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Recovery Road -  Monday, January 25


Recovery Road -  Monday, January 25 on Freeform

The first official photos of Arrow and The Flash show the major difference between the two shows. 

The Flash’s photo captures all of the main cast, presents some sort of out-of-frame conflict, and has a picture of the suit of the character in which the show is named after. They’re telling us that the entire cast is important to them and they all play a part in what’s about to go down in Central City. They introduce an anonymous conflict that gets fans speculating – who are they looking at? Why does Joe have his gun drawn? etc. And it also gives the audience an idea of some of the changes that have gone down since the finale, for example, Iris helping the STAR Labs crew.

Arrow’s photo gives the audience what Guggenheim and co. feel is most important about the coming season – the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. No Thea, Diggle, Laurel, no reference to Oliver’s alter ego, no reference to the city, a potential conflict… no indication on where season four is going, other than the fact that Oliver and Felicity will be together.

It’s fine that Oliver and Felicity are together – that’s great – but it can’t be the focus of a show like Arrow. And when the producers agree that the first photo they want to show to the audience – their first impression of the new season – is a photo of Felicity staring longingly at Oliver it conveys the idea that their relationship will indeed be the focus of the season. 

I’m making illustrations for my series.  Because.

It’s all Clive Barker’s fault.  His beautiful illustrations from The Thief of Always blew my mind and I feel that my series would be incomplete without them.

This is the one for Chapter Two and remains to be my favorite.  Hopefully I can have a few more that battle the feel this one gives so nicely.  I’ll post more soon enough.

Officially broke 60k Words!

This manuscript is starting to write itself again.

Here’s a snippet for you, kids:

Slowly sitting himself up, Zach licked his lips and tasted the blood coated on them.  He wiped his forearm against his upper lip, leaving a wet red streak along his skin.  Thankfully, his nose didn’t hurt as much as it looked.

     Narcisst strolled his way back to him with nothing but a singed sleeve, where Zach had a bum arm and two things broken in a matter of minutes.  Something else was certainly at work, or maybe Zach held himself too high and wasn’t that good at fighting at all.

     “So,” Narcisst said, raising his arms out, “would you like to keep trying?”

     Zach’s brow furrowed, steadily growing more and more infuriated with the Overseer.  “Do you have to sound so condescending?”

     “I don’t mean to, Zachary.  I want to make sure you feel like you’re doing a good job.  Even if this little spat was one-sided.”

     That was the last straw.  Zach dug into his cargo pocket – the one with the handgun.  He didn’t know what kind of gun he possessed until he felt that grip.

     A revolver.  Ma only had one revolver, and that belonged to his father.

     He ignored the gun’s history for a second and pulled it out of his pocket.  Surefire aim and speed allowed Zach a quick pull of the trigger and a direct hit into Narcisst’s open chest.

     Clink! went Narcisst’s skin as he tumbled backward from the force of the shot.