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stupendousobservationjellyfish  asked:

When I rewatch s3 I noticed that Lauren Cohen's name was with J2 and not in the guest star category. Does it mean that they might have wanted to make her one of the main cast? I mean Misha and and Mark's name didn't start to be with J2 until s10.

True story, her name does in fact appear just after Jared and Jensen and before the “Guest Starring” label in her episodes.

She was upgraded to Series Regular status at the request of the then CW President who wanted a second female lead along with Ruby for the season. Apparently they liked the idea of her as an antagonist to the boys, but botched the pacing on integrating her into the Winchesters’ story. Ultimately the writers decided to scrap the character after feeling they’d made her too antagonistic to be realistic to the journey. So she was gonna be main cast, and then…wasn’t.

(Misha was first upgraded to Series Regular in Seasons 5 & 6 and then again in Season 9 onwards, and Mark in Season 10.)

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