Inspiration Post

I wanted to make a list of artistic influences for a long time now. I’ve had them in a note on my phone so I could always reference back to them if needed, but I want to make a more organized list here as well. These are a small handful of artists who have had a direct influence in my art and development of what I know.  If you don’t know them or follow them, check them out ASAP, you can learn a lot from these guys. They are in no particular order, but please bear in mind I made this for myself first. Hell I probably missed a couple people that I forgot to put in my phone. This is in no way an attempt at reposting art or something devious. These artists just inspire me and I wanted to share that.

Vanillycake - Everything. Girl knows her shit up and down and is literally only getting better. It’s frightening really, but motivating.

Makani - Anatomy and Stylization. God titty-fucking damn, just look at her work and tell me you don’t drool. She makes me think about characters and their anatomy in so many ways than I thought you could.

Toothy - Color. Hnnng mama I love how she paints. My big sis still has lots to teach me, but I still end up staring at her work for hours before I remember I need to study it.

Colouras/Nagrolaz - Everything. He works so hard on his art it’s amazing. His constant studies and desire to draw motivates me to step up and achieve his quality. His color, his ladies, his anatomy, everything he puts out is something of merit.

SIR - Humor, conceptualizing, and story-telling skills of his experience. My god he makes art not only look good, but feel good. My horse senpai brinks tears to my horse eye. Just look at his art and not moan a little.

Michelle Czajkowski - Color. She made me reconsider so many ways I planned color and how it influences a story and its setting. If you don’t read Ava’s demon already, please check it out. Not only is she an amazing artist, but an amazing person as well.

Gigi - Color. Gigi my love, you’ve set me on so many paths to coloring beautifully. She reminded me to look to my favorite games to settle my roots in. I love Paper Mario to death just like her and I love the way she brings her characters to life with her coloring techniques. Give Cuco and the rest of her story some love.

ThDark - Design and Linework. God damn he makes everything look so good. His lines. His fucking lines. This guy is on another plane of existence with his cleanliness and skill. A machine couldn’t replicate what he does.

Sho - Anatomy. God damn Sho your art is so fucking buttery and good looking. You make everything so soft looking and your ladies are unbelievable.

Toffany - Color. Girl works so hard. She seriously knows how to make some beautiful work with her color blocks. Those studies are infectious.

Justinchan - Design and Color. I love his work for Nuclear Throne. Beyond that his drawings are so amazing and I constantly try to pick apart his thought process.

Mintyburps - Color. I love her cute designs and how she sculpts with color. If I’m lost I refer to how she solved a problem and it’s like a beacon in the mist I swear.

Fummel - Color and Design. Fummel….FUMMELLLLL. Hnnng he understands the importance of color and uses it in ways I still DREAM to. God his designs and draws make me daydream about what I could do.

Derekhetrik - Design. If you somehow DON’T know who this genius is, do yourself a favor. His work speaks for itself. I hope I can be as creatively brilliant someday. Check out his OC list. It’s massive. It’s a fucking goal everyone should set.

The next few are artists who regularly do NSFW art, so I thought it safest to put them under a cut, but they’re no less important to me. I have a lot of trouble finding their personal portfolio sites, so I went with their respective Gelbooru tags. Trust me, there’s plenty to see and appreciate.

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