fangirl challenge - [9/50] romantic relationships ♡ kat and adena
“What I really wanted to say was was just how amazing you are. You’re courageous and thoughtful and honest, and you’re the only person I’ve ever met who, you know, completely throws me off my game. And I think I really like you.”

So this show is telling me, that Laurel was acting like Wes was the LOVE OF HER LIFE after he died and how NONE OF THE OTHERS LOVED HIM LIKE HER - including Annalise WHO KNEW HIM SINCE HE WAS A CHILD - and HER BEHAVIOUR was all GUILT because she FUCKING CHEATED ON HIM WHILE HE WAS ALIVE with FRANK and the only reason he’s dead is because of HER FATHER?

We all have those ships that we feel affection towards and we’re like ‘oh they’re cute I guess’ AND THEN there are the ships that you would sell your soul to the devil for. The ships that occupy your mind more than your relationships in real life, the ones that make you feel tingly in your stomach when they do literally anything, the ones that basically take over your life tbh. Those are the OTPs.