Okay… I’m just going to say some thing and it’s totally my opinion. I feel like if Beth was alive then they would have  done something to let us know by now. And I don’t mean let us know with little Easter eggs that could mean anything. I mean like, actually show her. There are four episodes left of season five. I don’t think she’ll come back. I think she’s dead. I think they buried her. Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The group has a life beyond what we see on screen. Unless she was like, half robot and can survive a bullet through the brain, she’s dead. She’s gone and we have to deal with it just like with all the other characters. Tyreese had his hallucination… I honestly think thats all we’ll get besides maybe a nightmare from Daryl or Maggie. But as far as I’m concerned, Beth is dead and gone.