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Camren & Serie’s Couples

I don’t know if you guys think the same as me… but when I watch some series I always can see some little Camren things on these couples.

Monica & Chandler (Friends)

They are best friends and in the middle of the way discover an incredible chemistry between them. They become lovers and companions. Both are funny and the partnership between them is notable. One of my best couples ever!

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

Ross has a crush on Rachel since college. They disagree for a while, but after the reunion happens, the chemistry between them is always very visible. They spend some time together but they broke up because of some incompatibilities. The chemistry between them exists even while they are not together. Rachel will always be Ross’s. Ross will always be Rachel’s.

Carrie & Big (Sex And The City)

Carrie falls in love with Big almost at first sight. It is not difficult to realize as soon as they were made for each other. Carrie is too afraid to get involved, but she finds herself more and more in love. Big, after a divorce, also becomes difficult to get involved again. They live conflicts in every season of the show, but whoever watched the series (and the movies) already knows how it ends … Carrie & Big Forever!

Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl)

My favorite couple!!!! Blair and Chuck start out as friends, but over the course of the series, they discover a hot, crazy, passionate, confused, dangerous and slightly toxic connection. It’s a relationship full of ups and downs. Anyone can see that they were made for each other, but the conflicts make this couple very difficult. Chemistry 100%!!!!

Elena & Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

Elena meets Stefan first and lives a love-hate relationship with his younger brother, Damon. In the course of the show, Elena and Damon discover a hallucinatory and a toxic passion. A very intense relationship between them begins. So much drama involved!!!!

Ted & Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

Robin is Ted’s first big love, they get to date during some time, but Robin has trouble to getting involved and they break up the relationship. Ted can never forget Robin completely and he lives dreaming about the day that maybe this relationship can work … until … :)

Marshall & Lilly (How I Met Your Mother)

The perfect couple!!! Have known each other since college. They are silly, funny, partners, best friends and cute. They complete each other. They are very supportive of one another. You look and see that there is no Lily without Marshall or Marshall without Lily. The world would work wrong if they did not stay together.

Olivia & Fitz (Scandal)

Olivia helps Fitz to reach the presidency of the United States and they end up falling in love and living a hidden story and madly in love. They are meant to be, but they can’t be together.

Piper & Alex (Orange Is The New Black)

Piper and Alex know each other before they are arrested at Litchfield Penitentiary. They are completely and madly in love, but they are toxic to each other and always engage in problems that make it impossible for them to be together. Chemistry is inevitable when they are close!!!

Camren (Fifth Harmony)

I don’t know about u…. but I can see a little bit of Camren in every couple that was listed here.

Enjoy! :) (Sorry about some spoilers.)

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Did you know that Lauren Jauregui is a superhero?

Her superpower is called The Jauregui Effect. She can make pussies wet to prevent global warming, and ovaries explode to curb the problem of overpopulation. She turns girls gay just by looking at them, and makes girls turn religious just by blinking or breathing. She can also make people lose their train of thoughts, or sometimes lose the ability to speak, that way, it gives her time to talk about politics and feminism and social issues without any interruptions. When she does The Wobble, even Michelle Obama turns into a big puddle of jauregay, as she hugs Lauren from behind, mumbling “Daddy” over and over again, and she’s not talking about Barack.

Lauren Jauregui’s powers lie on her green eyes, messy hair, cute front teeth, adorable double chin, and big Cuban booty. Like Superman, she gets her strength from the sun. She eats everything you put in front of her, but her favorite comfort food is something she likes to call “Camzzi”. It’s supposed to be a Cuban delicacy, but we are not sure what kind of dish it really is.

Alter ego: Lern Jergi

Lauren’s relationship status: “separately single”

Her pet peeves: making assumptions, airport security, grammatical errors, Donald Trump.

Her arch-nemeses are a band of villains who live in a separate bus and like to call themselves Go So Low with three main members: Rogeroo Pooperoo (this reptilian leader of the gang can manipulate and control people’s minds), Seen-You (she has x-ray vision), Ale The Hot Tamale (he can turn you into a lizard just by eye contact). Some would say that they have a Jr. GSL member in training, called Askme D'you Know? (she can hypnotize you to follow her around using her guitar skills. Thought to be a descendant of The Pied Piper).

Lauren Jauregui has one phobia though. She’s scared of boats because one time she was on a cruise ship called Camren and it was raided by delusional pirates and she almost choked to death by the amount of bras thrown at her. But another superhero saved her and soon became her special friend. Her name is Lu—

But that’s another story, kids.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Know Your Problematic Superhero!” (Only if you want another episode 😂😂)

(As always, I’m a troll, so please don’t be butthurt. This is just satire. The members of Go So Low are fictional characters and in no way reflect real life shit. Lol. 😉)

Magcon Living series part 1 . Mentioning it

Hey everyone so I asked you guys what series you would like me to make an a Lot of you said the house series so here it is part 1 ! 

The ones with the * next to them mean you are married 


Cameron : * 

“Babe have you seen my Black Vans ?’ Cameron asked scurrying through our closet “no “ i said annoyed he always ask me where his things are and I have no idea I moved into this apartment when me and Cam were just dating now we’re married I think we need a bigger better house not apartment . I walked into the bedroom “why don;t you just wear you grey ones ?” I asked laying on the bed “They’ll look nice ?””yeah” He grabbed his grey ones and put them on . “Hot stuff can we talk “ He chuckled at my use of name,”yeah”He replied tying his shoes . I dragged myself along to bed to reach his back wrapping my arms around his neck pressing my chest to his back, “okay what do you want?” He asked knowing something was up “What if we buy a house ?” His head turned to make eye contact with me . He swiftly picked me up and placed me on his lap, “why ?” He asked “this place is so small, we share a closet That kitchen has like no room, and we can afford a better house we are Married “ I said placing y hands on his shoulders straddling him. “I think it’s a great idea “ He said biting his lip obviously having other ideas “Yay really “ I said clapping “yes” He said laughing at how excited I was. I pushed him down the bed still straddling him I crawled  my way up to his lips, lets just say you saved the house hunting for later ;) 


Nash : 

“aww look at that house “ i said pointing out the window so Nash could tell which one I’m talking about, “yeah that ones nice “ He said giving it a glance to look back at the rode. “I really Love this neighborhood “ I said grabbing a hold of Nash’s Hand “yeah it really is nice all the house look different “ I nodded “When we move I would really like it to be in this neighborhood “ I looked at him “I think it’s time to finally get a house together “ Nash said rubbing my hand with his thumb. “really ?” I smiled
“Yeah we have been together for 3 years, and It’ll be something new not just you moving into my apartment you know “ He said serious “I think that is amazing Ughh I can’t wait “ I said smiling wide “so I think we decided on the area “ he let out “I think so now we just have to find one for sale “ “yeah,” he smiled over at me  “oh yeah there’s is a pizza shop right there …. and a Starbucks” I looked over at him shocked “you would get excited for that “ He said cheeky smile “shut up you know you screaming on the inside “ I teased “Yeah” He nodded . 


Matt :

“Babe are you gonna take Burnie for a walk ?” I asked getting a snack in the kitchen “ I son;t know I’m busy “ He said loud enough for me to hear “I will “ I said frustrated . I got Burnie and took him for a walk I was mad because we live in an Apartment complex and he barely gets to move around and he’s just cooped up in the apartment and Matt Barely walks him He’s always busy .”i’m back” I took off burnie’s leash and let him roam around . Matt cam walking through “hey Pizza for dinner ?’ “again, we have a stove “ I said frustrated “Okay miss pmsing “ He put his hands up in defense “I’m not On my period , It’s just we have a stove to cook on but not food, yeah I guess Pizza’s fine “ I sighed frustrated “Whats wrong?’ He put his elbows on the counter “Okay, this apartment is so fucking small Burnie doesn’t even have a yard this kitchen is so small we don’t cook in it we are always losing things I think It’s time we move “ I let out “Okay” He smiled “wait really ?” I was making sure “Yeah I hate this place, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to move or not because this was your apartment first “ He said I sighed in relief “ No this was big enough for one but not two “ “Yeah, a house or apartment ?’ He asked “a house so Burnie Can Finally have a yard “ I said in baby talk voice to burnie . He came running up to me and knocked me down to give me kisses I giggled . Matt got out his phone to snapchat and take a picture, Than he helped me up .   


Taylor : *

“i’m home “ I screamed closing the door behind me I kicked off me heels and put down my purse “Babe I’m in the living room” He shouted I dragged myself to the Living room to tired to even sit properly . I just threw myself on the couch “guess I’m not getting any tonight “ He joked . I looked up and gave him a glare “How was the party “ He asked sitting next to me “the worst, all she did was brag about her new house, her new pool, her new chef Everything of her’s that’s fucking new. she even showed us her new 200 dollar Victoria secret bra “ I let out, I sat up properly and laid my head on his shoulder m “well I’m sorry You didn’t want to go in the first place “ “I know I know But I just wanted to be a good friend “ I said “When we get a huge fucking house I’ll be sure to invite her snobby Ass “anger filling me “well Lets make that happen “ He put his arm over my shoulder “ What?”lets get a big fucking house “ He said “yeah right your just joking “ I chuckled “No I’m not I mean this house is nice but we might be starting a Family soon, so why not “ He said “really ?” I questioned “yes I am “ He picked me up and put me n his lap “I see London I see France I see Y/n’s underpants “ He joked looking down . My dress lifted up “Shut up” I got off his lap to our room to change Taylor clearly followed me there to watch ;) .


Jack J : *

 “Mommy I wanna go outide “ my son Jackson Begged me “Baby mot today it’s cold, Maybe tomorrow we can go to the park “ I said ]messing with his hair my heart broke he loves the outdoor’s but we don’t have a yard or any outdoor area at that we live in an apartment we really want to move it’s just hard because of Jacks schedule “I’m home “ Jack said running in the room “daddy” He screamed running over to his father . “Hey sexy” He came over and give me a kiss on my forehead “hey, can we talk ?” I asked anxious to tell him . He nodded “We should move” I continued “Jackson Has no room to play, There is no room in this apartment and If we wanna get that surprise we need room “ I stood up, we wanted to get Jackson a puppy for his 2nd birthday “I think it’s a great idea, Even if I am busy we will make this work “He gave me a kiss “Yayyy, Jackson we are moving “ I said to him dancing around “we movin movin “ he said following me, Jack joined along We were all really excited .  


Jack G : 

“this place is really nice “ I said looking around the scenery of the restaurant “Yeah it’s pretty fancy “ Jack said looking at the  menu “I need to say something, and pleas don;t think I’m trying to rush into this relationship “ I said “Okay what is it “ You could see the worry in his eyes “we should get a apartment together “ I said looking at my lap “really ?” He chuckled “Sorry it’s a bad idea “ I second guessed my self “No I’ve been wanting to I just wasn’t sure if you felt the same, we have been together for a year and a half it’s time “ He said “I can’t believe this is happening “ I said “It’s going to be a big step in our relationship “ he said “I think were ready “ I said placing our hands together “ye we are love you “ he leaned in to give me a kiss . 


So are you excited for this series i feel like its different from anything else !