finally got to this

Rules: 1. Always post the rules. 2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones. 3. Tag 11 people and link them. 4. Let them know that they are.

1.favorite blog? thelayeredlineup, aripaigepittsburg, eleanors-clothes, idressmyselff, or christiescloset

2.favorite type of pizza? cheese or pepperoni

3.most used article of clothing? my black leggings bc trying is too hard

4. favorite concert? i have never actually been to one other than an orchestra concert so..

5. best day ever? HOGWARTS!!!!!!!!! i cried. or almost any day in israel or cat person? idrk, maybe cat? depends on the type i guess

7. favorite drink at starbucks? summer: caramel frappe, fall: pumpkin spice, winter: peppermint mocha or gingerbread latter thing i cant live without? music, i freak out if i forget my earbuds. or rold gold stick pretezels

9.saddest movie? my sisters keeper. was unaware of how sad it really is. its very sad

10. favorite band/artist? billy joel:my brother, bastille 1d lm: tummmmbbbbllllrrrr

11.favorite brand of clothing? i love givenchy rn, but either topshop, zara, or asos


1. favorite blog (not on tumblr) thats not Danielle bernstein

2. least favorite trend rn

3. most embarrising thing youve ever worn

4. 1d or LM? and only one and why

5. favorite beauty brand

6. favorite book

7. favorite color

8. favorite place to visit

9. one person you want to meet

10. role model (not fashion based) and why

11. favorite fashion blog and why

Laura's Yellow Umbrella

As you can see, I changed my url!

Reasons are that I needed a new one and the previous one was just for if I come up with a new one.

I think everyone’s thinking What’s with the umbrella? So this is why I made this post.

I’m a *marcel voice* huuuge fan of How I Met Your Mother. And in that show the mother always has the umbrella, which makes her stand out from the other umbrellas and women because she will be the one for Ted. That’s what I want to do, stand out. So yeah!

hahhahahahahahah laura i’m gonna stab myself in the eye ahahahahah one hand ahahahahah siberia lol ok there goes the rest of my ability to live bang bang dick what’s up let’s kill some people hahahah laura look what you did to me this iS ALL YOUR FAULT I WANT A REFUND