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Alright, so you know all of those Phantom videos I posted?

Well, to make things easier I have collected all of the ones that have been uploaded and put them in this playlist for all to enjoy! 25 videos compiling 31 videos total of the show :)

Features videos of performances from all around the world, London, Holland, Japan, Broadway, Hamburg; and such legendary Phantoms like:

Earl Carpenter, Ethan Freeman, Hugh Panaro, Brad Little, and more!

Hope you guys enjoy ;)

Information on included videos below:

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The Phantom of the Opera

Washington, DC; August 2, 2007

Starring: John Cudia, Marni Raab, Greg Mills, D. C. Anderson, Bruce Winant, Laureen Vigil (u/s), Rebecca Judd, John Whitney, Polly Baird

Probably one of the best quality videos out there. A very good performance featuring a wonderful Phantom!