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Laureeeeen my sweet bottle of sunshine- I was looking at the episode calendar and I'm a bit lost on something: if all the eps take place in 2016, why was Caleb still playing football? Unless in this universe football is a spring sport and not a fall one? Or did I read it wrong?

Oh boy. My darkest shame comes out. I was worried this would happen. 

No, you did not read it wrong. Here’s the truth: I don’t know anything about football. I wish I could say I noticed that it was weird that canonically, Caleb’s games were falling after most seasons ended, but I didn’t know when football season ended, so I just kept writing. I’m pretty sure Briggon eventually pointed it out and, by that point, it was too late. 

So now it is a weird, unintended quirk of the universe. Because of my complete lack of basic sports knowledge, The Bright Sessions takes place in some sort of freak version of America where football is played ALL THE TIME. 


(jk. Once I realized, I think I rationalized that there are occasionally national tournaments for charity and stuff in February/March? I think I did some research and found that?? And I’m p. sure the last time Caleb mentions actually playing a game is episode 11…and then his team just practices throughout the whole year anyway? IDK THIS IS A WEIRD HIGH SCHOOL WHERE THE TEACHERS ARE DRUNK, LATIN IS EASY, AND EVERYONE PLAYS FOOTBALL ALL THE TIME)


Af 👅👅oh my god LAUREEEEEN!!!!!
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