Working with Katie Cassidy is always a joy. I think the two of us have a great connection. But it’s also just – I find so much pride in knowing that they’re two strong female characters, on television, having strong scenes together out of friendship, where they’re not talking about a man or a love interest or trying to fall in love and they’re not yelling at each other or calling each other names. This scene is so important because we have strong female characters that are actually friends and men always get to have that. It’s a great scene and I loved working with Katie and I think the Lauryssa fan base will be very happy with it.
—  Katrina Law (x

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why do you even like laurel

i am ignoring the sarcastic tone and using this as an opportunity to discuss why i love laurel lance because i haven’t went on a rant in a while.

  • she has the biggest heart i have ever fucking seen. she cares about everybody so much. in a universe full of people who will die for others, she is the one person who will live for them - live with them. when the people she loves are grieving or are going through a hard time she will give up everything to be there for them. She did this when Oliver left and Thea needed somebody. After her shock and anger subsided she did this with Sara and Oliver, even if it meant helping them with their relationship. She literally will be loyal to somebody till the end. She might not agree with Oliver a lot but she is always on his side. She will take you in and care for you and support you and live by your side if you let her. 
  • her character development is beyond amazing. we literally get to witness laurel’s journey unfolding throughout the course of the show and if you watch without googles on or pay attention to her character a bit you literally will understand her reasonings behind things. we got to see her go from this girl who threw herself into helping people so she could hide from the anger and grief she felt. to this girl who lost another person and this time let the grief consume her and hid behind a pill or alcohol bottle (but we’ll get to that on the next bullet point) to this girl who lost yet another person and decided to channel it into something positive and honor her sister. 
  • her season two arc - oh man her season two arc. i completely understand why this arc drove some of the audience away because they’ve dealt with addicts and everyone has their own experiences. for me personally living with an addict and noticing that you have this addictive personality as well, her storyline spoke to me. this is how i wanted to see an addiction storyline unfold. i wanted to see somebody who hit rock bottom and got back up and said you know what i need help and then actually got the help they needed because i have never seen that happen in real life. katie cassidy brought this storyline to life for me and made it feel convincing and real and overall a great story to watch.
  • she’s hella determined. she will fall down seven times and get up eight. she has literally been through physical and emotional hell and came out the other side.
  • she’s angry, she’s oh so angry and she knows her self-worth. she has been kicked down, walked all over and she’s sick of it. she refuses to let people do it anymore, she will come at you hard and strong. she has let go of a lot of the anger but it was so nice to see a female character who is angry and whose anger gets in the way of the lead male because she had every right to be angry and to damn those who wronged her to hell.
  • and she’s so cute and she’s the black canary and SHE HAS A SMILE THAT MELTS MY HEART AND IS A CINNAMON ROLE AND I LOVE HER.
Reasons Why The Person In The Grave is NOT Dinah Laurel Lance


Wendy Mericle has claimed that the death has to resonate with the characters so that it can resonate with the audience. While Laurel Lance has a huge fanbase, she has been referred to as a “divisive” character. It would make more sense for the writers to create resonance through the death of a fan-favourite character on the show who receives more praise than mixed reception. What’s the point of killing Laurel Lance if there will be a number of audience members cheering and praising such a move on the writer’s part? It will literally defeat the purpose of the grave storyline in the first place. 


The people appearing at the grave are there to clue the audience in on the identity of the person in the actual grave. While one can speculate that it’s not a strong enough piece of evidence to go by, the writers can’t erase their inclusion in the flash-forwards, and their appearances, and their actions, need to match the circumstances. So Barry being invited to a funeral, missing it, but then showing up after the fact is crucial information, and so is Felicity Smoak being just as shook up as Oliver, being asked if she - personally - is okay, and then telling Oliver to kill the person responsible. Fortunately for Laurel, she lacks any significant bond between Barry Allen, and there hasn’t been enough development between Laurel and Felicity to warrant this reaction from her. 


If you’ve read the recent interview with Wendy Mericle on the reveal that The Calculator is Felicity’s father, you will notice that they did eye the possibility of Damien Darhk being the real father, but found it was too similar to the reveal of Malcolm Merlyn being Thea’s father. This shows an awareness of their previous storylines, and a desire to not repeat them beat for beat. So, wouldn’t killing off the Black Canary after killing off The Canary the season before offer the exact same thing it did in Season 3? Wouldn’t killing off Laurel offer Quentin the exact same storyline he had in Season 3? If they really are trying to avoid repeating old storylines, or being too similar to previous arcs, then this automatically puts Laurel Lance in the safe zone. 


When Tommy Merlyn died, Oliver seemed to adjust his perspective based on the outlook Tommy had before his death. He saw Oliver as a murderer, and so Oliver decided to stop murdering out of respect and honour for his friend. In keeping with that mentality, Laurel has mostly been against the idea of taking a life in the name of justice. While she has been tempted, it is clear that this is a route she would plead with Oliver to reconsider (something we’ve seen her do this season). Why would the writers position her to have such moral grounding on this topic if her death would result in Oliver murdering the person responsible? It doesn’t seem to coincide with the character of Laurel, but rather a character who is more willing to do “what’s necessary” versus “what’s right.” 


This feel like something a lot of fans don’t discuss: who is the “him” responsible for putting someone in that grave? Most would assume after the introduction of Damien Darhk in the season premiere, and the flash-forward identifying the man responsible for murdering someone close to Oliver as a man, that the two would connect. However, Mericle has confirmed that they are keeping hum on the identity of the killer. The only male villain established on the show this season that would kill Laurel is Damien Darhk. Malcolm Merlyn wouldn’t kill Laurel as it would negatively infringe upon his relationship with his daughter, and both Anarky and Andy Diggle have nothing to do with Laurel Lance. So if the “him” is just as much a mystery as who is in the grave, then that tells me it’s not Damien Darhk, and that lessens Laurel’s chances of being killed off this season even more. 

Inbox me more reasons why it’s not Laurel Lance in the grave, and I’ll be sure to update this list. I’m tired of seeing so many people spamming Laurel fans with messages claiming she’s the one in the grave, seeing ridiculous theories that are built upon the bias hatred people have for the character, and so I wanted to create a post detailing the reasons why it’s definitely not her in the grave. Let’s build the list, and go over it whenever we have moments of doubt. 

Has there been a decent response on as to why Laurel won’t be meta-human and have her ultra sonic cry on Arrow besides, “nah, that would involve writing for Laurel’s character” and “we don’t necessarily follow comic book arcs?” Because those 2 reasons are bullshit, especially when they practically made Felicity Oracle (sans name for copy right reasons, obvi)…so they obviously do follow comic book arcs…except for Laurel???

Writers, why you hate Laurel so much??????????

Um. Laurel Lance killed someone right? Officer Daily in S2? Like?? She shot him a few times and we clearly saw him die. Yet it has never been brought up????? 

Oliver was willing to kill that docter on the island so that Sara didn’t have to kill someone. He keeps telling everyone how he’s not killing anymore and how bad it is and stuff but he never talked to Laurel about her having to kill daily? They never showed her feeling guilty about it? She killed a guy, although he was villainous, but a kill all the same. That should be a big deal??? I’m so confused

Laurel is a selfish bitch?


So why did oliver become the Arrow again?

Oh right!

Because his father was an asshole and oliver wanted to kill everybody involved in the undertaking, and then just drop it all.

Remember? Thats why he actually said once he does not want to be have a name in his disguise because he is no hero.

I´m glad that we remembered that Oliver queens whole reason for being a Superhero was selfish.


Flarrow Fic: This Ain’t the Right Time For You to Fall in Love With Me

post-4x11 Laurel x Cisco. The girls all realized it at different times.

Part three of “Things Happen,” because it references Behold the Magnetism and Let’s Make a List.

Title from “Dark Times” by Ed Sheeran & The Weeknd.

This Ain’t the Right Time For You to Fall in Love With Me (AO3)

Thea first realizes it when Laurel gets back from Central City after their first bout with Vandal Savage. It’s still morning, but she’s been up for hours when Laurel busts through the apartment door, looking disheveled, and like she hasn’t really slept.

“Hey, how was Sara?”

“She was, uh, good,” Laurel answers lightly, but like it’s fake. She’s not lying exactly, but there’s something off about the sentiment.

“Everything okay?”

“What? Yeah…yes, of course.” She takes a seat on the couch next to Thea, and looks at the TV like it’s on. It’s not. If she didn’t know her better, Thea might have guessed her friend was stoned. “We went to a bar, we actually um…we ran into Cisco.”

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I don't think its more so the screentime Laurel has that has ppl upset. Its the lack of story she has. Her standing there and fighting equals scenes....but doesn't equal story. Kinda like what Roy was doing in S3.

100% agree. I have said in the past though that I appreciate what this season is doing for her. It’s nice to see her more polished. It’s nice to see her play an active role in the team, and have new dynamics with John Diggle in particular. I’m sure that’s legitimately all the writers planned and that’s really shitty and I wanted so much more for her this season but I don’t think the writers just forgot about her so much as they considered seeing these new aspects as part of her S4 storyline, hence why Katie always says the same thing for S4 interviews: “She’s so much more polished now,” etc. 

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i've noticed that you mentioned in one of the legacy stories - i think it was 'man under the hood' that ted grant and laurel lance eventually got divorced because laurel couldn't forget tommy. that makes me a little sad to hear, tbh. will we get a little more elaboration on their relationship? and in the legacy verse -- has laurel lance ever been the black canary?

In this ‘verse, Laurel is twice divorced. Tommy’s memory took on greater perfection with every passing year, and the subconscious comparisons became more and more invidious.

As Jon puts it:

Laurel has practically canonized the man who died saving her life, and we all suspect his ghost was the rival who broke up both her marriages.

Ted Grant and Paul Kord are supposed to play a greater role in the Big Final Installment, so you may get a little more of their stories with Laurel.

In this ‘verse, she has never been a masked vigilante at all. As jaded as she is by the inner workings - and failings - of the system, she believes too strongly in the rule of law to ever take up arms herself.