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Random celebrities? They're all active women! Where are the pictures of Roscoe Arbuckle and David Battley!?

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Sorry that my blog doesn’t deliver what you want, Random Anon. I’m happy to learn that Mary Pickford, Lilian Gish, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Mary Tyler Moore, Audrey Hepburn Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Jane Mansfield, Jane Russel, Lucille Ball, Debbie Reynolds, Lauren Bacall, Farrah Fawcett, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, etc. are all still active, can’t wait for their new movies! Thanks for the new knowledge!

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FYI I do run another blog that Roscoe Arbuckle may appear on from time to time. I’m not going to post a link but I’m not hard to find. Also there’s plenty of wonderful blog out there that do post classic comedy celebrities and plenty of others for you, so can exactly what you want to find.

On that note, I’m going  continue what I’m doing here and let the world do what they want. If you don’t like it don’t follow and don’t complain Random Anon, it’s not hard

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Anyways have a good day, followers, I realized I’ve never said anything to you guys. I’m happy to have all of you following my little page here!

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Back to my normal post of MY favorite celebrities!!

Can we talk about Amy in Faking It 3x02 for a sec, guys?

The angry anons are already flooding my inbox crying “I told you so, Amy’s a psycho.” or “Amy was so OOC, they’re ruining her character to make Karma look good #PoorKarma.” and I’m over here like..

Did you guys honestly view Amy as a perfect angel floating on clouds sent to the ground to build shelters for puppies all day and bring world peace? Did you honestly, honestly think she was incapable of vengeance/payback/lashing out/making mistakes?  Because if so, I have news for you, and the following is coming from one of the biggest Amy supporters in this entire problematic af fandom: SHE. IS. NOT. PERFECT. *gasp* You can pick your jaws off the floor now. And thinking that way is incredibly reductive/insulting and it brings a huge disservice to her character. Amy is only human. If you loved this perfect version of her and put her on a pedestal where she never once belonged, you’ve been in the wrong this entire time.

Amy is not a flawless person/character and she never was. Amy Raudenfeld has always been a fan favorite for reasons I understand but she is not an angel who can do no wrong. She’s not this person who doesn’t mess up, ever. She is a complex character with so many sides to her - some brighter, some darker, like all of us. She is deeply flawed and intended that way - just like Karma and any other character on this show.

Why was what happened this episode entirely in character for Amy? Well, let’s see. First of all, Amy has proven that she can be very rash and impulsive. She also lashes out when she’s emotionally vulnerable/under a lot of pressure/hurt/angry. See the season 1 finale and the bridal shower incident with Farrah and Lauren (1x04 - Remember The Croquembouche). 

Second of all, who does Amy care about more than anyone else in the world? Who has the ability to bring out the best and the worst in her? Imagine how she felt when she saw Zita and Karma kiss, just after she thought they were close to reconciliation. Put yourself in the shoes of the girl who left for an entire summer because of a kiss - because Karma hurt her, first and foremost by giving her hope then not being able to give her what she wanted. So if Amy perceives that, for Karma, their kiss meant nothing, she will see red when she sees Karma kiss Zita - a random girl, essentially. Why does this enrage/hurt her so much, aside from the obvious jealousy?

Amy knows Karma, she knows she would be capable of doing something like that - kissing Zita - to hurt her/spite her (see Karma attempting a threesome with Shane and Wade). She knows Karma is just as impulsive as her when she’s mad. Given the fact that Karma couldn’t tell Amy the kiss meant something, it doesn’t surprise me that she’d go crazy when seeing Karma kiss another girl, when Amy knows that she’s straight and she said it herself too. Unless Amy knows about the vague development of Karma’s bisexual journey - which I’m pretty sure she doesn’t - the only way that action made sense in Amy’s mind was if Karma did it with one purpose - to hurt her. Add a healthy dose of Lauren adding fuel to her fire/doubts about Karma’s true motives and you get a very emotional/angry/hurt Amy. And what does Amy do in that state? She is no longer rational. She seeks revenge. And she is going to get it.

Now I know that Amy messed up this episode. A lot. She is in the wrong but I can understand where she’s coming from. She is prone to mistakes like everyone else. She is hurting and wants to hurt the person who did it (in a way that she perceives as intentional) back. This isn’t rational at all, but let’s be honest for a second, how many of us didn’t respond the same in real life? 

So, please, do acknowledge that even your favorites can do shitty things. Does this episode make me love Amy Raudenfeld any less? Hell to the fucking no. It actually makes me love her more. She is beautifully flawed and realistically written. She’s not a saint and neither is Karma. And they shouldn’t be.

A Letter From A Not So Stranger | Ch. 28

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendance record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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I Can't Let Him Win

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I Can’t Let Him Win

Author: lysser8312Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Published: 02-12-15 - Updated: 02-12-15id:11041430

I Can’t Let Him Win

A/N: I seem to have some creativeness flowing recently. Anyways this is kind of lyrically inspired by a song with the same name by Maria Mena that I felt like had to be elaborated upon.

Summary: Amy decides to be honest with herself – she’s probably still in love with Karma. She probably always has been. But she’s pretty fucking sure it’s Karma’s fault because Karma’s never really been able to let go of her the way she should’ve when things became legit with Liam. (By that she means they still make out pretty regularly).

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