There are a couple of things I think about in my little Bruce x Laurel world 

  • Bruce helping Laurel deal with her family drama (aka realizing that she doesn’t deserve the crap her dad puts her through, and one day they’ll make amends, but they both have to want it. As long as Quentin doesn’t want it, it won’t happen) 
  • Laurel finding out how much of a dad Bruce is, and it’s a++++ bc Laurel is such a mom (even if she doesn’t realize it) 
  • Fighting corruption in Gotham always, yes. 
  • Bruce being supportive!!! (take that 90% of team arrow) with her addiction, and then the two of them sparring together. Bruce, unlike some people, would never send her into the streets to fight on her own unless they were both confident she could do it. Laurel’s good, but she could be better. 
  • Laurel bringing Bruce with her when she has to deal with Oliver, bc he was gross to her one time too many & she’s done, and he just stand there, staring, glaring, hating Oliver. 
  • Laurel and Bruce bonding over their sense of justice, to help the people who need their help the most. (bruce bc of his childhood, but laurel bc she’s laurel, but also her CNRI days)
  • The Justice League happens and they’re totally the mom and dad of the team. 
  • The League forming and Bruce is probably not totally entirely sure about Team Arrow + Team Flash (with a hint of ‘p sure that cisco guy loves you always’), but Laurel mentions she doesn’t question his ‘connections, grandpa.’
  • Bruce and Laurel trusting in each other 100%

I love when people say shit like “laurel can’t be bi because she doesn’t flirt with girls” like have you watched the show?? She’s so fucking sly about it too I feel like laurel is the type of girl that just teases the girls she likes I mean she’s so fucking sarcastic and just makes panties drop right and left besides she’s also a superhero she’s totally gonna use that to flirt with girls because there is nothing hotter than a female superhero

So Fast (Olicity Fic)

Fandom: Arrow

Pairing: Olicity

Words: 1,270

Rating: Mature (for very slight blood and gore)

This fic was inspired by this lovely comic - - and the other fics inspired by it.

For those of you who read Safe and Sound on AO3, the update will be next week. I started training for my new job today and didn’t have time to finish the chapter.

I hope to have a teaser up within the next week so look out for that!


It all happened so fast.

“Please, take me instead. Kill me! Choose me! Please!” Oliver begged, struggling against the time locked cuffs around his hands and feet that kept him practically hog tied. His team struggled beside him, watching as Slade held the barrel of a gun to Felicity’s temple.

“That would only end your suffering.” Slade said, slowly dragging the gun down Felicity’s face, pushing at her jaw. “I wish for you to suffer completely, just as I have!” He shouted, causing Felicity to cringe and give the slightest of whimpers, more tears slipping down her cheeks.

“Don’t do this! Please!” Oliver pulled at his bondages, completely helpless.

It all happened so fast.

One moment Oliver was shouting at Slade, begging him not to do it, to kill him instead. The next moment the shot rang out, echoing across the empty factory. Felicity’s head jerked to the side, the bullet going through one side of her brain and out the other. Her body crumpled, hitting the floor in a lifeless heap, her head hitting the ground with a crack.

Oliver began to scream, horrified noises forcing their way out his body. He screamed loud and long and so did Digg and Roy and Laurel and Thea, who were all tied up to watch the past few minutes of madness unfold before them. They were kneeling on the cold concrete floor, watching as Felicity lied in a pool of her own blood and brain matter, staring lifelessly at them, the substances slowly leaking towards them.

“Now your suffering is complete.” Slade holstered his gun, his mission complete and began to walk out of the factory, leaving Oliver and his friends to stare at Felicity’s lifeless body. He continued to walk across the work floor and out the front doors, ignoring the threats on his life, the weeping noises of the team and mostly the pleas for Felicity. The four team members continued to cry, unable to look away from the dead blonde in front of them. After a minute or so the time-locked cuffs around their wrists and ankles released and all of them were moving. Crawling across the floor, desperate to reach Felicity, as if they could still help her.

Both Digg and Oliver scrambled forward towards Felicity, both reaching for her. Oliver froze over Felicity on his knees, his hands hovering in midair in shock before an inhuman wail ripped it’s way out of his throat. His shaking hands reached down to touch her, to cup her pale face, hands immediately becoming stained with blood. 

Her blood. 

A sob clawed it’s way out of Oliver’s chest, tears streaming effortlessly down his face. Digg ran his hand over her face, thumb and forefinger closing her eyes, not wanting to look at her dim eyes staring into nothing. Laurel, not as quick, but still frantic as the two men, came up beside them, clutching Felicity’s limp hand, squeezing it painfully. Roy barrelled past them without a second glance and would have kept going if Digg hadn’t grabbed his wrist.

“Roy,” Digg said, voice thick from his screaming and tears. “Where are you going?” Roy turned towards his teammates, nostrils flaring, lip pulled back in a sneer.

“I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.” Digg shook his head, eyes never leaving Roy’s, hand tightening.

“Roy, he’s probably miles away by now.” There’s nothing we can do. It was the unspoken sentence in the air. 

“Roy, we need you right now. I need you,” Thea whimpered from her position behind Digg. “Please just stay with us.” Roy’s eyes flicked over to Felicity and his face crumpled, a gasping sob escaping past his lips. Digg tugged him down towards him and Thea and the trio held onto the other like they were drowning and somehow they would keep each other afloat.

Oliver wrapped his arms around Felicity, bringing her cold body up against his chest and began to rock back and forth. Her bloodstained hair tickled his chin and Oliver ducked his head to painfully press his lips against her forehead, eyes squeezing shut as more tears welled up in his eyes.

“Oh God. No, God please, no. No no no, Felicity please.” Oliver said into the space around them as he pulled her tighter. Laurel turned her head against Oliver’s shoulder, hiccuping sobs leaving her mouth.

“You can’t leave me.” Oliver wailed, feeling like his chest and life were being pulled apart at the seams. “I love you, please. I can’t live without you, not now. Not after I just got you back. Please, don’t leave me. Felicity!” Oliver began to rock faster, breathing becoming difficult as he took in convulsing gasps of air. He started to hear her voice, echoing around in his brain like a broken record, like she was calling out to him.


“Oliver!” Oliver awoke with a jolt. His brain took a moment to process what was in front of him but it soon clicked. Felicity was straddling his stomach, face twisted in concern as one hand cupped his face while to other held his wrist. Both of his hands were holding Felicity face. Her warm, alive face, staring down at him. She was alive. Blinking and breathing and alive.

Oliver sat up without a word, Felicity sliding into his lap as his hands firmly gripped her face. He moved her head side to side as he frantically checked for any damage on her, even though the rational part of his mind knew she was unharmed. Felicity released his wrist and gently cupped his face, stilling his movements. Oliver’s wide, distressed eyes stared frightened back at her, his chest rising and falling erratically.

“Hey, it’s okay. You’re safe. I’m safe. Everything’s alright.” She rubbed her thumbs lightly across the scruff of his cheeks. Oliver breathed out in relief, the panic and fear melting away and rested his forehead against hers. They stayed like that for the longest time, just holding onto each other, breathing evenly and calmly. Oliver moved, replacing his forehead with his lips on her skin, kissing across her head, hands drifting to the juncture between her shoulder and neck. 

He kissed until he reached her temple, the point of entry for the bullet in his nightmare. The memories of watching the bullet slice through her head had Oliver gasping and shaking.

“Oh God, Felicity,” He stuttered against her skin. “You died.” Felicity stilled, chest constricting. “You died right in front of me and I-I couldn’t do anything but watch-watch you bleed and die and-and-”

“Sh sh sh, it’s okay. I’m not dead Oliver. I’m okay.” She cupped the back of his neck, guiding his head to rest against her neck, temple against her pulse.

 "But you-“

“But I’m here. I’m alive.” Felicity interrupted. “I’m alive Oliver.” He let out a breath, arms wrapping around her body, pulling her securely against him. Felicity whispered words of reassurance into his ear, hand stroking his hair. He pulled back after a moment and Felicity took the opportunity to place a soft kiss of her own on his forehead, soothing him in every way she knew how. 

She placed her hands on his chest, lightly pushing, lowering them back onto the bed. Felicity rolled to the side, taking Oliver with her. She wrapped her arms around his head and shoulders, cradling him against her as his arms slipped around her body, pulling her tightly to him. He placed his head on her chest, over her heart, letting the sound of it beating, a sound he would never tire of, drift him off into a peaceful sleep.


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Arrow sidelined their lead actress because the fandom that’s loud hates her. You’re going to tell me its because it was planed? Of course not. They did that shit because the Arrow fandom that hates Laurel/Katie are so fuckin loud ergo “fanservice.” JFC. You should be greatful. I wished the writers did half the shit for us (Laurel fans) they do for the other side of the fandom. Being ignored stings.

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so hey, fic bingo sounds like fun! (but also 2k, wow! i feel kinda guilty asking that of someone i am so SLOW when i have a requirement, so you know, i'd be satisfied with less.) as a pairing i'd love to read laurel x felicity because i've been feeling it lately and as the letter/number combination: I + 4. probs to you for setting this up and daring to do it and thanks in advance!

play fic bingo?

trope used: sudden convenient small spaces (also here on ao3)

(set in some ambiguous time where Oliver is away and clearly fake computer things happening to drive the plot along)


The problem was Laurel, or not so much Laurel as it was her new Black Canary outfit and that in of itself wasn’t a problem more…a distraction.

A form fitting distraction.

Felicity groaned, taking her glasses off to rub at her eyes and going back to the code she was trying to alter on the computer; not sneaking peeks where Laurel was conversing with Diggle about something.

“Come on Felicity, get a hold of yourself.” She made a face at talking to herself and quickly glanced around to make sure no one else had noticed.

Luckily they were all too busy discussing their next moves against some new gang that had decided to replace the old one; there always seemed to be something coming up in Starling City like that.

Or so Felicity thought, not even noticing Laurel coming up behind her to rest a hand on her shoulder.

“All good?” Laurel asked, leaning over to look at the code and smiling in bemusement when she couldn’t make heads or tails of it; she trusted Felicity knew what she was doing and that was enough.

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HeadCannon Laurel and Barry are besties

I was like: isn’t this canon?

and basically wanted to cry.

150% agree with you anon.