lauren home

where my home is
  • Lauren: *calling camila*
  • Lauren: *still calling camila*
  • Camila: wwhoo the fuck is calling at 3 am in the morning?! *see the caller*
  • Camila: oh hi babe, do you know what time is it here?!
  • Lauren: hmm sorry baby i just wanna tell you something
  • Camila: what?
  • Lauren: Open your door *smiles widely*
  • Camila: *squeals happily and run towards the door* *opens door but there's no one*
  • Camila: wtf Lauren! don't play with me
  • Lauren: holy shit i'm in the wrong floor!!! i'm coming baby hold on
  • Camila: *laughing so hard*
  • (elevators door opens and Camila runs towards it seeing Lauren coming out from it)
  • Camila: *jumps to koala hug her*
  • Lauren: Hi
  • Camila: I missed you