laurel holloman

Wise Gay Friend: don’t ever watch The L Word…you’ll become addicted and simultaneously love and hate it for putting you through so much pain

Me: Pfft as if…not me lol…looks shite, won’t watch it anyway

Me a week later: *starts The L Word, becomes addicted and simulationeously loves and hates it for putting me through so much pain*


I first watched The L-Word on DVD when I was sixteen. I was just coming out and there were not a lot of lesbian characters on tv. There was no Brittana, Vauseman or Clexa. So when I saw that show I felt like a kid in the candy store. It opened a world to me. Every day I couldn’t wait to come home after school, put that dvd in and dive into that world. I’m thankful that Ilene Chaiken had the courage back then to produce such a show. I loved every season and second of it, even the bad plots ;-)! Especially everything about Tibette, they were actually my first ship.
You have no idea how excited I am now for that reboot. And I hope that the new season maybe gives another young lesbian the self-confidence and courage to go out in this world and be proud of themself. Represantation is now more important than ever.