laureen's girls


Who they are: Bo is a bisexual succubus who is just learning of the fae world as an adult. She is doggedly independent, bold, and strong willed. She loves deeply and cares for her found family above all else. Lauren is a lesbian human doctor who is in indentured servitude to fae authorities. She has a softer touch and lives to help others. Like Bo, she’s lived a hard life on the run for many years.

Why we love them: Bo and Lauren understand each other and have an intense passion for one another. From the beginning, Lauren was someone who brought out a spark in Bo and a sense that she could be trusted. They both want what is best for the other and will do anything to get it. Their love has been tragically star-crossed at times, and it breaks our hearts!

Spotlight by: Emma

[Relationship timeline and favorite moment SPOILERS after the cut]

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