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UPDATE: Everybody is saying Theroy, but I’m just thinking, what if it’s Felicity breaking up with Ray because we know what her heart wants and as he’s a good guy bláblá she says that? 

Laurel Lance is proof that female characters can carry strong storylines on their own.

When I look at Dinah Laurel Lance, I see a character that has flourished as an independent woman. Her storyline this season is probably the biggest reason I am still watching this show.


Laurel is a character that can hold her own.

Looking at the history of Laurel, when her storyline was focused on Oliver and then the death of Tommy, she was a bit of a mess. Even though she had moments when her indepence and strength were shown, for the most part her entire worth seemed to be defined by the men who loved her and her reactions to them. With Ollie it was all about whether or not she would forgive him for the sins of his past and fighting her feelings for him. With Tommy it was all about loving someone other than Oliver and then the guilt she felt because of his death. It was never really about her. It was always about the men.

Fast forward to now. Pushing aside her romantic relationship with Oliver and any other character, she is her own person. The focus isn’t how she will react in respects to the men in her life. Her story is about her journey to becoming the hero she was always meant to be.

Laurel Lance is the Black Canary. Period.

Sara (though a character I enjoyed) was never meant to be the lead. She was never meant to be the hero that Laurel is.

Laurel Lance becoming the Black Canary is wonderful to watch!

She is taking every thing that has happened in her past and using it as a driving force to become something better than she was. She wants to save the world! In a way, she is the true hero of Arrow because unlike Oliver, her pursuit of justice has never been someone else’s fight.

Yes, losing Sara was the final push it took to make her pursue vigilantism, but even without that, Laurel was fighting for justice. With or without Sara, she was going to become the Black Canary.

Laurel is a hero!

Without a man at her side or fighting for her love, she is awesome!

She is proof that women CAN carry a storyline that is all about them.


On what she thinks of her role this season and who’s the funniest co-star on Twitter


i have seen some posts that say they want the show Arrow to stop making Laurel in to Sara. first with the jacket, then with the black canary, and now with Nyssa.  that’s the biggest load of bull. they are not trying to turn Laurel in to Sara. they are showing how Laurel is coping along with Nyssa, both who have lost someone very important to them. first Nyssa wouldnt date Laurel because she would believe that to disgrace Sara and hers relationship. Laurel is finally getting the training she needs and the closure both of them need, they both get to learn more about Sara from each other and a great friendship will form…. my biggest point being that the show is based on Green Arrow, so they are loosley basing it off the comics, villans and going deeper in to Oliver Queens life. if anyone has looked into the Green Arrow you would know that Sara Lance was never the Canary ( at least not to my knowledge). the original black canary was a meta-human who could recreate the Canary cry. the black canary’s real name was Dinah Lance… ring a bell? it should because thats Laurel Lance’s real name. Dinah Laurel Lance IS the Black Canary and they are showing how she came to be. Sara is a stepping stone who wont be forgotten but to help Laurel reach her true potential..