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hey just so all of you know

bisexuality isn’t just something you can use to make gay characters into the opposite gender because your homophobic ass can’t take it.

like i hate when people go “oh well they kissed someone of the same gender and pretty much said that they are gay bUT MAYBE THEY’RE BI LOOK AT ME SUCH A GOOD ALLY WE NEED MORE BI REP” like i don’t want your homophobic ass pretending to contribute to my sexuality just because you want a gay man to kiss a straight girl or a gay woman to kiss a straight man.

you’re not an ally you’re just gross and don’t care about bisexuality.

Repeat after me: Black Siren isn’t our Laurel Lance. She isn’t.

Is she a great character? Sure
Does she have a great potential for a redemption arc? Why not.
Is she our Laurel Lance? Nope.

Her eventual redemption arc isn’t a chance to save Laurel. If she turns good Oliver, Sara, Thea and Lance won’t have Laurel back. Just like Black Siren doesn’t have Oliver back cause in this earth he didn’t die.

They’re not the same person and frankly I’m tired of seeing people that act like they are.

If you’re happy that Black Siren is now a regular on Arrow and that Katie is back is perfectly fine for me. You have all the right to be excited.
But she’s not Laurel, she’ll never be Laurel so please stop acting like her presence fixes Laurel’s death. Cause it doesn’t

(I’m obviously not talking about all the people that love Black Siren)

Good and Bad

A question @alandthatiheardof was asked sparked this rambling. 

I have to talk about Laurel for a second. About how people have turned on her due to some of the decisions she’s made, things she’s done, etc. Turned on her to the point they are done, have walked away, whatever, etc. 

It makes me wonder what they’ve been watching all this time.

As a Flaurel fan, there have been plenty of moments where I could have jumped ship. It wasn’t easy to watch him tell her he loved her only to be told she didn’t love him back. It wasn’t easy to hear her immediately accuse Frank of starting the fire and killing Wes. It wasn’t easy to hear her speak to him the way she did the night he came to the hospital. It wasn’t easy to hear her turn him in to the police. It wasn’t easy to hear her tell him sleeping with him that night was the biggest regret of her life and to get the hell out. It’s not easy knowing she has complete control over this specific situation when Frank deserves an answer either way if that’s what he wants.

None of that has been easy. I’ve had moments where I honestly didn’t like Laurel. Loved her, but didn’t really like her very much. You know what, though?

She’s the same character who won me over the first episode of Season 1. She’s the same character who I found to be such a caretaker of the group when everything was spiraling out of control. She’s the same character who came there to help people and who wanted to leave the world better than she found it. She’s the same character who risked her Internship and career to get a mistrial for a young man she felt strongly about helping. She’s the same character who took the blame for something she didn’t do so the others wouldn’t turn on Wes. She’s the same character who has defended Frank and kept things she knows about him to herself to protect him. She’s the same character who lied to her Father and signed her name to a document to obtain Frank’s whereabouts. She’s the same character who kept said location away from Annalise. She’s the same character who has put herself on the line time and time again for other people. 

If I’m going to hold the bad against her, I can’t do that without acknowledging the good. And the good is Laurel for me. That is who she is. The bad is what happened to her. And the Laurel I know is gonna get there eventually. She’s gonna fight her way out of this and come out stronger. 

people really still ship laurel with frank? and want wes and laurel’s baby to be frank’s? lmao okay….

“your jackson” oh my god, aaron’s such a sweetheart reaching out to laurel though. talking about jackson is so hard for him, especially with people he isn’t close to but he still wanted to try and sat and help laurel??? making sure she understands that it’s ok when it affects her too, trying to give the best advice he can. honestly I’m crying I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

While I am ecstatic that people are liking Laurel more after last night’s episode, I resent the fact that it took comforting John or putting on a mask to make it happen.

Nothing that Laurel did in 3x10 was uncharacteristic of who she’s been since we’ve known her. She cares about people. She believes in justice. She wants to help her city. That’s who she’s been since season 1, and pairing her with a fan favorite character or (finally) having her take up the mantle of BC doesn’t change who she is fundamentally.

Everything you suddenly love about Laurel? That’s been Laurel all along.

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Do you feel like a part of the reason laurel is less hated this season is because she had less scenes therefore giving people less reasons to bring her up?

I think that’s probably a large part of it, to be honest.  The show worked hard to rehabilitate her image this year.  And save for her BC arc after the midseason hiatus, she wasn’t featured very heavily.  It was easier to pretend she wasn’t there, to be honest.  

I will never like LL, I’ve made peace with that now, but this year was a gust of fresh air in that I didn’t actively dislike as much of her scenes.  I’m okay with not caring one iota with her, I prefer that to the active dislike.  Feels more zen-like. ;)

And yes, haters, I see all your messages.  That was very cute how you spammed my inbox with lots of shouty, misspelled, poorly worded insults towards me, Felicity, whatever.  The insistence that Felicity is hated kinda makes me laugh.  Did you miss the Entertainment Weekly Season Finale Awards that came out this morning?  Did you see how Olicity cleaned up?  “Horrid finale”?  What planet are y’all living on?  I’m genuinely curious. 

(turned off anon till y’all have your naps)

Would never expect someone to spend time on something they don’t enjoy or find appealing, but these “edits” of Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Thea with the caption “the new team arrow” annoys the shit out of me.  Pretty sure you’re missing someone who – oh I don’t know – was the only one fighting for the city when Mr Queen himself was off lying in the snow, as dead as dead can be, and the “OG Team Arrow” members quit or were “unsure” if they were going to protect Starling without Oliver, but no, this “new team arrow” that is clearly indicative and all inclusive of everyone on the team is definitely not leaving anyone out.  No, of course not.  

The problem with last night’s story is that it was a convoluted mess meant to tie into Roy, and Oliver’s relationship with him. So they used Sara’s death as a way for Oliver’s faith in Roy to be tested, setting up other characters to be villainized (*cough* Diggle *cough*) for having acceptable responses to finding out that Roy killed Sara.

All the evidence points to Roy killing Sara, but Oliver refuses to deal with it. When John pointed out that they can’t have Roy running around if he’s slipping into mirakuru murdering rages, Oliver drags his feet. He was putting people’s life at risk, as far as the evidence was concerned. John made a good point, one that Oliver often overlooks in his special brand of hypocrisy, “we can’t have two sets of rules, one for the bad guys and one for us”. So what if Roy had killed Sara? They forget about it? Pretend like he’s not a ticking time bomb, wait until he kills someone else? I mean, Roy has really grown on me this season, I wouldn’t ever wish him dead, but the fact that Oliver refused to even deal with it is a problem.

This whole episode was set up to draw parallels between Ted and Isaac and Oliver and Roy, so that Oliver could prove to be “better” than Ted, and his faith in Roy confirmed. Which pisses me off, because 1) don’t use Sara’s death as a shitty b-story plot device when you aren’t even making it about her, and 2) it wasn’t necessary, in my opinion. I didn’t need a Oliver and Roy episode. All their interaction this season have shown us that the level of trust and partnership between them has grown. I haven’t doubted Oliver’s commitment to Roy, so why test it? And why drag other characters down in that attempt? The result was that you just pissed me off, and while my opinion of Roy wasn’t affected, my opinion of Oliver was. I mean, for a show that’s about Oliver supposedly being a hero, the writers do a pretty great job of writing him so I dislike him.

A letter to the Olicity fandom.
I’m not really going to start a fight with you guys, even because Felicity grew on me during season 2 but I think what some of you guys do here on Tumblr and over Twitter is disrespectful and rude.

Katie Cassidy is an actress, she’s been acting for more than 10 years now and it’s her job to promote the show, after all, she’s being paid for it right? I really doubt she would go on that stage and would start saying things without the approval of the writers and producers of Arrow first. Is just logic, she is not inventing anything! She’s talking about what is going on with Laurel and Oliver, not necessary as lovers, but as characters in general. Let’s remember that they know each other their whole life ok?

I would also like to remind some of you guys that miss Cassidy is not part of the Arrow’s writing team, she’s a cast member, a very lovely one and is not her fault if the show will eventually explore her undeniable relationship with Oliver, because she’s Dinah Laurel Lance and he’s Oliver Queen, like it or not, she WILL become Black Canary and the fact that some of guys keep yelling against it on twitter will not change that.

I’m pretty sad right now, because I’m a huge Katie Cassidy fan, I follow her career since 2006, so to me, read comments like “she must be a drug addict” or “this girl is so dumb and stupid, I hope she dies so we don’t have to deal with her anymore” only because of this panel is really frustrating. Even more because both comments above came from Olicity tumblr pages, with Olicity icons.

I understand that you ship something and it’s totally ok to do that but I think some people forget that this is just a TV Show. It’s not reality, but the people behind the characters are real. These people are not hating Laurel, they are talking about the actress, the person, this is cyberbullying and is a very serious crime.

Please, understand that I’m not generalizing because I met/ began following several pages that are dedicated to Olicity but also love and support Laurel / Katie and even I - who was not a Emily/Felicity fan- started to like her once I give her the opportunity.

I don’t think this is getting any better, the CW is a channel that never cared or respect the cast members, shows like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are there to prove these theories. “Tv to talk about” people always blame the actors for these relationships/love triangles and the girls always take the fault. Look what people did to Phoebe Tonkin over the past year, she quit twitter because people keep sending her death threats (!!!) AGAIN guys, is just a TV SHOW, not real.

The problem is getting so big that Stephen Amell made ​​a statement defending Katie on his personal facebook and people (again, with Olicity icons) started calling him a traitor. WTF????!

Ship Olicity, ship Lauriver, ship Oliver+Sara but don’t hate the actors, this is killing the vibe for season 3 and I have seen many people complaining about this too. Arrow is a great show, don’t let fandom fight ruining it because romance was NEVER the main focus

Thank you for your time.

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UGH I KNOW, the entire show was so ridiculous and annoying. they're literally ignoring laurel as a character until she becomes who they want her to be instead of talking about her progress, they discussed the episode that was very laurel and roy centric but didn't even talk about laurel at all other than "i hate her" "i wanted her to die" UGH and the fact that stephen didn't even mention her either and used the stupid "she must train 5 years like oliver" thing was just UGHUGHUGHHH

[cracks knuckles]

I’m about to get my Laurel meta on.

I think what bothers me the most about comparing Laurel becoming Black Canary to Oliver becoming Green Arrow and Sara becoming the Canary is the fact that Laurel is, and always has been, on a whole different level than Oliver and Sara could ever dream of being on.

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Well, I was taking about the fact that Arrow released promos that pretty much looked romantic between Laurel and Oliver while Oliver has an engagement ring in his back pocket. And the fact that everyone is now saying they're building back that relationship so they can have L/O endgame. It just disappoints me they're still playing that angle.

Yes! I was talking about the same pictures! 

That is what I meant about their history together because here’s the thing: two people can be there for each other, can touch and comfort each other, and not be romantically linked in any way, shape or form.

What I’m getting from these pictures is Oliver is going to be there for Laurel. Remember, this is an Oliver who has healed many broken fissures in his own self and can now be there for the people around him in a way he’s never been able to before. I imagine a lot of what heals the distance between him and Laurel is this very thing: despite his disappointment and potential anger about Sara, he’s still going to help Laurel. Because he cares about her, he wants to help her. He might not agree with what she’s done, by any means, but he won’t just abandon her, because that’s not Oliver.

He’s going to help bring Sara back from the brink (and those images, to me, are showing two people who had a very strong connection with Sara before she died being a connection for Sara’s soul to grasp. Quentin absolutely did, but it was different with Laurel and Oliver, so it makes sense that they’d be a conduit of sorts to act as a sort of guide for Sara’s soul… or whatever the hell Constantine’s doing).

But here’s what I see when I look at this picture:

  • Man, Oliver/Amell has a fine ass, how is he real? I mean… thighs.
  • I can’t get over how skinny Laurel’s legs are compared to mine.
  • Quentin, you are me, and I am you. Wtf is this?
  • Constantine, please never stop talking, I like your voice.
  • Is that Sara on the ground, and if so, why isn’t she wearing more comfortable shoes? I’d be wearing more comfortable shoes.
  • Oliver, please be naked from now on.

(My silliness should answer this issue more than anything else above.) 

Of course people are going to talk, especially people who ship Laurel and Oliver together, that’s what happens! If you ship Olicity, concentrate on Olicity! Because in the same episode, we also get this:

Laurel was the same

I am very glad people are liking Laurel and seeing how amazing she is. I am very proud of Katie and I am happy they are doing a great storyline for Laurel.

But I was really mad reading people talking about “how different” Laurel was. Let me tell you, she was the same as always.

She was nice to Felicity and Diggle because that’s who she is. She cares about people, even when they are not her close friends. She knows Oliver is important to them, and she can relate to that. 

She did justice and take Black Canary’s mantle because that’s who she is. All her life if about fighting for justice. To make the world better. To make sure people are safe. 

She was the rock of the team because that’s who she is. Because she can be strong when people need it. She was there to her father, so she is there for them too. 

Nothing about last night was new. So, if you liked Laurel yesterday, please, go back and watch Arrow again, because you’ll understand she wasn’t amazing just yesterday. That’s who she is. 

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Seriously. On the list of people that Oliver would think of right before he died, Diggle, Tommy, Sara, Roy, Shado, Barry Allen, Lyla, and even Quentin Lance would probably be ahead of Laurel at this point.

oliver would think about his fourth grade math teacher before he thought of laurel tbh.

bitter olicity hater that deleted her answer from my olicity/anti-lauriver meta 

So if the Lauriver fans “have to stop” using the comics to justify the ship because it’s comics canon and the Arrow writers have said the comics are just a jumping off point, don’t the Olicity shippers have to stop using the “Laurel doesn’t exist in New 52” to justify their ship and to discredit the possibility of Laurel being/becoming Black Canary?

BTW actual canon on the show says Lauriver existed and exists. I think that is pretty much all the justification we need, thanks.

What have you got in canon other than Oliver declaring his undying friendship for Felicity and shoving her at Barry?

Well, first of all I don’t know any Olicity shipper that actually try to justify Olicity by the comics story, we justify our ship only by our show’s canon that actually matters in this talk btw. We point out about Laurel not existing as way to show that not all Green Arrow comic stories include her and her relationship with Oliver as answer to the same telltale about Lauriver need to be together because comics.

I can’t talk about Olicity fandom, but particularly I discredit the possibility of Laurel being a good portrait of Black Canary based on the show canon too. Her characterization and storyline became weak in s02 and completely uninteresting and it’s not an Olicity fandom only problem, as this particular problem (aka Laurel characterization) is voiced by different medias when people talk about the show. So, you can’t blame this one to Olicity fandom.

And yes, the show canon Lauriver happened, Oliver was in love with Laurel and that’s really the only thing that matters for you? You truly don’t care about how they happened, their backstory, all their interactions, how their characterizations are handled, if their relationship is good for them, if they bring the best out of each other, etc… Nothing this matters, just the fact that it existed in the show in s01.

So lemme tell you something: s01 is over, the writers of the show are in a different place, and they cut things that didn’t work and started investing their time in things that were very much appreciated among the network and the viewers. Funny thing is that after they stated about the stuff they invested and the stuff they cut, they actually started to invest heavily on Olicity relationship. We’re halfway S02 and we already got statements from writers that Oliver and Felicity’s feelings for each other are slowly changing and growing, that there’s more to it that just friendship.

I’m not the one making this up, Olicity is not just another fanon ship that is popular. It’s actually being written and incorporated on the show’s canon. You can accept it and moved on or live in denial like you apparently are.

And about ‘Oliver declaring his undying friendship for Felicity and shoving her at Barry?’ If you think you’re making me mad/sad, I don’t feel offended at all. Obviously, the whole scene had many layers about it and it’s not as simple as you put it. But you’re a bitter fan so it’s pointless to discuss the body language/the acting/the post discussion issue. So I’ll say it as simplified as you put it.

Like I said it’s only season 02 and I don’t want them to get together anytime soon. Gimme all the undying friendship, please. Let Felicity have many relationships as she wants before she and Oliver even realize they like each other like non-platonically.

I want slow and for Olicity become something bigger than any other couple of Arrow as they take time to develop them. It’s the declaration of undying friendship that started the love story of Mulder/Scully, Booth/Brennan, Peter/Olivia, Tony/Pepper and many others couples that I can’t remember right now.

I don’t need Oliver to realize in S02 he’s slowly falling for Felicity or vice versa. A well written love story goes beyond the declarations of love, getting together and sex. It’s all about new starts and solid friendship and trust and loyalty. But clearly, you don’t get it as you probably ship Lauriver and all these things I mentioned your ship lacks aside a very fragile and tentative friendship between them.

And honey, I don’t need you to justify your ship to me. Actually, you can ship whatever you want and it’s not my problem. It was you that got bothered by my meta that I wrote for my Olicity fellow shippers. You felt the need to justify something and if you had it’s because I probably hit a nerve or several as the case seems to be.

We have to talk about how after Laurel’s “you think you’re protecting her but you’re only protecting yourself” line it cut straight to Felicity in the foundry and then Oliver coming in and their scene.

It’s like how it cut to Felicity after Diggle’s “…someone who is already the perfect fit” in 1x08.

Editing don’t lie, people. Laurel may have been talking about Sara (and herself), but the show is talking about Felicity.