Really? Find another excuse.

laurawilbury said: Even though Caroline getting turned was kinda Bonnie’s fault (accidentally, but still). ‘Yes, Damon, give her blood because I didn’t despell the device like I said I would. Oh, hey, ElenaKatherine, Damon healed Caroline.’

No Caroline turning was Katherine’s fault, but if you wanna blame Bonnie then we also have to blame Damon b/c it’s his blood and we have to blame Elena b/c she relented and agreed. And if this blame Bonnie shit is b/c of that device fiasco. Then Tyler Caroline and Matt would have died b/c a town full of vampires that are starving after being trapped in a tomb would totally want a 3 course meal. Starting with Caroline for breakfast.

Find another excuse.

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Supernatural! :)


Push off a cliff: crowley
Frick frack: dean, benny, jo
Marry: sam
Set on fire: gadreel
Wrap a blanket around: sAM but also dean but also everyone in this fucking show
Be roommates with: can it be sam and cas I’d made hot chocolate for both 

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Laura :)

L: Favourite band/singer.  I actually don’t have one…
A: Age. 19
U: Favourite female character from a TV show. Either Garcia or River
R: Last movie I’ve watched.  movie?  I think x-men origins… 
A: Age. Still 19 ;)

Btw, Laura is one of my favorite names~

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Also, I ugly sobbed when Nathan died in season 3 and then when Peter had to let him go. Most traumatic thing ever, hah!

Gosh, when I did a re-watch with my sister and when we saw his death it was like…THE WRITERS DID WHAT



Annnnd that’s why my sister doesn’t watch Heroes anymore. She sobbed for days like when Elena “died” at the end of S3.

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It's called "Heroes: An Insider's Guide To The Award-Winning Show". It has interviews with the cast, behind the scenes stuff, character information, pictures. It's beautiful! I've wanted to read a few of the graphic novels, actually! I'm the only person in the watching group amongst my friends who prefers Stefan. It's quite lonely, haha.

Oh!! I’ve heard of that! I have it on my cart on Amazon. From what I read the reviews say it’s fantastic! My mother bought me the novel on NBC’s official store (It’s crazy! Since you’d think everything would be sold out already!) for $5 AND it’s hardcover!!! I believe if we really want some Heroes merch a little digging will get us some great deals! Awh, I’m like Katherine. I love both brothers ;D

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I know, they're too perfect! Haha. I bought a Heroes book recently, and seeing the way Milo and Adrian hold each other in such high regard makes me all kinds of emotional. This TV show, I swear... Also, I love the Salvatores!

A Heroes book?! :O Thats AWESOME!!! I have a graphic novel if that counts? Though I really despise how they drew Peter too Italian and Micah too stereotypical African american but still it’s amazing. Ha, aww I have to admit I cried so hard during Season 4 when Nathan died and Slyar took over as Nathan. It was emotional because without Nathan we wouldn’t have all those cutesy/dramatic Petrelli Family moments that made us love the show!

Oh and the Salvatores…it’s hard not to resist the absolute madness they bring when they’re together.

“Hello, Brother.” <—- that line got me hooked.

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Ahhh, a Petrelli brothers gif! You've made my night! Literally one of my favorite things about Heroes. Their relationship is so beautiful. :')

YES YES YES! My sister and I compare our relationship to theirs. Although I am the older one I relate more to Peter while she relates to Nathan. Honestly, they are a part of my favorite brothers list.

  • Sam & Dean Winchester
  • Lincoln & Michael Schofield (Prison Break)
  • Stefan & Damon Salvatore

Just look at their perfection…unf