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Was Carrie manipulating Quinn in “Casus Belli”?

Laure (@laure00001): After “Casus Belli” there was a lot of debate in the fandom about Carrie’s handling of Quinn. Was she manipulating him, playing him to get to Franny? Was she telling the truth? What do you all think?

Zefir (@zeffy001): I thought it was a perfect “Carrie-handling an asset” speech. It was the truth, that’s why the speech was so good. But served the right way.

Cynthia (@lange-c): I bought it as Carrie being honest, but I regard her as a fairly manipulative person. So, it’s like splitting hairs.

Sara (@carriemathison): Claire played it straight, as if Carrie was being 100% truthful. But I don’t think there is full canon evidence to support her attitude…

Laure: Really? Carrie seemed very moved, when she was at the bedroom door, looking at Carrie and Quinn.

Sara: Carrie knows how to get people to do what she wants. She said seeing Quinn with Franny was the best feeling in the world, but the only domestic scene we saw with the three of them was last episode, at snack time… where Carrie was very impatient with Quinn. And in this episode, when they were watching the horrible newscast. I’m not convinced Carrie has romantic notions of a family of three. Her negotiation with Quinn here was reminiscent of 4.09, when Carrie had to negotiate with Saul during the prisoner exchange.

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Here she is! Little WIP?
It may be not her final design but here is a first try.

This is my first nymph OC, Laure Logeturn! Keeper of the time palace (sadly not developped from R4, but oh well…), and.of course keeper of the Glade’s time.

If she could give a power to Rayman, it would more likely be the ability to stop time for a short while!

I need to think of the colours buut she is a red headed (or more rust coloured hair if you prefer) and her clothes will be mostly steampunk alike.

Hope you’ll like her! It is since a while I didn’t post anything in the Rayman tag so I’m a little shy… ‘x)

well folks my manager is out of town, so you know what time it is

yes that’s right it’s time for another round of Taping Andy Samberg’s Face to LK’s Desk!!!!!!

special shout-out to @youngsamberg for conveniently starting a meme post of the weirdest Samberg pics literally one week before my manager went on vacation!!!

anyways here’s where we’re at right now: