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I’ve noticed that whenever Elphaba belts a lot (Wizard and I, Defying Gravity and No Good Deed), it’s the times that is the least emotionally reserved and just shows all of her true emotions.

But in For Good, despite the fact that it is one of the most dramatic points in the musical, Elphaba doesn’t belt at all

because she’s trying to hide all of pain and sadness from Glinda to make sure she stays hidden and can move on with her life

I am SO appreciative of everyone who is sharing stories, photos and cute little anecedotes from HVFF London! You all are amazing and my Olicity heart is dying! Emily Bett Rickards seems like a beautiful human, inside and out, and I’m so glad that she’s there and is having, what seems like, tons of fun! Always so great to see the Arrow cast together and she definitely brings a freshness to the con!


I will never understand the amount of hatred and animosity that gets thrown at KC during these events. I try my best to follow unbiased accounts of cons (not an easy feat on either side, let me tell you) and I watched the videos of the EBR, JS (UHM HE IS A GOD AMONG MEN WOW) and KC, and yes, totally admit there was definitely a bias for the panel host (??? is that the name ??) but overall, what I saw were co-stars who genuinely love and support one another. Emily had LOVELY things to say about Katie, and Katie had lovely things to say about Emily. There was one question that my Olicity shipper heart didn’t enjoy, and that was the love triangle thing, but I don’t think it was handled poorly at all. And also, that question was totally on the biased panelist. 

Here’s the thing, I’m not there. So that should probably automatically mean that I shouldn’t get to share my opinion but I’m doing it anyways.

I was apart of the Arrow Twitter fandom for a little bit and I honestly couldn’t handle it. This cast seems like they love one another, and get along so well. But apparently to Twitter, they don’t and all secretly hate KC? And Katie is like a mean bitch who hates everyone?? And I just?? WHAT? where are they getting any of this?! And also, slut-shaming is NEVER okay. NEVER. NEVERRRRRRRRRRR. 

To me, Katie seems like an introvert. Or maybe reserved is a better word. Some people have an easier time connecting with their audience and being very lively (please don’t shoot me but I kinda think that’s Emily) and others struggle a bit more. But from every unbiased account I’ve read, KC seems like a truly professional and wonderful person. 

It’s just annoying and frustrating to me that a simple answer can get so twisted or that there’s this weird need to make things so dramatic in the Arrow fandom.

So you don’t like Lauriver, join the club! I don’t either! But that’s a CHARACTERS RELATIONSHIP, one that isn’t even existent currently, there’s no need to make it about the actress. 

We can be better than that! 

Things are getting out of hand.

So on Friday I made a post about psychic shop in Monmouth Street. (five minute walk from Covent Garden Station if you turn left, for those of you who wanted to know)

But then I also found

and had a look at a map:

As you can see, the Piccadilly line crosses both places on a nearly straight line. Now, you can make of Ley Lines what you want, but if they really are ghost roads that help your spirit live on for a long time, wouldn’t that be a great place to build a King’s castle?

Let’s have a closer look:

I let you figure out how old the Queen is.

Basically, what I’m saying - Who wants to come ley line hunting with me this summer? ;)
No worries - the psychic shop does provide the proper reading:

(Oh God, I’m turning into Gansey.)