, I’m going to go back out and I will get them down stairs somehow and then you can go”

I didn’t give Luke a chance to say anything because I got out of his grip and I walked out of the bathroom remembering to close the door.

“ You took your time” Sophie said they were in my bed waiting for me

Shit! What do I say to get them down stairs???

“ Right snacks? Who’s getting them?? ”

Good one Hailey!

as soon as I said that they both ran out racing each other down stairs

Right I have 2 minutes to get him out.

I opened the bathroom door and said “ there downstairs leave now!” I know I sounded rude but I didn’t care this needed to be done quick.

he just looked at me and just as he was about to go out the window i stopped him

“They are leaving at 9 if you want to come over again”

i don’t know why i said that but it just came out of my mouth, i was expecting him to smirk at me but he didn’t

then i heard footsteps and shouting..

“nah i have a party to attend to” Luke said and then he left out my window.

i stood their in shock

of course he’s going to go to a party to get laid.

i just watched him get on his motorbike and leave, i felt like crying right now.

“What are you doing?” Lauren asked making turn around in shock

i forgot they were coming up, thank god they didn’t see Luke.

“nothing” i said trying to play it cool..

“So what’s it like living beside Luke?” Sophie asked

Luke’s Pov

i was sexually frustrated so bad, i had such a hard on i need to get rid off.

just thinking about her makes me so horny.. i’ve always been with girls who had sex before and i knew Hailey hasn’t and to see her look at me with those innocent eyes asking if she could suck me off really turned me on.

if only her fucking friends didn’t show up.. we probably would have had sex.

do i want to do that to her though?

she’s a virgin..

i sat on the swing thinking about her scars.

she saw mine, i know she did that’s why i kissed her so quick

i didn’t want her commenting on mine, i hope she forgets ever seeing them.

thats why i kissed her so quick but i didn’t expect her to say what she did.

i didn’t mean what i said when she told me her friends were leaving at 9, i haven’t been to a party in days because of her but i don’t think it would be the best thing if i did go.

i will just get drunk and end up fucking another girl

but maybe it will get rid of these thoughts of Hailey

but do i want that??

fuck it! i got up from the swing and got back on my bike to go back home and get ready for this party.

Hailey’s Pov

it was half 7 and the movie just ended.. i couldn’t really watch it because i kept thinking about Luke.

wondering if he will come back, i heard his bike meaning he was back home.

that means he is staying right?

“that was so good” Sophie said as she stretched her arms out

both my friends left 10 minutes later leaving me alone.

my mum came home and then went back out again something about ‘A girls night out’

i have ate so much food, too many snacks!

i walked over to my window wondering what Luke was doing, his curtains were open and i could see right into his room

it looked empty and then Luke appeared with just a towel around his waist.. oh my god!

i almost fainted.

he looked so hot, i never noticed the tattoos on his back. i see a big snake on his back i’m sure that was sore.

i couldn’t stop staring i didn’t realise Luke turned around and was now looking at me

but i didn’t turn away, what was i afraid off?

i turned and walked over to my bed to get my phone and then i texted Luke

To Luke

“my friends are gone and so is my mum”  


well no going back now

i walked over to the widow again, Luke was looking down at his phone and then i heard mine go off meaning he repiled.

From Luke

“ha nah i have a party to go to and girls to fuck”

i stared down at the message and then i looked up at Luke who was smirking and then he walked away from the window

i am done with him..after today with what he said..

i guess i read it all wrong!

well he isn’t going to get to me no more.

i sat down on my bed wondering what i should do now..

i looked over at my book but i didn’t want to read anymore and then i thought of something.

So i picked up my phone and phoned the only person who could help right now

“Hello” Lauren asked as she answered

she mentioned a party tonight and i’ve been to one and she has always wanted me to go with her to a party so i think tonight is the night i went to a party.

if Luke is going to party then so am i.

“Hey Lauren can i ask you something?” i asked her

she paused and then signed and said “ Okay but i have this party soon so what is it?”

i took a deep breathe before i spoke

“Can i come to this party as well?” i said

i heard her scream a little then she spoke

“You want to come to a party?” she asked

i rolled my eyes and said “ Yes can i?”

“Of course! i will be over in ten to help you get ready!!” she said and then hung up.

oh my god should i do this?!?!

it was after 8 o'clock.. i walked over to my wardrobe looking for something decent to wear but what is there?

i was staring at my clothes when i heard a knock at my door, if that’s Luke i’m slamming the door in his face.

i walked down stairs and opened the door to a very happy Lauren

“You are going to get so drunk i can’t wait” she said as she walked into my house, i was about to close the door when Luke walked out of his.

god he looked hot.

he was just about to get on his motorbike when he saw me then i felt Lauren by my side

“and you care about what he’s doing because?” she said

i turned around to her not answering and then i turned to look at Luke one last time and then closed the door

“don’t we have a party to attend to??”

half an hour later i was ready and this is not my style at all.

Lauren ended up going into my mums wardrobe to find me something because all i own is black skinny jeans

she done my makeup as well making me look to girly for my liking but it’s a party i need to look like i want to have fun.

we ended up going with a black dress with heels that i know i am going to fall over in

this is going to be some night.

Luke’s Pov

i got out of the shower finally feeling relaxed after getting myself off.

i walked over to my bed wanting to just sleep but i have a party to attend to.

i turned around to see Hailey looking out of her window at me

she looks great.

i want to go over there but are her friends still there?

she walked away and i was about to do the same when my phone vibrated, i walked over to get it

i had one new message from Hailey

New Message

“my friends are gone and so is my mum” it read


i looked up from my phone to see Hailey staring at me

fuck i would love to just go over there but i need to stay away from her.

this can’t keep happening, i’m Luke hemmings i don’t do this.

so i texted her back

To Hailey

“ha nah i have a party to go to and girls to fuck”


i walked away from the window to get dressed because i couldn’t look at her any loner and i’ll be late if i don’t leave soon.

i hate that i said that to her because of earlier but i don’t do this.

this isn’t me.

next Hailey will be wanting me to be her boyfriend and that isn’t me

i need to stop this before it gets out of hand.

Haileys Pov

This party was amazing!

I should go to party’s more often!

i don’t know how much i have had to drink and to be honest i don’t know what it is i have been drinking but its soo good.

i walked into the kitchen because i was finished my drink and i needed more.

once i poured my drink i took out my phone noticing i had 2 messages from Luke

what the hell??

i had to open them

From Luke

“Where are you?” and then next message said the same

why does he want to know? shouldn’t he be at a party

i took a sip of my drink and then i decided i was going to give him a piece of my mind

“you shouldn’t care where i am but i am enjoying myself at this party, think i’m gonna be like you tonight and finally lose my virginity then you can no longer bother me! remember to use protection i know the guy i fuck will”


i laughed to myself before putting my phone away

“Hailey…lets dance” Lauren said bouncing into the kitchen

i can’t get over how different this party is compared to the one i went to with Luke

people were talking to me asking me questions, wanting to dance with me.

Boys! Boys wanted to dance with me. ME!

I felt great after sending that text, that will show him to fuck with me.

i followed Lauren on to the dance floor and i just let loose.

Luke’s Pov

i’ve been to this party an hour and i want to go home and be with Hailey.

i have chatted up some girls but they just don’t do it for me, i don’t know what is wrong but all i can think about is Hailey.

“C'mon man how are you not pissed already?” Cal said as he put his arm around me

i could smell the vodka from his breathe and it was turning me right now

i have only had 2 drinks and i still have the second on in my hand

“this party is shit i’m gonna leave” i said to him as i pulled away from him and walked out leaving him kissing some girl

of course he didn’t hear what i said

i got on my bike and drove home but when i walked over to Haileys house it was very quite as if no one was home

which is strange.. i knocked on the door but no one answered

“Hailey..” i shouted but nothing

i walked to her window and i couldn’t see any light on

it’s only half 10 she couldn’t be asleep could she?

i got out my phone and texted her

“Where are you?”

no response.

i started making my way to my house and then as soon as i got in my mum was on my case

“Why are you home so early?” she asked

i rolled my eyes at her and then said “ didn’t feel like staying at the party any longer”

she didn’t repily and i didn’t stay around to wait on her repily either

i texted Hailey again but i got no response.

i sat on my bed thinking of where she could be, i really want to see her.

this is not good, i wanted to stay away from her but i can’t.

she has fucked me up!

i tried phoning her but she wouldn’t pick up.

And then my phone went.. It was a text from Hailey..


From Hailey

“you shouldn’t care where i am but i am enjoying myself at this party, think i’m gonna be like you tonight and finally lose my virginity then you can no longer bother me! remember to use protection i know the guy i fuck will”

WHAT THE FUCK! She’s at a party? Why is she at a party? and who’s party?

FUCK! she think’s I’m off fucking someone so she is going to do the same, like fuck she is.

If anyone even touches her ill fucking kill them.

Only I get to touch her.

I tried phoning her again.. No answer…


Hailey’s Pov

“ I cant stop drinking about you”…

I loved this song.

This was describing my life right now.

Dancing was fun, i don’t know how many drinks i’ve had but i didn’t really care.

I was dancing with a guy called William I think I don’t know I forget his name, I don’t really care what is his name is anyway.

He looked nothing like Luke which was good because i was trying my best not to think of him.

his eyes were dark brown like mine, he had a couple of tattoos from what i could see and he had a lip ring.

other than the lip ring he didn’t remind me of Luke but it wasn’t stopping me from grinding on him.

i lost Lauren ages ago in the crowd of people but i didn’t really care.

i liked grinding on him,his hands were on my hips and I think he gave me a hickey.

“ Your so hot” he whispered in my ear, or I think that’s what he said.

it turned me on and I could feel myself getting wet between my legs.

The music changed and a one direction song came on. I love one direction.

I started grinding more into the guy I was dancing with and then one of his hands found there way into my jeans and he started rubbing where I was wet.

i opened my eyes and i was about to turn around when someone caught my eye

is that..

is that Luke?

a girl had her hands wrapped around his neck but he didn’t seem to enjoy it.

what the hell is he doing here?

“I can feel how wet you are baby…” the guy whispered in my ear

Luke made eye contact with me and i swear i saw a hint of jealously.

i smirked at him and then i turned around wrapping my arms around the guy i was dancing with and said

“Let’s take this somewhere private”

then i kissed him.

i didn’t like kissing him as much as Luke and then i was pulled away from the guy roughly

and in front of me was a very angry Luke

“What the hell are you doing?” he said

i put my hands on my hips getting annoyed at him.. he has no right.

“i was kissing this really great guy if you must know, why are you here? shouldn’t you be fucking some bimbo?” i said to him

i looked behind Luke to find that i was dancing with was dancing up against someone else

i need air.

i went to walk away but Luke pulled me back

“Where do you think your going now?” he said

i pulled my arm out of his grip and said “ away from you and outside for some air”

i walked away from him but i knew he was following me

the cold air hit my face and it felt so nice, i didn’t know how warm i was until now

“Are you really that stupid?” Luke said once we were outside

i turned around to him feeling very sober now and then i said

“Why the hell are you here?” i asked not choosing to answer him because fuck him!

“ What the fuck were you thinking?” He shouted at me.

He’s angry with me? What the fuck?

He doesn’t need to fucking shout at me.

“ Well before you came, I was about to go fuck that guy” I said back

Okay maybe not the best thing to say but i was angry, how dare he shout at me wasn’t he at the party doing the same thing?

“ You were about to fuck a guy you don’t know, while drunk? Anything could have happened to you” Luke shouted back

I was really fucking angry now.

“ What’s wrong with that? You do it all the time? Isn’t that why you were at the party anyway to fuck some girl you don’t know” I shouted back.

I hate him.

“ This isn’t about me and no I wasn’t at that party to fuck some random girl, I don’t even know who’s party this is I was looking for you, I got your text and I wanted to stop you from doing something you regret, it’s a good job I did” Luke said

What? He came here looking for me?

What text?.. Oh no I remember now FUCK!

Okay i knew i shouldn’t have texted that. Ugh!

i don’t care he can’t just pick and chose when he wants me

“Well why don’t you go back to your party and i’m going to go back inside of mine” i said to him

i was about to walk when Luke stopped me

“C'mon you can’t be serious right now, come home with me before you do something you’ll regret” Luke said

i stepped back from him and said

“the only regret i have is ever going near you”

i walked back into the party and Luke never followed

i didn’t even want to be here but he just made me so angry!

he had his choice to come over and he didn’t, he told me he was going to fuck someone and now he tries to stop me from fucking someone

it just doesn’t make sense.

i looked around the party trying to find Lauren but i was out of luck,i couldn’t find her for all i know she could have went home with someone.

i decided to just go back home but i don’t exactly remember where i am.

i was surprised to see Luke standing against the wall of the house having a smoke

i didn’t know if i should go over to him or not and then we made eye contact

so i decided to be the bigger person and walk over to him

“I’m sorry” i said

he blew smoke out onto my face making me almost choke and then i felt his hands grip my hips and pull me close, i was happy to see he had threw his cig away.

“ were you really going to fuck that guy?” he asked as he looked down at me

i looked down at the ground and then back up at him

“part of me wanted to but i probably wouldn’t have” i said

Luke smiled at me making my stomach go wild with butterflies

his smile does things to me

“did you fuck someone tonight?” i asked him

i was regretting his answer because i know he probably did

“No” he said making my eyes widen

i couldn’t believe what he just said

“Why?” was all i could ask

“Because of you” he said

i just stared at him..

because of me?

what does that mean??

“what?” i said

Luke pushed himself of the wall but kept his grip on my hips

i couldn’t move, i was still in shock with his words

“Lets go home before someone catches us” he said

i followed him until we got to his bike but i stopped him before he got on and said

“What did you mean by because of you?” i asked

i needed to know why..

he signed and turned and at on his bike and said

“i meant i couldn’t fuck anyone tonight because all i could think about was you”

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There’s lots of big design credit in the little details. Paint window mullions to match the shade of painted kitchen cabinets. It’s a small way to add extra personalization to a kitchen.

Cabinet paint color: Ralph Lauren Rue Royale

 @tacticalgrandma​ mentioned combining the two joke extras I had in the comments and then I realized I actually wanted to do that and then I did that today.  This doesn’t take place strictly in the Revolutionary Fuckboys universe (although there are a couple shout outs to it for fun).  Modern AU lawyer Hamilton and med student Laurens feel-good domestic shit, feat. Hamilton being a Good Boyfriend and Laurens experiencing the worst kind of work plague.

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