Street style guru and fashion star taylor-tomasi-hill was goop’s guest editor for fashion week. Among her picks of “ones to watch,” she talked to Laurel Pantin, Market Editor of Lucky Magazine.

“Q: What secret product has been a constant in your beauty routine?

A: VMV Hypoallergenics Boo Boo Balm.”

Click here to read the full post, which includes Laurel’s awesome tips on the many ways to use Boo-Boo Balm!


Everyone comes to New York with a dream… and sometimes, we get to wake up from the dream and live the reality. For Fashion Market Editor Laurel Pantin, waking up in Chanel Monday through Friday in a white fluffy bed that looks like puffy clouds high in the sky, putting Chanel up there in the heavens, is a dream.  Then I realize, I think we would all love waking up and living in a Chanel dream world….

Here’s to a new week! Have a great one…


I woke up like this!…in Chanel Monday through Friday with Laurel Pantin…