Say No To This

(A Laurens prequel to the real Say No To This.)

Laurens: I just got another letter,
G-d I thought that he’d get better now he’s married to Eliza,
She will make for him the best wife,
He’s so lucky to have her in his life,
I love him too well to bring them strife —
I gotta write him and tell him ‘no’
Tell him that we’ve gotta let go
Tear his heart from mine, we both gotta say ‘no’
I’ll be fine. He was never mine -

Alexander: You’re lyin’.

Laurens: It’ll ruin your reputation
Sodomy so high in the nation?
He ignores me, tells my frustration —

Alexander: It’s love, how can it sinful?

Laurens: The preachers all swear that it’s dreadful.
(speaking) Thou shalt not lie with a man the lyings of a woman —

Alexander: I never said we’d take it Eliza’s bed,
C’mon let’s head to yours instead.

Laurens: So he lead me to my bed,
let his legs spread, and said —

Alexander: Staaaaay.

Laurens: Hey ~
Lord, show me how to say ‘no’ to this,
I know I oughta say ‘no’ to this,
But, my G-d, he makes me helpless,
And my body keeps tellin’ me “Hell, yes.”
Do you know what my father will say if he learns what we’ve done?
He’ll say “I take comfort in the thought that I once had a son.”

Alexander: Give me the power to show that I love you by actions rather than words.

Laurens: Lord, show me how to say ‘no’ to this,
I know I oughta say ‘no’ to this,
In my mind I’m tryin’ to go,

Ensemble: Go, go, go

Laurens: But his mouth is on mine,
I do not say -

Ensemble: No!

Laurens: Yes!

Ensemble: No!

Laurens: Yes!

Nobody has to know.

Alexander: Yes.

Sometimes, coming up with… unique names for Boys, is a little more difficult. But not with! Some of the Boys’ names that our system produced are:

Stanson, Jasik, Markson, Korlin, Mylin, Stanlin, Dax, Hestoval, D’Vaney, Nikz (With a Z), Estefan, Lemand, Danrick, Lancer, Anthen, Richlin, Lanson, Andreese.

Dareik, Dendrin. Galloway, Keaton, Branlin, Adrey. Chadrick, Laurelton, Vandell, Willton, Colter, Jeffrin, Samilon. 

Brookland, Deenan, Yvonney, Jeffridge, Chadrey, Guston, Devrick, Gallow, Ethlon, Dexton, Clacey, Rearton, Rylin, Racer, Jada, Leslian, Lexter, Erwind, Jacquerie, Jerickson, Jarwin, Conlin, Bryley, D’Vond, Brockton, Cortayne, D’Vitri, Draylin, and Felix!


KELLS: No, let’s see where she goes. Mara, who did you hurt?

Mara: My teacher.

KELLS: What was her name?

Mara: Morales.

Mr. ___: Her file says that her teacher, Christina Morales, died of anaphylactic shock in reaction to fire ant bites on [date redacted].

KELLS: Let me see.

Mara: Also a … a man. He hurt a dog. I—I—

KELLS: It’s okay. Take your time. Just tell us what you remember.

Mara: Rachel.

Mr. ___: Rachel Watson, deceased, died Wednesday [date redacted] in Laurelton. Remains discovered at six a.m. with those of—

Mara: Claire.

Mr. ____: Claire Lowe, yes, as well as her brother, Jude Lowe—

Mara: Noah.

Mr.____: Noah Shaw? I don't—

KELLS: Quiet.

-Retribution of Mara Dyer

Photo: "Theatre Gold"

This theatre was part of a facility for feeble-minded women, particularly between the ages of 16 and 45.  It was designed to detain, segregate, care for and train these women and operated from 1920 to 1998. 

Despite the hospital’s dark history, this theatre was quite beautiful. I loved the worn texture of the wooden seats, the missing tiles on the ceiling playing a game of Tetris and the beautiful massive windows with gaudy golden draperies.