Sarkastodon mongoliensis, an oxyaenid from the Late Eocene of Mongolia, about 35 million years ago. Known only from a skull and jawbones, it probably stood around 1m tall at the shoulder (3′3″), roughly the size of a modern brown bear. Its teeth were very hyena-like, suggesting it was a hypercarnivore specializing in bone-crushing.

Oxyaenids were traditionally classified as part of the creodonta, a wastebasket taxon, but actually seem to have been basal members of the laurasiatheres – the branch of the mammal family tree that includes hedgehogs, shrews, bats, whales, ungulates, and carnivorans.


                                ❝ excuse me …. this may be a bit rude but …. do
                                people ever make fun of you because you’re short?

                      he coughs after that statement, and it is after a short pause that
                      he then realizes that he forgot the one thing that safe-guarded him
                      and prevented his curiosity from truly seeming audacious. 

                                ❝ oh and uh i mean no offense. ❞


Hatsuharu was the first out of the trio to reach Kyo’s house. Kyo would have been content with just letting the other kid stay outside, but Kyo’s mother had ushered his younger cousin into the house. She’d offered snacks, and Kyo had said that was okay, that they didn’t need them; mostly because he didn’t want to have to stand Hatsuharu being around his mom.

Now, they were sitting in Kyo’s room; Kyo’s back to the wall, arms wrapped around a pillow, firmly seated on his bed. He wished that Yuki would get here, already. It always felt awkward, just him and Hatsuharu. Kyo never knew what to say, and half the time anything Hatsuharu said would just bug him.